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Year 2016

Looks like Guild Ball isn't the only thing Steamforged Games has in the works. They've announced a new board game based on the popular Dark Souls video game.Details are still thin on the ground, but I
Yes, yes, yes. I know that March is basically over. April will be here... well... Friday. But it just means that if you didn't know about the books released for Shadowrun and Battletech the other day,
And we bounce back in the WizKids previews to the upcoming Uncanny X-Men set for HeroClix. This time around, it's the mistress of misdirection, herself. Now you see her. Now you see someone else. Now
On the long drive up to Adepticon, Blackstock and I had conversations about many topics. One was parallel universes and alternate realities. Like how, right now, there's an infinite number of mes, all
Spring has sprung.At least for those of us here in the Northern hemisphere. The days are getting longer. The grass is growing. The pollen is friggin' everywhere, coating everything in a green/gold pow
So, as I was in a car for just slightly more than 1/2 of yesterday, I didn't get much of a chance to post up the Midweek Snippets post. As such, I'm rolling it in with today's Terrain Corner, as I hav
Hey everyone! It's been a very busy morning here at Adepticon. I've already seen some awesome armies, some cool, new models, and talked to some great people who obviously love our hobby. If you're not
You know, we're all new at something at some point. And while you may have a natural talent for something, you're still going to have to do a lot of learning to be able to become a master at any parti
Artificial Intelligence might be the greatest achievement in science... or it might just doom us all. In Emergence, the latter has happened. Whoops. Thankfully, the few surviving humans are still figh
Hobby gaming, in general, is a pretty expensive hobby. Figures for the various games that we love to play aren't always cheap, and that can lead to a lot of people feeling that they really can't get i
So, here at Adepticon, obviously there's a whole ton of gaming going on (no, duh). But what if you and your buddies get together and suddenly you're really jonesing for a particular game but... damnit
Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloooooooon!Ok, you probably don't remember that one. Ask your parents, or possibly your grandparents for you really young'uns.Zephyr: Winds of Change i
Well, it's been a while since I've been in my home city (I was born just right over there *points towards Alexian Brothers hospital). But here I am in Schaumberg, ready for Adepticon.I'll be updating
Well, we just passed Easter last weekend. A lot of people took the time to go to church, even if they don't normally make a habit of it (whereas nuns do tend to make a habit of it... Get it? Get it?..
There are many crazy things that live in our oceans. Just the other day I saw this story about some neon-green-eyed fish-thing that they brought up from the depths.Yeah, I really have no desire to go
Sometimes you find yourself with some extra time on your hands that you might not have expected and you want to game. Unfortunately, you might not have thought to bring any games with you. Or you're i
We've got a spaghetti western here on 36.I like spaghetti westerns.I like the way the boots are all reverbed out walking across the hardwood floor.In fact, everything's got that big reverb sound.There
Just because we got that one preview for the upcoming X-Men set doesn't mean that we're done seeing figures from the TMNT set for HeroClix. Oh no. There's still more to be had, the next one of which i
Well, it's the last day in the office for me this week. Tomorrow at 5am I'll be getting ready to head to Adepticon. I'm pretty excited about the show. If you'll be at the show, what are you looking fo
The land of Barovia is a pretty dark and bleak place. The citizens live in fear of the things that go bump in the night. Those that travel through the land would do well to visit Madam Eva, a fortune
When the enemy is dug in well, perhaps with all manner of fortifications protecting them, it's time to bring in the big guns. Or perhaps the enemy is sweeping across the field of battle in a tide, thr
When it was announced that WizKids was going to create a line of unpainted minis, there were calls of... let's say, skepticism. Many people don't associate great sculpts with WizKids, and the idea of
There's a couple of new books that Privateer Press has posted up for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. One's an adventure that has been compiled from various issues of No Quarter, while another expands the more
The universe of Infinity has quite a lot of aliens running around. But it's the humans that really take center stage. Such is the case with Human Sphere N3, a new sourcebook for Infinity, which update
GCT Studios has started taking orders for their next wave of releases. If you'd like to get some of these new models, you can put your name on the list so you're the first gamer on your block with the