Year 2017

Dragon Dodge Card Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, when it comes to dragons, you can either dodge or get stomped/shredded/bitten/burned. I think the best thing to do would be to dodge. And that's just what you and the rest of your team of wizards is looking to do in Dragon Dodge. Prod the dragons towards your opponents and maneuver your way around the battlefield, changing it as you go. The game is up now on Kickstarter.

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Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ’Im Card Game Now Available From Cryptozoic

It was a big rock!
Just about everyone I know will get that reference, since we all watched the hell out of the Batman: The Animated Series back in the day. And one of the best episodes of that series was Almost Got 'Im. All the various villains are sitting around, playing cards, talking about times they nearly took out Batman. Now, that episode can come to your tabletops with the Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got 'Im Card Game (bit of a mouthful, that is), available now from Cryptozoic.

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Podcast Roundup

It's Tuesday and I'm still updating from home. That's not a complaint, on either point. But anyway, being Tuesday, that means it's time to help speed up your work week with a list of gaming podcasts to help eat up that time at the office (even if you're in your pajamas in said office).

This week we have: Game Classy Episode 133: Warmahormalifaux; Primecast Episode 41; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 113: Mare Nostrum, Conflict of Heroes – Guadalcanal, Kingsport Festival – The Card Game, 50 Hours of Gaming; Singled Out Episode 26: Heroic Play Throwdown 2017; The Cardboard Herald Episode 16: Greg Spence of The Broken Token; The Rolistes Episode 19 (Part 1) : Waiting for Bec Hill’s Landlord & Going Rogue (One) in London; Epic Gaming Night Episode 94: Top 10 Fantasy Games; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 197: Bad Squiddo Games; Nerdherders Episode 12 (102) : Beastworld; Altar of War Episode 2: Timeless Vengence; and 40K Radio Episode 10: 2016 Wrap-Up.

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Gale Force Nine Posts More Dalek Previews

Exterminate! Exterminate!
The Daleks have been the nemesis of the Doctor for seemingly forever. Will he ever be able to finally stop those nefarious constructs and their plans to conquer? That's just what you'll be trying to do in Time of the Daleks, coming from Gale Force Nine. We've seen a bit about what the Daleks do, but now we've got a few more details.

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Empires of the Void II Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Terrible war has been raging across the galaxy. Earth was one of the last casualties. Seeing that the species could not survive on the planet that sustained them for so long, a large population was sent off in a Worldship to the edges of the galaxy. Unfortunately, directly behind them were more worldships of their alien enemies. Upon reaching these outer fringes, all the groups look to build up their resources and mount an attack against their foes. That's the story behind Empires of the Void II, a new stand-alone board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

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IDW Games Releases Purrlock Holmes Board Game

Do you like cats? Do you like mysteries? Do you like world-famous detectives? Do you like piles and piles of horrible puns? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? If you answered, "yes" to these questions (well, maybe not the last one), then you just might like Purrlock Holmes, a new board game from IDW Games.

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Monday Terrain Corner

The weekend is over. I'm sure many of you aren't all that happy about the. I can't say I'm thrilled, either. But waddyagonnado? Time marches on! And so should we. We must look forward to next weekend and the hope that it will bring more gaming opportunities. In the meantime, we want to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: ITC Tree Sets Now Available From Frontline Gaming, M3Studios Running Holy World Terrain Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release New 2mm Railway Items, Acheson Creations Releases New Ruined Wall, Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: Agaricath Drow Slave Mine Now Available, New Normandy Farm From Najewitz Modellbau, Battlefield in a Box: Extra Large Dune Available From Battlefront, and Industrial Ruins Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

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Mothership Sci-Fi Tactical Board Game Now Available

Once more, I'm happy to be posting about a successful Kickstarter campaign that's now available for general release. Mothership puts you in charge of an alien race that's at war with several others (there's only so much space out there, and you want it). Capture planets using your fleet of ships, build upgrades, and conquer your enemies.

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Song of Swords Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

Sing a song of six pence. A pocket full of rye.
Well, I guess this isn't a song about six pence. More a song of swords. No, this isn't tied in with the Heavy Metal Kickstarter (though that'd be cool). Song of Swords is a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

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Angelblood RPG Up On Patreon

Got another Patreon campaign to tell you all about. I know some of you are still new to the platform, but you can think of it like a subscription service to help a company or person make a product. In this case, it's a fantasy RPG called Angelblood. The unique think with them is that they'll take your stories from your games and turn them into graphic novels.

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Post Captain 10mm Tactical Naval Rules Up On Kickstarter

Studio Capitan has set sail for adventure with Post Captain, their new set of 10mm naval combat rules. They've got a Kickstarter campaign going that also includes miniatures and ships. If you're ready for some high-seas (with mini boats) action, you might just want to check it out.

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New Ogre Available To Order For Blood Bowl From Games Workshop

Just the other day I got the new Blood Bowl box set and put it together. It's been funny to see how the models have gotten bigger over the years. I know there's even more extreme examples out there. So if you've got yourself an Ogre for your team, your older figures might not be so big by comparison. But Games Workshop is here to help with a new Ogre mini in their webshop.

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Review Roundup

Hello Saturday! How are you? Is everything going well? Of course it is! It's Saturday!

So, let's not wait around. Let's get right to the reviews so we can get back to it being Saturday. Personally, I'm thinking of watching a movie and questioning Netflix's algorithms in what "more like this" really means...

Today we have: The Pirate Republic, Kingdomino, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Board Game - Shadows of the Past, Adrenaline, Ave Roma, Hero Realms, Food Truck Champion, Sorcerers' Skirmish, Carcassonne: Amazonas, Oceanos, The Flow of History, Citadels, Broken Legions, Haspelknecht, and GKR: Heavy Hitters.

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Gale Force Nine Previews Dalek's Turn In Time of the Daleks

We've seen a lot of different previews about how the different Doctors work in Time of the Daleks, the new Doctor Who board game coming from Gale Force Nine. But what about the Doctor's greatest nemesis, the Daleks (whose own greatest enemy is a flight of stairs)? How do the Daleks work and what will cause them to win the game? We get a look at that here in this preview.

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2nd Edition Rules for Relics Available For Free

Gavin has been busy over in his Tor Gaming workshop. The amounts of tea he's been drinking could be considered "insane," even for a Brit. But all that caffeine has resulted in a new edition of Relics. You can download them, for free, over on the Tor Gaming website. To go along with it, there's some new releases and pre-releases available as well.

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