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Year 2017

Punkapocalyptic is looking to add a new faction. It's the V Reich. They're all-inclusive, letting in anyone... as long as you're not a mutant. That, they just won't tolerate. The new faction is up on Kickstarter now.
I do a lot of cooking. And I try and make things as tasty as possible. Even with that, some people are picky eaters. Goblins, however, are not picky eaters. They'll shove just about anything into their maw. Just look at Gobblin' Goblins and you'll see. It's a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.
If there's one criticism of deck-building games, it's often that players can feel like there's not a lot of interaction between them. You build your own deck while the other players build theirs. Well, Lockwood's Asylum looks to change all that. In the game, you're not only building your own deck, but also your opponent's. Fill yours with allies and useful equipment, while you populate your opponent's with the horrible nightmares found in the asylum. The last one standing is the winner. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Space is big. Really big. You might think it's a long way down the street to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space. Listen, there's all sorts of strange places out there, and it's best to have a guide to help you along. One such guide is the Widow's Tear guide as well as Nightmares From the Void, a couple of sourcebooks for a mostly-unexplored region of space. The books are Starfinder-compatible, and up on Kickstarter now.
Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm actually in costume, though you can't see it. I'm dressed up as "me on Saturday." Hey, having a set wardrobe for particular days of the week means that putting on a costume is as simple as changing which day I wear which shirts. Though it does make me feel like I should be typing up the Review Roundup and not the Podcast one. Yet Tuesday it is. And that means podcasts.

Today we have: Meeples & Miniatures Episode 233: Oppy Wood; Anonymous Tabletop Episode 19: Tales from the Unscript; Forgot My Dice Episode 22 (29): Count of Monte Cristo Moment; The Secret Cabal Express 32: Hosting a Halloween Game Night; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 129: Lets Get Spooky!; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 61: Franks Overview; The Cardboard Herald Episode 51: Kenna Conklin of Going Last; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 130: Richard the Lionheart, Sundae Split, Alien Artifacts and Ted Alspach; Singled Out Episode 50: Talking Tournament Bridesmaids With Jason Mountain; and News of the North - 2017-10-31.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mantic's fantasy skirmish game, Kings of War: Vanguard, starts tomorrow. But if you know me, you know that I like to know what I'm buying before I put my money down for it. The folks over at Mantic feel that you should also know what you're getting into before you put your money down. And so, they've posted up the Alpha rules for the game online. You can download them now, read them over, and if the game is for you, pledge tomorrow to get yourself a set.
In pretty much any game, you're going to have the good guys and the bad guys. It's those two opposing forces that creates the narrative. In Mindjammer, the Venu are those bad guys. Everyone is under the hell of the harsh emperor. The new sourcebook for the game, Children of Orion, gives players and GMs a chance to play in that space, either as rebels looking to overthrow the government, or simply as characters who end up getting stuck in an oppressive government. You can pick up your digital copy now.
Though sports teams are built around a core style that they want to utilize in order to win, each one will also practice ways to counter-act other team's special styles. You certainly know of teams that focus more on offense or defense, or some other specialization. Guild Identity Cards for Guild Ball let coaches customize their team a bit more with a particular style of play, some of which help them against certain other styles. Steamforged has been going through beta tests of these for a while now. Well, that's finished and you can now find the final versions of these cards online.
While much of the adventures in Legacy of Dragonholt take place out in the wilderness of Terrinoth, there's also plenty to do in the city, itself. Urban adventures will be just as important to the ever-evolving story in the game. I mean, you gotta get supplies and sell your loot, after all. In this preview, Fantasy Flight gives us a look at what going around the streets of the city will be like in the game.
Z-Man Games is updating the classic Dr. Reneir Knizia game, Through the Desert. The game's getting a bit of a facelift, but also a bit of a rules combing. So, many of you have played the older version, and I'm sure you're wondering what's changing. Z-Man is helping out with that, as they've posted up the updated rulebook on their website. So you can check it out and see what's been updated.
I love a good '80s action flick. They're just so over-the-top crazy, you simply have to smile, even if the plots are strange, the clothing odd, and the one-liners could often use some work. Countdown: Action Edition looks to bring everything you love about 80s action movies and put it on your tabletop. There's a bomb countdown. There's hostages. There's unlikely heroes. It's got it all.
I always get a rush when I got to a museum. I mean, there's just so many cool things to see! Granted, some people want to see that stuff, but don't want to go to the museum. So they decide to take it for themselves. Thankfully, security's there to keep the priceless objects where they should be. But a clever burglar can get by just about any security measure. And being a clever burglar is what you'll become in Museum Rush, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter.
Mondays are generally considered pretty rough. You're ripped from the weekend and tossed back into the work week as far from another weekend as possible. But Wyrd does their best to soften the blow with their regular previews. They've decided to give us another look at the upcoming Above the Law book. This time around, it's a preview of the Magewright.
While just about any time is a good time for zombies, this week is a particularly good one for them. Now, besides a bullet to the brain, the best way to get away from a zombie is to just run. Rule #1: cardio, and all that. Well, in Dead Sprint, you're looking to get away from a horde of zombies. It's pretty simple premise: get away or get eaten. The game's up on Kickstarter now.
It's a frosty, frigid morning here in Atlanta. I know most Southerners think that anything below 60F is "freezing" but it literally was freezing this morning (as evidenced by having to scrape frost off my windshield before driving into the office). So while there might be frost on the pumpkins, it's still Halloween Eve. And two terrain companies are having sales so great, they're scary! (ok, not really scary, but I don't get to use such a cheesy line too often). Battlefront is also talking about their new pre-order terrain.

