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Year 2015

'Merika.Land of the free. Home of the brave.Independence Day is coming up. It's time to celebrate with some BBQ cookouts, some fireworks, and some miniatures gaming.To help out with that last one, Gam
Some say that various famous guitar players made a deal with the devil in order to get their almost-mythical skills. And lord knows there are plenty of conspiracy theories around various celebrities.
Seems the guys and gals over at Wyrd have been really busy bees lately. They've got a whole bunch of new previews up on their site to check out. There's something for everyone who likes Wyrd products.
Tuesday, Tuesday. (ba-laa, ba-la-la-laaa... Hmm... doesn't have quite the same ring to it)Well, one day down. Four to go until the weekend. We should be able to make it there pretty easily, I'd say.At
Detroit. It's sort of a mess. And in The Thin Blue Line supplement for Savage Worlds, it's even worse than you've been seeing on the news. There are angry spirits, dangerous supernatural creatures, an
Many gamers dream of getting into the gaming industry. To be able to actually be part of the machine that churns out some of our favorite games is something many strive for. Well, Fantasy Flight Games
In the glittering, shiny, neon-infused future, there is only war. At least, that's how it is in Infinity by Corvus Belli. The various factions that we have on the Earth now have taken to the stars in
We all endure setbacks in our life. They're just a natural thing that we must overcome. We try. We don't succeed. We try again with new knowledge of the situation. That's what Moroz Publishing is doin
Superheroes are pretty popular right now. The various movie franchises are drawing in new fans all the time. Some of those fans are getting deeper into the genre and getting into the comic books and o
Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they're going to be bringing back the Reiner Knizia classic game, Samurai. In the game, players are in control of their own daimyo and are looking to expand tha
Gryphon and Eagle Games are in their final week for The Gallerist over on Kickstarter. In the game, you play as the owner of an art gallery. You must attract artists and visitors to your gallery and s
Welcome back to Top Gear: Star Wars, as we take a look at another of the ships coming out in the next wave for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. This time around, it's the K-Wing f
Monday, Monday. (ba-la, ba-la-la-laa)Hopefully you had yourself a good weekend. It was rather busy for me. Lotsa gaming. Lotsa laughs. Lotsa pizza and Dew (because, you know, gamers). Heck, there was
Well, we're getting close to the new version of Warhammer Fantasy Battles from Games Workshop. There's been lots of rumors and half-heard things being passed along for quite a while. Well, you know th
Stone walls do not a prison make. Though they make a really good try at it. In Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape, you are a prisoner, but tonight you want to sleep in your own bed, so you've come up with
Michael Scott Rohan is an award-winning British author of the Winter of the World novels. Cakebread & Walton has announced that they will be making a tabletop RPG game based on those novels. So now lo
Zenit Miniatures has released version 2.0 of their Kensei rules over on their website. This new edition has new miniature profiles, a new faction (the Otokodate), and more. The rules can be downloaded
Dead Earth Games (makers of Across the Dead Earth) has launched their Kickstarter campaign for The Shattered Crown, their new fantasy miniature wargame. The game is influenced by historical units from
A new faction is always an interesting thing to add to a game. Suddenly, the whole meta can change as a whole swath of new figures enter the field. And not only that, but they tend to bring along new
Busy Sunday here at the bear cave. The past couple days have been full of classic D&D action, and now it's catch-up-with-all-the-work time. For the record, the DM of the game I played in knows me well
I, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, am more-than-likely playing 2nd edition D&D when this will be posted to the site.Some friends I know have a long-running campaign and the DM is writing me in as
Hard to imagine that a week ago at this time, we were elbow-deep in the CMON Expo. I love the Expo. It's small enough that you don't feel pressured to be running around to try and see everything, but
Strategic Elite knows the best place to beat the summer heat is at the miniatures gaming table. To help out, they're having a big sale on both their Brink of Battle and Epic Heroes rulebooks in pdf. B
Hey everyone!You know that lately we've been starting to try and group various like-type stories together. We've got our Podcast Post we make on Tuesdays and our Review Roundup on Saturdays. Well, we'
Street Judges have to be ready for just about anything. This includes having gear that won't quit on them when they need it the most. That's where the Tek Judges come in. They're the mechanics, scient