I Think the Compass is Broke: An Unboxing of Lost Patrol

A friend of mine used to be in the Marines. He served overseas for a couple years. While there, they’d still go on regular training missions. One of them involved having to get from one place to another out in the desert. Well, unfortunately, the guy holding the compass was doing so right next to his weapon. Those that know how compasses work, they can be thrown off by a large piece of metal near them. You know… like a rifle… So the group got rather lost. Thankfully they all made it back safe, eventually. In Lost Patrol from Games Workshop, the Space Marine Scouts that have been sent out to find a downed Drop Pod have also gotten lost. Will they make it back alive?

The chaps over at GW were kind enough to send me a copy to check out and let you know about.

So remember that North is thataways and get ready for another TGN Unboxing. This time it’s Lost Patrol from Games Workshop.
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Review Roundup

It’s Saturday. Those of you that are at KingdomCon, be sure to selfie responsibly. #RossFace
For me, it’s the weekend before CMON Expo, so I’m super-busy getting things put together for the show. Lots to do, both work-related and just other things I need to get done.

In the meantime, though, I’m taking a break from baking German Chocolate Cake Cookies to bring you your regularly-scheduled Review Roundup.

Today we have: Blood Rage, Gempacked Cards, Star Realms, Polyversal, Scathach Games M.T.S Shipping Containers, Tash-Kalar Everfrost Expansion, VS 2PCG Defenders Expansion, Twilight Struggle Digital, Onimata, Warfighter, Stronghold 2nd Ed., Adventure Land, Thunder & Lightning, Celestia, Greedy Greedy Goblins, Splendor iOS, Feed the Shoggoth, Kingdom Death: Monster, and Res Publica 2230AD.

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Massive CMON Expo 2016 Update

Time keeps rolling on. And with that, the CMON Expo keeps getting closer and closer. But even with just one week left until the show starts (or really, by the time you read this, less than a week), that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to still talk about for the show. There’s Panels, there’s Events, and there’s another trio of Guests.
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Toxicity – I am Zombie RPG Up On Kickstarter

*eats seeds as a pastime activity*
Mark Rein, founder of White Wolf and the creator of Vampire: The Masquerade, has a new project he’s been working on. Toxicity – I Am Zombie getting a new life over on Kickstarter. This new version brings new, cutting-edge rules to some traditional horror RPG concepts.
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Solar Auxilia Surgeon-Primus Available To Order From Forge World

Battlefield medics have a very rough job (putting it mildly). Everyone out there is looking to tear each-other to shreds. They’re looking to put people back together again. Solar Auxilia Surgeon-Primus Aevos Jovan was a great surgeon before some of his “experiments” were discovered and he was given the option of cake or death… I mean, working for the Solar Auxilia or death. He chose to work with the Solar Auxilia.
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Friday Snippets

As much as I had to keep reminding myself that yesterday was Thursday and not Friday, I can now say that today is, indeed, Friday. There’s certainly plenty going on today. Lots of preparations for the CMON Expo happening next week. More on that later. At the moment, though, it’s time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories to help you power your way to the weekend.

Today we have: Today’s new release – Praetorian Armour type Termos From Puppets War, Khurasan releases 15mm Timurids, Final Hours for Big Angry Monsters on Kickstarter, New 15mm Cold War Range From Totentanz Miniatures Coming Soon, and New Pulp Alley offers from Statuesque Miniatures.

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New Thunderbirds RPG And Accessories Available From Modiphius

So, who out there has been enjoying the Thunderbirds board game from creator Matt Leacock? Hopefully a bunch of you just raised your hands (which would be cool if you were just sitting in your cubicle at work and randomly raised your hand). Well, what about branching out from the board game to a full RPG in the Thunderbirds universe? Well, that’s just what Modiphius is bringing you (along with some other, cool extra things for the games as well).
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Dreamwars Steampunk Horror Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Steampunk, as a genre, is generally associated with Victorian England. Victorian England is also associated pretty closely with Gothic Horror. So it seems only fitting that you bring the two together and create a game based on Steampunk Gothic Horror. Such is the case with Dreamwars, a new cooperative board game that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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SeminART Painting Classes Booking Now

The fellows over at Figure Painter Magazine do their best to give you everything you need to up your painting game. But different people learn in different ways and having an instructor actually show you techniques first-hand is a great way to get better. Well, with that in mind, they’ve started their SeminART series of classes, the first of which is booking now.
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Android: Mainframe Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

