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Year 2016

As I've said before, I'm very much a "try before you buy" sort of person. I'm sure a lot of you out there are the same. Well, Sit Down Games will be coming out with a new game called Magic Maze in Feb
We're actually getting some rain here in Georgia for the first time in several months. As such, it's hard to go outside and frolic (as I am wont to do... ??). Best to stay inside and curl up with a ga
There's never a bad time to start planning for the future. Well, next year is almost here and so it's time to fill out your calendar with all the events you want to attend. For those that are a fan of
It's the last day of November. We're 11/12s of the way through the year. We just might make it after all.Actually, I'm looking forward to this weekend. It should be a good time, as they generally are.
Sure, the Germans had their Tiger tanks, but they had plenty of other weapons of war at their disposal, especially late into the conflict. One of those vehicles was the Sd Kfz armored car. There were
Six new figures will soon be making their way to your gaming tables as you look to take over your own little bit of the Jwar Isles. Yes, Bushido players are getting some new figures next month, with t
Now when I was just a little boy, standin' to my Daddy's kneeMy Poppa said, "son don't let the man get you and do what he done to me."Ok, my dad never actually said that. But I can't read "Into the Ba
As the general of a marauding fantasy army, you're not always so concerned what you're marauding against, as long as you're marauding. Look! A hill! We should maraud against that! And look! There's ot
Shadowrun is where a lot of players go to get their cyberpunk on. It's a setting that's got a long and storied history, with lots of supplements and players all over the world. It... can be kinda inti
It's always cool to see items that were on Kickstarter be available for general sale. It shows a real successful Kickstarter campaign. Well, Gavin over at Tor Gaming has started taking pre-orders for
Round 2... Fight!So, round 1 didn't go so well for Way of the Fighter, the Street-Fighter-Style board game from Soda Pop Miniatures. The campaign was stagnating badly and hadn't reached its goal a wee
I don't know about you, but I can't afford to just go out and buy every game that comes out onto the market. Even games that fit a particular interest grouping of mine, there's just so many, and I onl
Time keeps on slippin' into the future.Shintiara is a planet on the edge. Both its host star as well as a nearby black hole push and pull on it with strange consequences. Time paradoxes are an everyda
It's time once again to get you some gaming podcasts to listen to. Helps to get through the day when you can't actually do any gaming, but you still have gaming on the mind.This week we have: Singled
November's almost over, but there's still some time to get the month's releases posted so you, the eagerly-awaiting public, can get a hold of them. Such is the case with the folks over at Pulp Monster
The German Tiger Tank was one of the most feared pieces of war on the battlefields of Europe during WWII. It was no small feat to actually defeat one in combat. Many allied tankers would just do their
"I don't want to live on this planet anymore."One of my favorite lines from Futurama, and one that's been thrown around a lot lately. Well, whatever might be going on in the world, I'd say that an imp
The holidays are a good time to get together with family. The Boromites are certainly family-centered in Beyond the Gates of Antares. Their new releases include the matriarch and patriarch of the fami
There's a lot of ships in the Star Wars universe with movable parts. X-Wings and B-Wings first come to mind, but there are many others. Until now, all the figures for the X-Wing Miniatures Game didn't
For those that have been waiting, there's a new batch of Alkemy releases available now over in their webshop. What? You mean to tell me you've not been waiting for these new releases? That's just sill
Well, it's Monday and I'm back in the office after a very long and very nice weekend. 3 days of gaming/eating and then a chill day at home and watching my first Christmas movie of the year (National L
Pretty much every gamer out there knows of Kingdom Death. The original Kickstarter campaign made over $2mil. But then... oh the troubles. It was one of the campaigns that took the longest to actually
The weekend might be over, but the weekend sales aren't. Cyber Monday is here and there's still some new deals to be found. What sort of deals? Just go check 'em out. But note: many of these end today
Who doesn't like getting a package in the mail? These days (and considering those of you in the audience), there's a good chance it's that game you've been waiting on seemingly forever since the Kicks
It's one thing to get a one-shot module to augment your D&D game. It's another to get a group of them that you can sprinkle throughout a larger campaign, creating effectively a "B-story" for everythin