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Year 2017

It's the last day of the month. We're 1/4 of the way through the year. The summer heat isn't far away. Time to get your board game collection bulked up and get set for some hot months ahead (or cold ones, if you're down south). CMON's got a whole bunch of new releases available today that you can pick up at your LGS.
So, unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it out to Adepticon last weekend like I'd've liked. But that's life. But, when you get lemons, make lemonade. I got in touch with the folks over there and they hooked me up with a treasure trove of preview material. We've got character art. We've got stat cards. We've got equipment cards. There's some photos of the new Otter Fisherman, too. It's quite a lot and it all looks awesome.
Ah, the jousting match. An icon in medieval stories. Two knights, clad in the toughest of armor, armed with massive lances, riding the stoutest of horses go barreling towards each other, looking to knock their opponents down. King's Champion brings that high-impact action to your tabletop. But it's more than just making sure your knight is on the horse. There's lots of prep-work that goes into a joust, so making sure your knight has everything they need is important. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Spartan Games is giving you a chance to get something for nothing. This weekend spend £50 in their webshop and get a free rulebook of your choice. Want to start one of their games but were waiting for some sort of special? Want to get a friend into a game? Just need to replace a beaten-up book? This weekend's your chance to do it.
We've made it, everyone. It's Friday (be sure to get your free item from Kroger). With any luck, your weekend will be filled with all things gaming. I'm... gonna take it a bit easy. It's pollen season here in GA, and while I'm not particularly allergic to any of it, it's like getting a face-full of dust or chalk. You cough, you sneeze, your eyes water just because of the amount of particulate in the air. So it's best to just stay inside and fill up on bite-size gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Figure Storage Inserts for Vehicles Available From Sally 4th, Rise to Nobility launches on Kickstarter on April 5th, Go Fish Fitness Kickstarter - Final Week, Bits of War 3rd Anniversary Sale, Purgatory edges closer to completion with new arrivals of models, and April 1st Deals from Advanced Deployment.

Ares Games is jumping on the two-player box starter set bandwagon (a good one to be on, if you ask me) with their new Battle of Britain set for Wings of Glory. Take to the skies (figuratively, of course) in either a Spitfire or a Messerschmitt (and if you get a bunch of 'em, you could have a whole mess of Messerschmitts). The box has pretty much everything you need to get playing right away.
You got your fantasy in my horror!
You got your horror in my fantasy!
Well, you both got your horror and fantasy in my post-apocalyptic!
Apocalypse the Risen is a little of this and a little of that. It's listed as post-apocalyptic fantasy horror. It's set on Earth after society has been utterly destroyed (so, ~28 years from now. ... Kidding!). Demons have gotten a foothold and zombies are roaming the streets. Can you survive in such a horrific land?
The setting book is up now on Kickstarter.
Last weekend, the Crystal Brush Awards were held at Adepticon. I certainly wasn't in danger of winning them. And I'm probably not in danger of winning the new TMNT: Shadows of the Past Hobby Challenge that IDW Games has launched over on their website.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite movies (I even don't mind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to be honest). One of the concepts from the movie that has permeated into "everyday life" is the idea of the Golden Ticket. Well, Corvus Belli has grabbed their top hats and purple coats and is putting Golden Tickets in Fat Yuan Yuan boxes.
Those super-soldiers, the space marines, are getting some more releases next week, thanks to Forge World. They've started taking orders for Iron Warriors Siege Terminators as well as Legion Moritats, armed with either plasma pistols or volkite serpentas (... whatever those might be).
Patrol Angis is getting its third book next month (which is only a couple days away. The month... not the book quite yet). The Ion Age wants you to know a bit about what you'll be getting (as well as, y'know, building hype) for it and has posted up some preview pages from The Khanate Return.
Having big, formidable tanks in your army was a good way to win battles during WWII. Some of the biggest and toughest were Germany's Tigers. They were originally going to be available for the Battle of El Alamein, but didn't quite make it there. They did end up in Tunisia later, though. They can also be in your armies for Flames of War, since they're available from Battlefront.
Sometimes an old sculpt fora mini doesn't quite cut it anymore. New artists are hired, or older artists' craft gets better. Maybe something about the original made it difficult to mold. Or maybe just the old version got "stale." Whatever the reason, resculpts happen. Megalith Games is going through their old Godslayer figures and updating some of them. One such is the Ursapine, which is available now.
The American Revolution, to say the least, was a pretty big moment in history. Not only did the colonists winning their independence lead to a new country, it kicked off a further set of revolutions. But what would have happened had the British won? Do you think you have the military mind to command the Redcoats or the Army of the Potomac? How would you have handled crossing the Delaware? You can find out in Commands & Colors: Tricorne - The American Revolution, a historical combat game that's up on Kickstarter now.
We still just might make it to the weekend, everyone. Yesterday was certainly a hurdle to get over. Not anything bad (at least on my end of things). Just very busy. Late night at the office working on things, as sometimes happens. But this weekend will hopefully make it all worth it. They usually do. But before we get there, we've still got some work today. At the moment, that's a quick Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Operation Alpha Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

