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Year 2016

In the far distant future, the human race has stretched out into the stars. Unfortunately, being humans, we've pretty much annoyed, bothered, and become enemies with just about every sentient race we'
It's us versus them! Who are they? The germs, of course! Every day, our bodies are bombarded with harmful pathogens. It's only via the stalwart immune system that we manage to keep going. But we must
We all know my love of 2-player starter sets. They're a rather economical way to get you and a friend into a game system. Or, even if you don't have a friend to immediately split the cost with, you st
From the Rift, great power can be gained. It's not like walking up and just slicing you off a piece, though. The Rift, itself, with all that power, is a rather dangerous object, and its presence is ca
Brace yourselves, everyone. The weekend is just about here. In only a couple of hours, the work week will be over and we'll be free to have a couple days to do whatever we want. I've... not fully deci
Mantic Games has been doing rather well with their Kickstarter campaign for Star Saga. As I type this, they're less than $2k from reaching $200k, which will be 2x what their original goal for the camp
When most people think about WWII, they think about D-Day and the re-taking of Europe from the Germans. Perhaps you think about the South Pacific and the US Navy Island-Hopping their way towards Japan
We're a day away from October, but I just got a news story in my inbox that has me wishing it were nearing the end of November (you know, more than I already look forward to Thanksgiving, that is). St
While the US in WWII had to rely on just dropping troops out of a plane, the Empire of Man has a bit of extra technological advantage in order to land squads of marines. That comes in the form of the
Marching your troops from Point A to Point B isn't always the best way to go. Instead, you can have your platoons jump out of an airplane and land right in the enemy's weak points. That's just what th
Telling stories isn't easy. It takes a lot of time to finely craft a plot, see through the details of supporting characters, and make sure it all works together. Then you've got Fate, who has to make
In the far future, man has created many colonies on other worlds. Mars, Venus, Mercury all have habitable zones where humanity has started to place their own mark on the world. Though, it's sort of a
Tomorrow starts what is the favorite month of the year for many of my friends. I don't think it's that bad, either, though I think I slightly prefer November. But that's as may be, it's a lot of my fr
Well, it's Thursday and that means a couple things. 1) I'm in my Thursday shirt. 2) The weekend's just over a day away. 3) We've gotta make sure that your gaming tables look as good as they possibly c
A lot of my gamer friends have small kids. I'm sure a lot of you out there either have or know of friends with small kids, too. Many are getting to the point where they're learning some starting math
Shields up! Charge maser batteries! Load missile launch bays! Power up the engines! It's space combat time. You're at the helm of your own space cruiser when you've been approached by an enemy vessel.
Just about as soon as a game gets released, you'll see people asking for an expansion. They can be a great way to get a lot more content and options into a game. Well, Epic Roll isn't just getting an
My mom's side of the family is Irish. Add to that my love of history, and you've got me looking over ancient Irish tales in my spare time. So a game like Inis seems right up my alley. It's set in a my
Everyone has crazy dreams at times. I've had ones where I've been rollerskating around a college campus (that I know I've never been on), but I wasn't wearing roller skates. I was just sort of hoverin
Those of us that only know the Ninja Turtles through the cartoon from the 80s might think that the Shredder was the supreme leader of the Foot Clan (and that said clan was made up entirely of robots).
You've probably heard of psychosomatic responses. That's where you believe something hard enough that it starts to actually take a form. A version of this is the placebo effect. Someone tells you that
Considering the current political climate, some people think that maybe just putting politicians into a pit, throwing in a couple boxes of knives, and making them all just figure it out with their fis
One of the downsides of playing an RPG can be how many books you feel you need to carry around for it. I know I've been part of groups where I carry around a giant tub of books. A lot of people get ar
We're halfway there, kids. The weekend is just 2.5 short days away (well, hopefully they're relatively short). Hopefully you're starting to get together plans for those great days off. And more-hopefu
Step into the Wayback Machine and set the date for 1983. Step out and business is king. Silicone Valley is just about to take off and a bunch of new back-yard entrepreneurs are about to become million