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Year 2017

While the heroes tend to take much of the attention in Dice Masters, the Basic Action cards are certainly a big part of the game as well and can be an integral part of your strategy for winning. In this preview, we get a look at 3 of the Basic Action cards coming in the Iron Man and War Machine set.
Getting in just at the end of the year, Zenit Miniatures has their latest releases for Kensi available over in their webshop. This post could almost go in the Terrain Corner feature, as there's a lot of new pieces for your tabletop beyond the couple units they've also got available.
Managing a kingdom is hard. There's all sorts of issues of every manner always cropping up. In order to keep order and peace, the queen has requested that the Guildmasters of the different heroic orders in Tessandor pick from among their numbers those would would best work at fixing each issue. That's the story behind By Order of the Queen, a new board game up on Kickstarter.
Riddle me this, beautiful readers... what does it take to have the self-confidence to go out in bright green like the Riddler and his crew? Especially the bright green spandex. Yeah, I just couldn't do that. Ah well, even if I can't go out in public like that, I can still play a Riddler crew in the Batman Miniatures Game, of which, Knight Models has posted a preview.
It's shaping up to be another really busy week here on this side of the screen. That's not too bad, as it generally means the week goes by rather quickly. Just gotta keep chugging along working on (redacted) and (redacted) with some side-bits of (redacted) as well. In the meantime, I'll be listening to some gaming podcasts to help get me through all of that.

This week we have: The Cardboard Herald Episode 12: James York: Professor, Researcher, Musician & Roller; The Rolistes Episode 18 (Part 3) : Dragonmeet, Right Into The Podcast Zone; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 55: Disc Golf is Class Warfare; Singled Out Episode 24: Season 3 Tournament Rankings; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode: 90 Questions & Answers; Nerdherders Episode 11 (101) : The 2016 Wrap-up Extravaganza; Forgot My Dice Episode 10: Gnomes Come Out & Play; TireKicker Episode 6: Judgement; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 193: 10th Anniversary Special; and Plaid Hat Games Podcast Winter Break: Part 4.

I recently bought some RPG books in pdf format. I've got many game rulebooks in pdf format. They're actually rather handy to have around. And while I still think I prefer to actually have a book in my hands, I'm not the "non-electronics" snob that I was maybe a couple years ago. And so, if you're looking to add another pdf rulebook to your collection, you can now pick up Synthicide as a pdf.
I know. I know. I know. The game's not even out there yet. But Fantasy Flight Games isn't going to just have the starter box and nothing else out there to entice you to play Runewars. They've announced four expansion boxes that you'll be able to pick up.
You know me. I'm very much a "try before you buy" sort of gamer. So when I hear about a set of rules being put up online for free from a company, I highly respect that move. It lets me, a consumer, check out and see what I'm getting into before I take any sort of monetary plunge. Well, ZombieSmith and Gary Hunt Miniatures have posted up the free quickstart PDF for their Beestwars miniatures system they're working on.
I know how gamers are. They want the latest and the greatest and they want it now, now, now! If they can't be the first to get the new batch of toy soldiers, they can get rather agitated. Well, some of them, anyway. Well, whether you absolutely must have the greatest right away or not, if you're a Bushido player, you can go ahead and get your pre-orders in for Wave 33 figures.
Comics are weird. I mean, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is already pretty weird, just starting out. It's sort of right there in the name. Well, the comics got weirder from there, including all manner of odd characters. In this case, we're talking about Mini Shredder. Yeah, Austin Powers certainly wasn't the first place to have that sort of thing (and neither were the Turtles, but still...).
Old salts will tell you that the sea is a cruel mistress. Billy Joel would probably also say much the same thing, actually... But that's beside the point. In Alas for the Awful Sea, a new RPG up on Kickstarter, you and your crew find yourselves forced ashore by terrible storms along the English coast. The only thing even remotely close-by is a single fishing village. But not everything is calm in this town. Small town politics and poverty will force you to make tough decisions about who you want to trust. If only those unnatural storms would subside and just let you get back to sea...
As the various incarnation of the Doctors look to defeat the robotic Daleks in Time of the Daleks, they will be headed all across time and space, going on adventures, recruiting companions, and meeting different alien species (hostile and helpful alike). With all the timey-wimey stuff going on, you'll be rolling your different dice that you have in the game. In this preview, Gale Force Nine shows us a bit about how those dice work.
It's a dog-eat-dog world out there in the corporate jobs across the world. People toiling away in their cubicles, looking to make a way for themselves, looking to get that big promotion and land that cushy job and corner office. That's just what you're struggling to do in Corporate Ladder. Will you be the one that helps everyone else out and gets higher by teamwork, or will you just backstab everyone you can and climb the rungs that way?
If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're a fan of miniatures gaming. Gaming is our hobby, and we often spend our spare time talking about it, thinking about it, or playing it. Well, if you want to go that step beyond and make a whole holiday out of gaming, you should check out Geek Nation Tour's Geeking Out With Miniatures in the UK package. They're booking now.
We're once again at the beginning of the week. It's ok, though, at least for me, because I have cheesecake with raspberry-lime sauce (I did say I was going to make some over the weekend). That should help tide us over to next weekend, where gaming will be had (hopefully). And if there's going to be gaming, there should be good-looking gaming tables. So let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Algoryn Orbital Transmat from Sarissa precision, New wave of 15mm terrains from Terrains4Games, Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Fort, and Walking Dead miniature game mat release from Deep-Cut Studio.