The folks over at One Page Rules keep chugging along, coming out with more rules for various armies that you can use in their various miniatures games. This time, they're adding Eternal Wardens and Havoc Brother Disciples. So if you like those miniatures from "that one company in Nottingham," but aren't really fans of the rules, maybe give these a try.
Mantic's Open Day event is a celebration of all things Mantic. They're opening their doors and letting everyone come on in (if you have a ticket, that is) for a full day of gaming and seminars. They've posted up some more details about what you can expect during the show, in case you're on the fence about going.
One of the game that's slowly building momentum as the year goes along is the Big Trouble in Little China board game coming from Everything Epic Games. Occasionally, we'll get a bit of a promo image of some art, a model render, or a look at the boards. Well, in this preview, we get a little bit about how the game will play, too.
Comics are filled with all sorts of colorful characters. The Porcupine is certainly among them. Looking at the costume, he's giving me a sort of "Ultimate Warrior" vibe, but without the face paint. Anyway, the villain is coming to your HeroClix games in the Avengers/Defenders War set, but you can get a look at him here.
You know, one of the things people say they want out of games is to be "immersed" in it. You know, to feel that you really are your characters and that your actions have real consequences. In the Sword Art Online anime, "immersion" takes on a whole new level. Much like the Matrix, if you die in the game, you die in the real world, too. The only way to escape is to defeat the game. And that's just what you and the other players are trying to do in the Sword Art Online board game, up now on Kickstarter.
Having recently gone through moving the offices here, I can certainly understand how it'd cause a delay with products going out. Add to that a bit of resculpting, and you can see why it's been a bit since we've heard from Megalith Games and Godslayer. Well, the moves are done and the resculpts are completed, so you can get yourselves the new Banebrood Skulleaters.
Don't you just hate when you miss out on a Kickstarter? All those stretch goals and exclusives, along with the great deal that's to be had. Well, thankfully, the Kickstarter, itself, isn't the only time you can get that stuff. Late Pledges are often available for games. One such is Vampire Hunters, the cooperative game where you... well... you hunt vampires. You can join in on it now.
The American Football Season is still quite a ways away. But that doesn't mean you can't be getting some gridiron action going. Or, at least, you'll be able to soon, as Bombshell Games has started taking pre-orders for Techno Bowl.
Well, it's part preview, part designer's diary. The article, written by game designer Jon Cohn, gives us a look at the philosophy behind the creation of King of the Creepies. That philosophy starts with bad puns and dad jokes. It then builds up from there.
The week marches on. We're through the first half and headed towards the finish. Just gotta make it 2.5 more days and it'll be the weekend once more. The first couple days have been sort of a mixed bag. Hopefully things will smooth out for everyone and we can make it to Saturday intact. We should also be sure to fill up on bite-sized gaming stories, and that's just what we've got for you now.

Today on the platter we have: New Dwarf Miniatures Available From Ral Partha Europe, Khurasan releases really big mammoth, KaYo Miniatures Launches Kickstarter for Adventure RPG miniatures, Final Days for Full Captain On Kickstarter, Fantasy Men at Arms and Peasants released at Alternative Armies, Custom Dice Trays Available From Kentucky Sawdust, and New Skull Drones Available From Kromlech.