Anyway, we've got: Terrains4Games Halloween Sale, Pwork Wargames Halloween Sale, and Battlefront to Launch 2018 Premium Property Pre-order Deal.

The Union in Chains event continues along. It sees the Union guild captured, tortured, interrogated, and then make a break for freedom. Who will make it out? Who will end up with other guilds? Well, we know some things if you've been reading along with the fluff and following the results (all my teams are losing... so I'll end up with nothing, apparently). We've got a new preview for you today.
Note: spoilers if you've not read the story yet.
I love logic puzzles. You're given an image or set of images and you have to figure out what's alike between them or what rules were used in creating them. Doing just that is what you'll do in Zendo. One player will create an arrangement of pieces, then the other players have to guess at what secret rule was used in its creation. You can pre-order a copy for yourself now.
Well, you gotta start somewhere. Might as well start at the beginning. This is where we got the job, so this is the beginning. That job? Well, either bounty hunting or saving the galaxy from a tyrannical regime. Take your pick, depending on which of the new Star Wars: Destiny starter sets you want to pick up. They have one that features famed hunter Boba Fett, while the other focuses on everyone's favorite moister farmboy, Luke Skywalker. Take a look at what you'll be getting in this preview.
Games Workshop has started taking orders for a batch of new Shadespire releases. They include a pair of new warbands. Seeing as it's Halloween, they've got an undead band. They've also got an Ork band, because it's never a bad time for a WAAAGH!! There's also dice. Because dice. You can never have too many dice.
It's just about Halloween, so it's all about scary dreams and darkness. That's what we're getting from CMON this month, anyway. Ok, so Dream On doesn't have to be about scary dreams, but we've all had dreams that seem just fine one minute and then go off the rails the next. The other releases are for Massive Darkness. And we all know how scary the dark can be.
It's the weekend! Wooooo! Partaaaaaaaaaay!
And by "Party," I mean gaming!
Working on getting this Review Roundup and then gonna head out to the LGS to play some Guild Ball.

Today we've got: Tiny Epic Quest, Sagrada, Azul, InBetween, BONK, Stop Thief!, Agility, Cast the Ritual, Fog of Love, H.I.D.E., First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express, and Go Nuts for Donuts.

As if Friday wasn't already awesome enough (and it is), Wyrd has their regular previews they post up today. They are continuing their look at the upcoming miniatures game, The Other Side, with a preview from the Burning Man faction. This time around, it's the Warped. And "warped" is exactly what this model is. Check it out.
Do you want to help out a new game? Give it a shot before it's officially released and give suggestions so that it can be all that it can be? Well, that's what you can do now with Bloody Quest, a new fantasy RPG. The Open Beta materials are available for download. Check 'em out, give 'em a try, and add your name to the list of playtesters.
Runewars generals rejoice! For there are new releases at hand. On the one side, the Daqan have a new set of heavy crossbowmen. Pting! Pting! (yes, that's what a crossbow sounds like, and you can't tell me otherwise) Meanwhile, the undead ride into battle (literally) with their new Death Knights.
Carcassonne is one of those ubiquitous games that pretty much everyone has played at some point. Many of you have a copy on your gaming shelf right now. But do you have all the expansions? Or maybe you don't have a copy, but want one, and the idea of those expansions is a bit daunting to have to track down. And what about storing it all? Well, Z-Man Games is here to help. Their Carcassonne Big Box is now available.