The convention season is getting another entry to it. Want to head to a con in November but can't make it to BGGcon? Maybe make your way to Philadelphia for PAX Unplugged, the latest in the PAX series of shows. This one is all about acoustic versions of your favorite alternative music... Wait, no. It's about all things tabletop gaming.
For those looking to add some more super-powered figures to your collection, Pulp Monsters has the newest Pulp City releases available now over in their webshop. Whether it's some cyber-Russians, robot sentries, or hulking brutes, they've got something for you.
The raccoons are out of control. They've diversified into many different forms, morphing into all manner of styles. In Raccoon Madness, you'll have to be good at bluffing in order to get rid of your cards. Will another player call your bluff? The game is up on Kickstarter now.
War is a rather confusing thing. In combat, you're never 100% sure what your opponent is up to. You might not know exactly where they are. Orders from command can get garbled or might not reflect what is actually going on in combat and are thus ignored. Morale can mean a whole lot. So trying to reflect all of that on the gaming table can be rough. Well, that's what GobboTown Games is looking to do with AEON2, their new sci-fi miniatures rules set that is now available.
When something is super-successful and is nominated/wins awards, there's a good chance that there will be a follow-up sequel or expansion to it. Well, the original Spyfall card game was super-successful and was nominated/won some awards. As such, Cryptozoic and Hobby World are bringing you Spyfall 2.
Hey everyone. Congratulations as you've made it to the weekend. Saturday is here and that means it's time to sit back and relax some. Hopefully you've got something gaming-related going on. I might be working (on a super-secret project that's set to revolutionize the gaming world!!! ... ;) ), but it's still at least gaming related. I also have a fresh 12-pack of Mt. Dew Pitch Black. So it's a good day. But anyway, let's get to those reviews I know you all love so much.

Today we have: Bite Nite, Papayoo, Dungeon Busters, Steampunk Rally, Castle Panic Engine of War Expansion, Colt Express (iOS), Gangs of Cammorragh, Star Wars: Destiny, New York Slice, Burano, Mysterium App, Seasons, and Tyrants of the Underdark.

From the recent Runewars preview, people are wondering when the game will be hitting gaming tables all over the world. Well, there's not much longer to wait, as Fantasy Flight Games is taking pre-orders for the launch event kits. There's two you can get in order to make sure that the release day is a nice, big event.
The gods have summoned you from the mortal realms to the world of the celestial islands. You're there to compete against other mortals, with the winner becoming a new demigod. Dice Forge is a new board game coming from Asmodee and Libellud. The game uses a unique dice-altering system where it's like a deck builder, but you're actually changing the faces of the dice you have, upgrading them from the basic faces they come with to much more powerful abilities.
Forge World's hitting a couple different bases with this latest set of releases. For you Blood Bowl fans, you can get one of the most famous star players, The Mighty Zug. For you 40k players, there's some happy puppies in the form of the Wolf-Kin of Russ. Finally, there's dice, because I know you people love dice.
Ok, so maybe this next set of Konflikt '47 releases aren't quite as cool (personal opinion) as the last set of releases, they're still pretty cool. Warlord Games has a new batch of kits for the British, Soviets, and US forces.