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Year 2016

And once more it's time to let you know about something a little different in terms of entertainment that'll be happening next week in Indy. This time around it's Raks Geek. You may have seen a video
You ever have one of those jobs where your boss is super-crazy, but you really don't want to lose your job, so you keep praising whatever ridiculous thing they say in order to stay there? Well, what i
Many of my friends have subscriptions to various "crate" services. Whether it's snacks or comics or toys, it seems a couple times a week someone's getting some new box at the office of something fun.
Taking a short break from all the Gen Con announcements to bring you an announcement about giant, fighting robots (I dig giant robots). Armored Core, based on the popular video game, puts players in c
It's the Saturday before Gen Con. A week from now we'll be shoulder-deep in the show.Of course, that means this weekend is full of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get ev
Companies from all over the world will be descending on Indianapolis next week for Gen Con. That includes companies like Morning, a new board game publisher that you might remember from their recent K
I've mentioned that Gen Con's a great place to show off games, well, Vesuvius Media is certainly taking the opportunity to do so over in Entrepreneurs' Avenue. They're going to be showing off some gam
With tens of thousands of gamers converging in the ICC (I can see those lights in my sleep...), it's a great place for companies to show off new games that they're coming out with Holy Grail Games is
I said the other day that this weekend is going to be crazy with everyone getting any sort of last-minute things ready for the show. That includes letting people know what sort of things will be waiti
The Year of New Editions rolls on further as Asmodee and Windrider Games have announced that they're coming out with a new edition of Citadels. First published in 2000 (man, does that seem long ago...
The Year of New Editions means that those games need expansions and supplemental material to go with them. Such is the case with Ninja Crusade. They're into their 2nd edition and so it's time to get s
Dice Masters fans, there's going to be a new Team Pack coming out this September which will add a new set of heroes and dice that you can add to your collections. This time around, things are getting
With the new edition of Mansions of Madness being announced, the thing that got most people's attention was the inclusion of a companion app that would now "run the game." As such, that would turn Man
There are lots of things that can keep a gaming group from actually getting a session in. For the longest time, "distance" was a big one. Well, with virtual tabletops becoming a much more regular thin
It's Friday. So tomorrow's the weekend. It's also the last weekend before Gen Con. I know some people that'll be headed towards Indy as early as Monday morning. That means there's lots to get done thi
Fantasy Flight Games has just announced a new game to be part of the Star Wars line of products they make. This one's Star Wars: Destiny, a new collectable dice and card game. This game will take some
Technology is ever-advancing. These days you can keep a whole library's worth of books right in your pocket. Digital books are easier to carry, and can be easier to sift through to find exactly what y
If games like Grand Theft Auto have told us anything, it's that it can be fun to sometimes play the bad guy. Running around, stealing cars, robbing banks, and doing all that sort of nasty stuff in ord
Gen Con's just around the corner. I know I'm excited. Are you? I'm really looking forward to hitting up the Steamforged booth, personally. Got a bunch of Guild Ball stuff I'd like to pick up. Speaking
Today we've got another of those champion-inspired previews for HeroClix. This time we get a look at the devil, Mephisto, with stats created by Paris Gordon. Mephisto certainly has had quite a history
Man, I remember when the Doom video game came out. I didn't have it, but my neighbor did. So I'd go over there and we'd play for hours, running up and down those pixelated corridors (that still looked
Renegade Game Studios and Dire Wolf Digital are teaming up to bring you a new deck-building game at Gen Con (well, they're bringing it to you after Gen Con as well, but it'll be debuted at Gen Con). T
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The calendar still says July. But the folks over at Warploque Miniatures didn't want to wait until the actual month in order to get their sale started. They've gotten their August Sa
Privateer Press has a new selection of releases available. Sorry, Hordes players, nothing specifically for you this time around. This is all Warmachine stuff. Well, that is, except for No Quarter. Tha
During an Ancient Greek history class, I had to read the Iliad, which tells the epic tale of the Trojan War. Helen had been taken by Paris to Troy. There he kept her while the Greeks landed on the sho