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Year 2016

Fantasy Flight is headed for the stars in this latest set of releases. If you've been on the lookout for the latest set of Star Wars: Armada ships, as well as their new campaign, you're in luck. Also
It's Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, so there's a good chance you're hanging out with friends and family. Hopefully that includes playing games of some sort. But how do you know which g
We finish off the week's posts like we will for many Fridays for the next several months: a CMON Expo Update. As usual, it's a triple-threat with three new bits of information. This time around there'
Wave 28 of Star Trek Attack Wing is coming next month. This wave takes a look at some iconic ships that had previously been released with some new paint jobs on them. Since some of these ships are har
In the next week, a lot of us are going to spend time with family. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't interact with your next of kin, but let's face it, sometimes you need to get away and take a b
Hey guys. You might've noticed we didn't have a Terrain Corner yesterday. That's because I was whisked away to help work on a super-ultra-deep-covert project. Or, being that a lot of companies are cur
2016 may have been the Year of New Editions, but that doesn't mean 2017 won't have some of its own rolling out. One such includes the 4th edition of the very popular WWII game, Flames of War. For the
December has but a week left. Many people are going on vacation for the holidays. Christmas is in a couple days. Hanukah starts tomorrow. It's time to wrap things up for the year for many people. Well
As we saw in the previous preview from WizKids about their upcoming Convention Exclusives for HeroClix, Pym Particles can be used to make things smaller, or they can be used to make things much, much
For those that have played it, Dixit is quite a bit different than your average card game. Each card has a strange and whimsical scene on it that the Storyteller player must describe using just a word
The year is coming to an end. We've got just over a week left. Time to look forward to next year. We've already seen some releases for January and February from Steamforged Games for Guild Ball. But t
While many of us are focusing on Christmas coming up in 3 days, this time of year has many holidays associated with it. Certainly, the Festival of Lights known as Hanukkah is one that's celebrated all
Spoilers.People go crazy over them. That is to say, if you accidentally spoil something, there are people out there who will go stark-raving mad about it. Especially for something like a mystery story
As board games and technology look to merge together more, I foresee this type of story becoming more regular than they are now. Fantasy Flight Games has released the first DLC expansion for Mansions
Just in time for the holidays, Privateer Press has a new batch of releases for Hordes available. If you're a Trollbloods or Circle player, you'll want to check out these releases.71104-pummeler-crew-t
Corvus Belli has a lot of drawings on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Usually, there's one whenever a country is celebrating an independence day. Well, this isn't one of those drawings. This one's b
We're doing things to the Earth that aren't so great for our continued existence on this planet. However, we're not quite near where things have gone in Mutant Chronicles. There, the Earth has been pr
The week rolls along. Hopefully it's going well for you. Mine's been very busy. But that's meant things are going by quickly. Quickly is good and bad in some cases, as there's a lot to still get done
As the year comes closer to an end, many companies are heading out for a holiday. But that doesn't mean they're not having a final announcement before they go. For those that are fans of having digita
Christmas comes early for those of you that like Wyrd's Through The Breach RPG as well as just keeping abreast of what's going on with the company. They've got two new Through The Breach Penny Dreadfu
There are many ways one can get by in this world. Some people do it through honest and just means. Others wreck ships, wait for crates of loot to come ashore, and then run off with them. In HMS Dolore
This upcoming set for the Doctor Who Minis Game is based on the as-yet to be shown Christmas special of the show. As such, while I don't think there are any real spoilers ahead, compared to what might
Little trinkets. It seems as though a lot of people will go to a lot of trouble to acquire certain little trinkets. I mean, the odd, little statue called Tragic Hope can't be that important of an item
Pym particles are mostly known for shrinking you down in size. However, with the right application, they can also cause things to grow to gigantic size. As such, Ant-Man can also become Giant-Man. Wiz
We're making our way through the week and through the final couple days of the year, even. At this point of the year, I'm sure you're probably tired of hearing those jingling bells and about how grand