Ares Games Posts Behind The Throne Rulebook

As I’ve said many times, I love when companies post the rules for their games online. That way, you get a chance to look them over and decide if the game’s for you. It makes you a more-informed consumer. It also shows respect to you, as the game company isn’t going to try and “trick you” by making you think a game is one thing when it’s really another. Well, Ares Games certainly doesn’t want to trick you about Behind the Throne. They’ve posted up the rules for you to download.
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Island’s Bounty Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Three treasures have been buried in a remote, tropical island. You know they’re there, but you’re not sure exactly where they’re located. You’ve gotten to the island, but so have several other treasure hunters. It’s up to you to search the island as stealthily as possible, getting the lay of the land while possibly setting up traps to slow down your opponents. Be the first one to find all three and make off with the loot. That’s the story behind Island’s Bounty, a new board game that’s up on Kickstarter.
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Blank Marry Kill Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Perhaps you’ve had a conversation with a couple friends that included the game, (blank), Marry, Kill. In it, you’re given three names, generally of people you know or celebrities. You then must pick one to marry, one to kill, and the other to… uh… “know” in a Biblical sense. Well, that concept has been turned into a card game by the makers of Superfight. It’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Thursday Terrain Corner

We’ve made it to Thursday, everyone.
Is it just me or has the week sort of slowed to a halt? I think it’s because next week’s going to be a short one. As such, we have to make this week longer to compensate. Otherwise, space-time and all that gets messed up. Thankfully, Powerhouse is seeing me through the day. Also, I’m looking forward to playing some games tomorrow night. So that’s something to look forward to. In the meantime, let’s make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in our Terrain Corner we have: Warlord Games Taking Pre-orders For Project Z Terrain, Deep-Cut Studio releases nature tiles on mousepad material, New 28mm Shopping Mall from Sally 4th Coming Soon, New Armorcast Ruined Highway Overpass Coulmns, and Urban Sector: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat Now Available.

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Hero Board Game Relaunches On Kickstarter

Well, it would seem that the first time around, the dragon got the better of the townsfolk. But that’s ok. There’s rebuilding, restructuring, reconfiguring, and relaunching. And that’s just what Aether Tower has done with Hero, their cooperative board game of civilization defense. The first campaign had some things that needed to be worked out. Well, they were and it’s back up.
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Buddy, You Got the Time? A review of War of Shadows

Hello, everyone. My name’s Polar Bear and I’m an Ascension junkie.
“Hi, Polar Bear.”
I have every boxed expansion that’s come out for the game as well as most of the promo cards as well. So when I saw that Stone Blade Entertainment was coming out with a new set at Origins, but I wasn’t going to be at Origins, I called up my friend who was going to be at the show and had him pick me up one.

They got back earlier this week and I got my copy. So, as it’s my thing to do, I decided to give you a review of it.

So double check whether it’s AM or PM. It’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s Ascension: War of Shadows from Stone Blade Entertainment.
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Sector Commander: WWII Now Available

Sector Commander: WWII, from Grenzer Games, is now available. So you can now get your own copy via print-on-demand. Sector Commander: WWII is a turn-based, Divisional-level strategic board game. The creators took historic units and equipment from across several combating nations and simplified them down so you can have them march across the fields of Europe, locked in epic battle.
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Asmodee Announces StoryLine: Scary Tales

Asmodee has announced the next in their StoryLine group storytelling series. This time, we go from the lighthearted whimsy of a fantasy tale to the dark and spooky with Scary Tales. You know, the kind you’d tell around the campfire that start out with lines like, “It was a dark and stormy night…”
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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Liberty for Star Wars Armada

Well, in rather short order, we’ve gotten the preview for the Interdictor and now The Liberty for Star Wars Armada from Fantasy Flight Games. The MC80 (which is the Liberty’s ship type) brings a new style of play for the Rebels. Now you don’t have to try and circle-strafe your Imperial enemies. You can just dive right on in.
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Stoneblade Entertainment Taking Pre-Orders For Ascension X: War of Shadows

New Vigil seemed like it was going to be nice and peaceful for a bit. But such is not the case, as the creatures from the Void once more look to cause all sorts of havoc. Only the realm’s heroes will be able to turn the tide. And with new challenges comes new opportunities. Be it brightest day or darkest night… wait, wrong universe there. Anyway, Stoneblade Entertainment has started taking pre-orders for their latest Ascension set, War of Shadows.
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Star Trek: Frontiers Now Available

While you guys are out there reading your Star Trek: Ascendancy rulebooks, you can also be checking out Star Trek: Frontiers. The new strategy board game of boldly going places is available now from WizKids (as well as retailers in North America, with the rest of the world to follow shortly).
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Battleweb Dexterity Game Up On Kickstarter