In the world of Android, any small gap in your computer security is going to be immediately exploited by anyone and everyone. Well, Titan Transnational Bank’s software created such an opportunity. So now it’s a race against time as hackers rush in to grab whatever they can before 1) someone else gets it or 2) the bank’s own net security closes the breach. Get in there and get the goods, that’s the story behind Android: Mainframe, a new abstract board game from Fantasy Flight Games that’s available now.
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New British Infantry 1877-1885 For Black Powder

Warlord Games’ team-up with Perry Miniatures brings you even more figures for you historical wargame fans. This time around it’s British Infantry styled on the uniforms used by those stationed in Afghanistan and Sudan from 1877 to 1885. They’re suitable for use if you’re playing games set during the Second Afghan War, Sudan, and the Third Algo-Burmese War.
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Sharp Practice Second Edition Available From Too Fat Lardies

Sometimes games just need to get themselves a little update. Old mechanics that worked at the time get to seem bulky or don’t adequately cover what you want them to. New units surpass old ones in value. Things just seem stale. It happens. Well, Too Fat Lardies felt it was time to update Sharp Practice, their historical game of 1700-1865 combat. So they updated it. And now it’s available.
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Bloodstone Frontier Pioneer-Punk Miniatures Skirmish Game Up On Kickstarter

Well, I can’t say I’d ever heard of Pioneer-Punk before. But it’s not something entirely new. I know of a couple other games that might fit that description. But we’re not here to talk about them. We’re here to talk to you about Bloodstone Frontier, a new miniatures skirmish game that’s up on Kickstarter now. So grab your six-shooter laser pistol and ride into town on your cybernetic horse.
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Avoid the Void Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Who else here has seen the old Disney movie The Black Hole? It was always one of my favorites growing up. It certainly gave me a healthy fear of falling into a black hole. It’s that fear that also drive you in Avoid the Void, a new board game from Geek Fever Games that’s up on Kickstarter now.
We are the best.
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Thursday Terrain Corner

Man, all night, as I lay in bed, not being able to sleep, I had to keep reminding myself that “tomorrow’s not Friday. Tomorrow’s not Friday.” And, indeed, that is the case. I’ve got my Thursday shirt on and I’m here typing up a Terrain Corner feature. So, instead of dwelling on how it’s not Friday, let’s do what we can to make your gaming tables look as good as we can, alright?

Today we have: Heroic Maps release – Tagoskan Wasteland, Pwork War Sands – Mousepad Wargame Mat Available To Order, and New Homeland Battle Mat From Warzone40k.

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Granny Grating Armies Back Up On Kickstarter

Granny Grating Armies (or GGA to their friends) fell short of their goal the first time around on Kickstarter. But they didn’t let that keep them down. They retooled, re-imagined, reconfigured, and have relaunched their campaign. This time they’re seeing much more success, having made it over their goal already.
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Issue 35 of Figure Painter Magazine Now Available

Seeing as I’ve recently picked up Guild Ball, I really should think about getting back into painting. It’s only a half-dozen models on a team when playing, and there’s only about twice that available for each team, anyway. Reading through the pages of Figure Painter Magazine will certainly help me get back up to speed. Issue 35 is available now as well.
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Wizards of the Coast Posts Magic: The Gathering/Dungeons & Dungeons Crossover pdf

The first game I ever picked up was Magic: The Gathering. Back at the time, the only card games I’d known of were Gin Rummy and Poker. So the idea of a game where you can build your own deck just sounded weird. But like most, I soon learned exactly what that all meant and it opened up a whole world of hobby gaming for me. That world, of course, included Dungeons & Dragons. But my first game and my most-played RPG remained separate. And that way they remained for decades. That is, until now, with Wizards of the Coast posting a Magic: The Gathering/Dungeons & Dragons crossover pdf.
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Mierce Miniatures Running Darklands: Mighty Monsters Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures makes some of the coolest monster figures around, if you ask me. They’ve got some great designs, great detail, great posing, and a lot of character in their figures. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring some more of these great monsters to the world of Darklands.
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Real Ghost Busters Set Added to Ghostbusters II Kickstarter

If you’re about my age, a good deal of your knowledge of the Ghostbusters didn’t necessarily come from the movies or comics. No, it came from the cartoon show. I know I watched the hell out of it. Well, now The Real Ghostbusters are making an appearance in the Ghostbusters board game from Cryptozoic as an add-on to their Kickstarter campaign.
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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Two New Runebound Expansions

The world of Terrinoth, in Runebound, is full of adventure, excitement, and really wild things. Each time you play, you take on the role of a great hero about to head out on a great adventure full of danger, but also filled with an opportunity for phat loots. And now you’ll have even more options when you play with a couple new expansions that Fantasy Flight Games has announced.
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Final Hours for Rum & Bones: Second Tide on Kickstarter

