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Year 2015

Welcome back again to Friday. It's been a busy week here, catching up from all the things after the CMON Expo. But we're all back into a stable flight pattern, I hope. I know I am. And hopefully you'v
Made-up words. We all have ones we know and use. There's so many words that you might use in your everyday speech that aren't actually words. Lord knows I've come across enough while doing this job. I
You'd think you'd unlock the doors, but when zombies are around, you're more likely to want to add more on. This goes extra-true if there's an Abominalpha running around. Both of these things are the
Wakey-wakey sleepy dragon. Adventurers are trying to steal your gold! That's the idea in Drakon, the latest edition of which is available now from Fantasy Flight Games. Players are looking to grab 10
Since ancient times, Mars has been the Bringer of War. And for those of you music aficionados out there, one of Holst's best works (love me some 5/4 time goodness!). Well, Forge World is really bringi
Tanks drive just as easily backwards as they do forwards. They're like a locomotive that way. They're just as happy to be thrown into reverse and just go. This fact really came in handy when the Briti
There's only 3 important things you need take into account in Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. Location, Location, Location. Getting the right troops where you need them at the right time is the
I love gardens. Honestly, I do. I used to watch Victory Garden on PBS on Saturdays before going out to the LGS. I'd love to visit the famous hedge maze used in The Shining. Versailles is another place
The Witchborn is a miniatures skirmish game. Well, that's not really correct. I mean, it is a miniatures skirmish game, but it's also brings in a lot of role-playing elements to it. Even more than som
The King is dead! Long live the king!Wait, who is the new king? ... Umm... that's not been figured out yet. It's also the main goal in The King is Dead, the new board game by Osprey Publishing. It is,
War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for?Playing a silly game with your friends where you try and annihilate their population via nuclear attacks and super viruses.And it's been going on for a long time. I
Every one of us has our idea of what is the worst game ever. Well, Gorilla Games actually has the Worst Game Ever (so they call it) and are looking to create an expansion for it (hence "The Best Expan
Kickstarter allows new companies to get a jump on funding and start out running (they get a bit of a "kickstart" if you will). Hobgoblins Hoard is a new miniature-making company with their first figur
Freeblades! Freeblades! *ignites lighter and sways it back an forth* Woo!DGS Games' Freeblades already has some cool monsters in it, but the guys over there would really like some more. As such, they'
Do you like helping others? Do you like being a problem solver? Do you have good communication skills? Do you like beans? Do you like George Wendt? (Ok, so those last two might be irrelevant) If so, y
The first big expansion box for Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games takes you to the hot, dry, and dangerous streets of Mos Eisley. How dangerous are they? Well, Han Solo's gone missing and the
Sometimes a first round isn't your best. It's ok. If you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go back into the fracas, you've got a good chance of coming out ahead, based on the knowledge you lear
Are you not entertained by your current gladiator-combat games? If that be the case, then you may want to take a look at Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis, a new gladiator combat card game from Nocturnal
In a world where potion making is a cutthroat business, a secret society of Apothecaries exists, lording their skills above all others. The group is known as Apotheca, and you’ve been
Well, we're mostly caught-up here after the Expo last weekend. Still a few things to deal with, but my inbox was actually down to a manageable level after going through it yesterday. Of course, it's n
You can now get the Warhammer App for your Android devices (for those of you that don't have Apple products). The App is free to download and has some pretty neat features if you're wanting to be kept
I'd all but guarantee that every one of you out there reading this has at least one idea for a new game or product that they'd like to someday develop and put out in the market. I know I have a couple
Fluxx is the game with the simple rules where you don't know how you win at the start. The rules are always changing every time someone plays a card. Whether it's changing how many cards you draw or p
The June releases are now posted for Darklands from Mierce Miniatures. These figures span the range of Darklands: First Edition and Darklands: First Edition II (yeah, it's a thing. Just go with it). T
Well, Mad Max and Jurassic World may have made most forget about the Age of Ultron, but for those in the world of HeroClix, it's still going on. The Organized Play series for the Avenger's favorite ro