I know I just scared off at least a couple readers there. That’s the danger in posting about such a thing.
Jumping spiders.
Dang, a bunch more of you just ran off. I’m sure all the Australians are still around, though. G’day Bruces and Sheilas. Anyway, Battleweb is a new dexterity board game about jumping spiders. It’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Warage Card Game Up On Kickstarter

District Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new card game, Warage (not sure if that’s “war age” or “wa rage”… I think I like “wa rage” You know, like “Waaagh! RAGE!!”). It’s gotten quite a lot of interest, as it’s already made it up and over their funding goal. So if you’re in the market for a 2-6 player strategy card game, you might just want to check it out.
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Midweek Snippets

The week continues along, as it tends to do. It’s only just today that I really realized that this upcoming weekend is a long one for those of us here in the US. The 4th of July falls on Monday. So that’ll be cool. Time for some BBQs. But before we get to the hamburgers, hot dogs, and fireworks, we’d best fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Khurasan releases 15mm Ancient Siamese, Trailer Park Zombies Up On Indiegogo, Dwarven Mountain Rams Riders from Scibor Now Available, New Player Boards for Power Grid by CorSec Engineering, Attaking the Darkness Mockumentary is free until July 1st, New Ravens Available From Tabletop-Art, Big Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest Update, Casual Game Insider Coming to Books-A-Million And Launching New Kickstarter, Wildside Gaming System to be Released as a Free App, Skirmisher Publishing Releases Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts, Syrinscape Releases Gen Con Soundset, and New Legionary Ranged Arms Available From Kromlech.

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Ares Games Launches Dungeon Time Kickstarter

When it comes to games, I prefer a shorter game length to a longer one. While there’s nothing wrong with games that take 4+ hours to play, they’re not generally my cup-o-tea. Dungeon Time doesn’t take 4+ hours. It doesn’t even take 1 hour. It doesn’t even take a half-hour. It takes only 5 minutes. It’s also up on Kickstarter now.
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Gale Force Nine Posts Star Trek: Ascendancy Rulebook

“Try before you buy.” “Take a test drive.” “First hit’s free.”
Words to live by (Well… maybe not that last one). We all know my fondness for companies that post rulebooks for their games online. The fine fellows over at Gale Force Nine have done just that for Star Trek: Ascendancy, their upcoming board game of sci-fi conquest. The rulebook is now up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.
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Khepros Now Available For Arena Rex

One of the biggest hits at Adepticon this year was Red Republic Games and Arena Rex. The gallery I had of their display case was, by far, the one most liked, commented on, and shared (it’s here in case you missed it). They pretty much sold out of everything they had. Granted, this is one time where “going home empty handed” is a good thing. Well, they’d had Khepros available as a pre-release at the show. If you weren’t able to pick one up there, or weren’t at the show to begin with, you can now get your own, as he’s available for general release over in their webshop.
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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Interdictor For Star Wars: Armada

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview of their upcoming Interdictor expansion pack for Star Wars Armada. Getting pulled out of hyperspace into a trap, or using the ship’s huge gravity wells to keep Rebels from escaping makes the Interdictor an important part of the Imperial fleet. Even if it doesn’t have that much offensive power, itself, it is what can cause the Rebels to lose a potentially important battle.
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New Hero and Monster Set Added To Massive Darkness Kickstarter

Maybe you’ve been concerned that the monsters in Massive Darkness haven’t been massive enough. Well, there’s a new biggie ready to walk down the halls of the dungeons and it’s more than prepared to bash your hero’s heads in. It’s the Hellephant (and yes, I love that name more than I ever dreamed I would). To take it on, you might want to enlist the help of the Bloodmoon Assassins. They’re both part of a new add-on that’s part of the campaign.
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Honor Among Thieves Penny Dreadful Now Available

Sometimes you want to get away from your solo gaming books and go out and meet up with other gamers. It’s ok. It happens to most of us at some point. ( 😉 ) Well, the folks over at Wyrd are here to help with the release of a new Penny Dreadful one-shot adventure for the Through The Breach RPG. It’s called Honor Among Thieves.
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USAOpoly Munchkin Marvel Give-Away Happening Now

The folks over at USAOpoly (*waves to “The Legend”*) want to give you a free copy of their Munchkin: Marvel set. Don’t know about that one? Well, you can check out the Review I did. Back from reading that? Good. Now go potentially get yourself a copy for free.
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WizKids Previews Carnage For Superior Foes of Spider-Man HeroClix Set

WizKids is coming out with a new Marvel HeroClix set. The figure here’s part of a 5-figure booster that will be coming out in August, but there will be pre-release events at the end of July. We’re also getting a new card layout, it looks like, for the figures. They’re adding in a chart that shows all the stats on the dials for the figures. Interesting. Anyway, take a look at Carnage.
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Podcast Roundup

The week marches on. Monday’s finished with and we’re getting ourselves through Tuesday. Hopefully your Tuesday is going well. Mine’s… dragging along a bit. You know what I need? Some gaming podcasts to listen to while I work on the rest of the day’s posts.