This is it, kids. The final day for Rum & Bones: Second Tide up on Kickstarter. The campaign has come a long way. They’ve made it through a lot of stretch goals. They’ve brought in some great add-ons. If you want to be part of this Kickstarter, you have just today to join in.
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Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics Coming This August

I can’t draw.
Well, that’s not entirely true. I took a couple drafting classes. But as such, if I want to draw a stick figure, I need a drafting machine, t-square, and a set of French curves. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a Doc Nickel, or Rickard Jonasson, or Lar DeSouza in order to win the game. But you will be writing a comic.
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Ultimate Scheme Board Game Up On Kickstarter

As I mentioned earlier, everybody wants to rule the world. In a game like Quadropolis, you get to take over a city. In Ultimate Scheme, you can potentially take over the world. But what evil scheme will you use? Maybe building a freeze ray. Or perhaps you’ll market Evil Soda (which reminds me, Mt. Dew Pitch Black is back. Mmmm, Pitch Black). Whatever your scheme is, you’d better hurry. You’re not the only one trying to take over the world.
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Green Ratz Fantasy Football Team Up On Indiegogo

We know that Blood Bowl will be making a return soon. With that, I’ve seen people dusting off old teams or starting to think about getting a new team. With the idea of new teams in mind, Goblin Guild is running a fantasy football team Indiegogo campaign.
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Midweek Snippets

Ok, everyone, we’re progressing along at a nice, steady pace through the week. We can keep this up. We can manage to continue this direction and speed and the weekend will be here before we know it. But we should stock up on energy. A great way to do that is via some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing that’s just what we have for you now.

Today’s snippets include: New Tokens and Scoreboard Available From Advanced Deployment, Guild Ball Bag Standard Load Out Available From Battle Foam, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Unarmed Civilians, Brigade Models Release New 15mm vehicles, Bombshell Miniatures launches KritterKins Kickstarter, Final Days For The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu On Kickstarter, and Last three days for 25% off with intro deal At EZPainter.

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Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars Dwarf, Undead, Troglodyte Miniatures Up on Kickstarter

Ral Partha has been around, making miniatures for… well… just about as long as people have been around making miniatures, really. They have miniatures older than most of the people reading this page. Well, Iron Wind Metals has a Kickstarter campaign going to bring back some of those classic sculpts, as well as bring you a bunch of new ones, along with a set of fantasy miniatures gaming rules.
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TGN Exclusive: New Faction Preview For Bushido

While I certainly do enjoy a lot of different miniatures games, one of my favorites is Bushido by GCT Studios. It checks many of my, “I love when they do this in games” boxes. So I’m very much thrilled to hear that they’ll be coming out with a new faction for the game at Gen Con. They’ve also been so kind as to give me (and by extension, you) an exclusive preview of one of the upcoming models.
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Mortality Post-Apocalyptic RPG Up On Kickstarter

And once more the world has come to an end. Damnit, Carl! I told you to get better umbrellas for the meteor storm! Now society has been almost utterly destroyed and we’ve gotta fight with other survivors for whatever meager resources are left. And let’s not forget about the new chemicals and elements found within those meteors that mutated the natural world around us.
And that’s also the story behind Mortality, a new post-apocalyptic RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Cutthroats Mercenaries Added To Rum & Bones Kickstarter

In a group of individuals as you have when dealing with those involved with piracy, you’re going to come across the ones that are just in it for themselves, trying to get as much money as they possibly can, their other crewmates be damned. Normally, such a character on board a ship that requires teamwork to operate is a bad thing. But if the individual is sufficiently skilled, it may be worth the risk to have them along. Such is the case with the Cutthroats, a new set of mercenary figures that are a new add-on for the Rum & Bones Kickstarter.
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Quadropolis Now Available From Days of Wonder

Everybody wants to rule the world.
Or so Tears for Fears told us. Obviously, none of us actually do rule the world (that’d be the lizard people who get to do that). Though with some hard work and dedication, we might be able to be the mayor of a city. That’d be pretty cool. Or, we could just go out and buy a copy of Quadropolis. Then we can get to pretend to be a mayor of a city. That sounds a lot simpler.
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Gale Force Nine Previews The Klingon Empire For Star Trek: Ascendancy

Gale Force Nine is coming out with a new Star Trek game this summer. It’s called Star Trek: Ascendancy and it’s a bit different than most of the other Star Trek games out there. Others tend to focus on just the Federation, or put you in charge of a handful of ships. In Ascendancy, you are in control of an entire civilization. The base game has the Federation, the Romulans, and the Klingons, whom we get a preview of today.
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