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Year 2016

One of the biggest announcements at Gen Con this past year was that Fantasy Flight Games was going to be joining the fantasy miniatures wargame market with RuneWars, a new game set in the world of Ter
More and more people are getting 3D printers these days.Meanwhile, I don't have a regular printer at home. But that's beside the point. The proliferation of 3D printers means that game companies can o
As an occasional GM, I can certainly appreciate pre-made adventures for games. You don't always have time to fully realize a deep narrative with twists, turns, and plenty for everyone, then add on enc
Mantic has launched a brand new painting contest. They're calling it Brush With Death and it's looking to be a new annual event where gamers from all over the world look to win a special trophy to add
Happy Halloween, everyone!I hope everyone is having a good time with some sweet treats and scary movies.And, hey, it's another chance to break out your convention costumes, too! Bonus!Anyway, let's ma
The Omega Stone is an artifact of great power, able to grant immortality to the one that possesses it. Of course, such a prize is sought by many. Four great kings have found the components to summon t
I don't have a really big apartment. There's not lots of storage space available. As such, I have to make sure that space is efficiently used. For someone with a board game collection, that's not alwa
In ancient times, the gods were much a part of everyday life. You weren't considered heavily religious if you gave thanks, prayers, and offerings to various deities throughout your daily routine. It's
The Joker's Wild set for HeroClix will be out soon. It's always nice to know what you're gonna be getting before you get it. As such, WizKids tends to give us lots of looks inside their sets. This is
The ability to disrupt enemy actions via well-placed firepower is crucial in winning a conflict. The Rebel Alliance knows that they're outnumbered and running behind the Empire in terms of technology,
Hey there, everyone. I hope you're all having a great Saturday. I just got back from the grocery store (I'm typing this up a decent amount earlier than it is set to go live) so I can get ready to have
Steamcon is coming up in a couple weeks. There, players will get the first chance to really sink their teeth into Season 3. They'll be able to pick up Kick Off!, the new 2-player starter set and see w
While Tanks from Gale Force Nine puts the emphasis on the machines of war as they roll across the battlefields, blasting at each-other, one would do well to remember that without the crews, those vehi
On October 3, 1942, everything changed. The world was deeply embroiled in the 2nd World War, but what happened would forever change the nature of that conflict. Dark and terrible things started pourin
We've been waiting for this all week. Or, at least, I have been. It's Friday! Woo!Tomorrow, for me, looks like it's going to be filled with some cooking, because it's some for some Halloween goodies t
Tiny Epic Quest is the latest in the Tiny Epic game line from Gamelyn Games. A fantasy world is created that's full of adventure. It's up to your band of heroes to go out and explore it, looking for w
In a dystopian future, people are struggling for control. Two rival factions have grown up and are looking to defeat the other. The only path to winning lay in defeating the leader of the enemy factio
If I could build a dream home, it'd be at least 75% kitchen. Of the remaining 25%, 24% of it would be taken up by "gaming space," with the last 1% going to essentials like bedroom, bathroom, laundry r
The Force Awakens continues the Star Wars saga for a new generation. Though the Empire was defeated, the First Order is looking to retake control. As such, the Resistance is fighting tooth and claw ag
Well, sort of two ends of the spectrum in terms of new releases from Forge World this week. It's rare enough that we see even releases for Age of Sigmar on there. But a Lord of the Rings release? I ca
Getting near the end of the month. Still plenty of time, though, to take a look at the October releases that will be coming out for Infinity from Corvus Belli. So let's get right to
Halloween is less than a week away. I know a lot of people that will be celebrating this weekend. Heck, I'll be celebrating this weekend, and I'm not even one for celebrating holidays all that much. Y
As people have started to get their copies of the Conan board game from Monolith Games. As such, everyone else is getting a bit of a look inside of it in preparation for when the game comes out on Nov
Modiphius has been busy at work on the Infinity RPG. There's a lot to go through, though, and they want to make it just right. As such, they're looking to bring on someone to help out in the form of a
Hello, Thursday. Nice to see you again. And it is nice to see Thursday, as it means we're well into the latter part of the week and so the weekend will be here soon. Hopefully you have gaming lined up