This week we have: Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: The Longest D&D Campaign, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 207: Origins Recap, Through Gamer Goggles: Words With Loren Coleman of Catalyst Game Labs, Singled Out Episode 8 – Talking Butchers and Tournaments with Ben Redmond, The Kick Off – Episode 15 – Scrub Mascots, Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 31: Les Voix d’Altaride – French RPG Podcast, and Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 60 Haba Games with Lea Culliton.

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Luna & Freelancers Guide Book Available For Mutant Chronicles

Modiphius continues to expand the game world of Mutant Chronicles by bringing you another new guide book. This time around it’s Luna & Freelancers. As you can expect, you’ll be heading to the moon in this book (“bang, zoom” optional).
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Chronicles of Arborell Releases 20 Solo Adventure Titles

We sometimes find ourselves without opponents/party-mates for our game nights. It happens. But what if you still want to get some gaming in? Well, Chronicles of Arborell has you covered. They’ve released the Well of Shadows gamebook… and another 19 other books, available in .pdf format.
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Meridian Miniatures Summer Sale Happening Now

With how hot it is, I know I’m not really interested in running around outside. So spending my time inside, tinkering with minis seems like the best bet to beat the summer heat. Meridian Miniatures is certainly here to help with that, too, as they’ve got their Summer Sale happening now.
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Ninja High School RPG Up On Kickstarter

For a lot of us, high school was a decade or more ago. Also, it probably had a lot fewer ninjas than we’d really hoped there would be. But for 30 years, Ninja High School, the comic, has been our own fantasy high school, where there’s ninjas all over. Well, we couldn’t make our own high school that cool, but now you can step into the world of Ninja High School via an RPG that’s up on Kickstarter.
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Star Wars Armada Fleet Commander Contest Announced

If you’re like me, you have spent a lot of time looking over stats for models in a game you play and endlessly coming up with different builds for your teams/armies/fleets. “I could take X, and that’d give me points for Y, but not enough for Z.” and so forth and so on. Well, Fantasy Flight Games is rewarding those admirals out there who are looking over the upcoming releases for Star Wars: Armada and already working to integrate them into their fleets. They’re having a contest where you do just that.
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Egaru Trademark Detective Card Game Up On Kickstarter

There’s a lot of cheap, knockoff products out there. People see something doing well and decide they can cash in on that by putting out a cheap version of it. We’ve all seen Robert Cop, for example. Well, in Egaru, a new card game that’s up on Kickstarter, it’s up to you to find the originals versus the makeshift ones.
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The Ion Age Releases Callsign Taranis

Callsign Taranis, the new expansion for Patrol Angis, is now available from The Ion Age. This new book gives your troopers a roof over their head and a way to not have to walk from place to place. That’s right, there’s new vehicles as well as rules for buildings and other defensive fortifications.
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Wyrd Monday Preview Posted

So we’ve had our Terrain Corner. Now it’s time for our regular Monday Preview from Wyrd. They’re finishing up their previews of the new Masters coming in Ripples of Fate, the new Malifaux book. Last, but not least (unless by “least” you mean in height. In that case, he is the least), it’s Zipp.
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Monday Terrain Corner

Welcome again to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend full of gaming. I didn’t get in any games of Guild Ball. 🙁
But I did play Guilds of Cadwallon, Mystic Vale, and… something else… I forget what…
So there was still gaming to be had. It’ll be alright, as there’s always next weekend.

But before we get there, we need to make sure your gaming tables are as good-looking as possible.

Today we have: New European Houses Available From Escenografia Epsilon, Brigade Models Release 6mm Colony Bases, and Manorhouse Workshop Posts Kickstarter Stretch Goal Update.

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Stormcloud Attack Aerial Combat Game Available From Games Workshop

One of my favorite models I’ve put together in a long time was the DakkaJet from Games Workshop. When I saw one at my LGS when it came out, I picked one up immediately, even though I didn’t play 40k at the time. I still have the model, even though it’s currently the only 40k model I have. Well, now I can actually play a new game from Games Workshop called Stormcloud Attack.
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Mantic Posts Up New DreadBall 2nd Edition Details

Seeing as 2016 is “The Year of the New Edition,” we’ve got lots of them coming out. As always, people want to know what’s going to be changed. People that play the game want to know if their favorite aspects are leaving. Meanwhile, those that don’t play because of certain rules are looking to see if they’re going away. Well, Mantic has posted up some more details about what’s changing and what’s staying the same in the new version of DreadBall.
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Summer Sale Happening At Days of Wonder

I’ve mentioned before that it’s fun to take board games along with you on vacation, and having digital versions of said games can make it all a lot easier. Well, now Days of Wonder is making that ease even easier, by making it much, much cheaper. They’re having a summer sale for the digital versions of their games.
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