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Year 2016

Richard Nixon wasn't elected President the first time he ran. And he's not the only President we've had that didn't make it the first time around. That's alright. "If at first you don't succeed" and a
As you should hopefully know by now, Gale Force 9 is coming out with a new Star Trek board game this summer. It's called Star Trek: Ascendancy and it puts you in charge of an entire race in the Star T
*looks up and sees the sun* Found one!Ok, so Starfinder isn't quite that. What it is, though, is a new RPG game from Paizo (mostly known for the Pathfinder fantasy RPG). Well, now you can take all tha
Monday's done and gone. It's time for Tuesday. With any luck, it'll go by quickly and we can make our way to the weekend that much quicker.I know something that helps me along is listening to some gam
The goblins are up to something... I mean, they're goblins, they tend to be up to something. So when Princess Irene saw that the magic thread that her great-grandmother had given her lead into the tun
Moving goods and people from place to place in a city can be a major undertaking. Trust me... living in Atlanta, moving goods and people from place to place is a major undertaking... And everyone can
I love a good, unique setting for a game book. This isn't one you see very often. It's a gloomy, nautical fantasy realm called The Driftwood Verses. Don't go all, "Aye, mehearties!" on me, as that's n
One of the cool, new games I got to try out while at Adepticon this year was Dark Deeds, the new card game by Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons (If you'd forgotten about it, feel free to read the Demo Re
Warlord Games has posted up another preview of the upcoming Battle for Xilos expansion for Beyond the Gates of Antares. This time around it's another Ghar character in the form of High Commander Karg
Humanity is at the brink. Far in the future, resources of all types are becoming scarce. It's up to you, the pilots of heavily-modified mech suits to go and find powerful Cores with which society can
It's Monday. And even though it's a holiday, that doesn't mean I'm not posting news and it doesn't mean that Wyrd's not giving me news to post. As is tradition for Monday, they've got a new preview up
We're coming to the end of the month and the start of a new one. That's a perfect time for companies to put out some new products (considering there are people out there that get paid at the start of
Welcome back to Monday. I know a lot of you are probably reading this not at your regular work desk. Along those lines, a happy Memorial Day to you.At the moment, it's a good time to get your gaming t
Dark Gate Games will be bringing Vampire Hunters back to Kickstarter in a couple months. In the run-up to the campaign, they've got a special contest that they're running. In order to spread the word
People can always find a way to make a buck. While not "the world's oldest profession" (that'd be something else), paying someone to fight your wars for you certainly goes back a long way as well. And
Bakemono are tricky, little buggers. Some can jump into shadows and come out elsewhere. Others employ various magic spells to confound you. And some just turn into giant, hulking brutes and bash your
Two different previews for you today from Fantasy Flight Games for Descent. One's a new Heroes and Monster pack, while the other heats things up a little with a campaign utilizing the Road to Legend a
In manufacturing, there's a saying, "Pick two: Good, Fast, Cheap." That is to say, if you want something good and fast, it won't be cheap. If you want something good and cheap, it won't be fast. Or if
The Summer Solstice is a very important time. The Great Shaman uses the longest day as a chance to contact the Spirit of Everything. Surrounding tribes aid in this process by sending Apprentices to he
Well... you know that Battle Chef I talked about a couple times last week?Uh... you see... wha-ha-happen wuz... Crits from ogre-sized lizardmen hurt, y'all.But this is just an opportunity to create a
Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!Wooooooooooooo!When you're reading this, I'm hopefully using my Battle Chef in combat.But that's me.For you who's here reading the site, I've got your Review Roundup for you.T
Well, civilization has come to an end again. Damnit, Carl! I told you to not sell of all those shares in the Zombie Repellent Company all at once! Now there's zombies everywhere, the stock market's cr
Sometimes it can be rough to find a gaming system that's good to use to introduce new gamers, particularly younger ones, to the world of gaming. Well, Anthro-Adventures is designed to be just that. Th
The Germans loved their half-tracks. There were many variants used throughout the war, each one designed to take on a different task on the battlefield. Warlord Games has done their best to come out w
Been a while since we heard from the DreamForge-Games crew. But that doesn't mean they've been sitting around doing nothing. They'd taken back over distribution of their products and that can be quite