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Year 2015

Mechanical Muse has released Heroes of Thornwall, their new Pathfinder adventure. Your party (of 4-8 1st level characters) must save the town of Thornwall from the rampaging goblins that keep attackin
Spellforge Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Foe Hunters, their new cooperative deck-building card game. Players in Foe Hunters each pick a powerful fantasy-themed hero that they will lead
Game Salute has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fast & Furious: Full Throttle. Designed by Jeff and Carla Horger (Thunder Alley), this licensed game promises to deliver the high-speed exciteme
North Star Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new edition of Evolution, their game where you must create the perfect creature to a rather harsh environment. Food is hard to come by and
Altema Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Cauldron, their new board game of potion-building. Players pick one of 7 characters who are trying to brew the most powerful alchemical concoctions t
AntiMatter Games has added some new minis to their webshop for ShadowSea. These are some of the Draconid minis they had made from their Kickstarter campaign a while back. Now, if you missed out, you c
District Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for No!, their quick and casual card game. The object of No! is pretty simple. You just want to be the first player to play all your cards. The only pr
Cryptozoic has announced that they will be shipping their Ghostbusters board game to retailers in October. Seems a rather fitting month for a board game about ghosts to hit shelves, doesn't it? This c
giochix has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for The Foreign King, their new historical board game. In this worker-placement-style game, players are trying to build as many factories and gain as
Artipia Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Project: ELITE, their new real-time sci-fi board game. A game of Projet: ELITE takes just 30-45min. The game consists of numerous 2-minute rou
WizKids lets you experience one of the classic modules for Dungeons & Dragons in a whole new way. They've released their Temple of Elemental Evil board game. This new cooperative board game pits 1-5 a
Fantasy Flight Games is bringing you another expansion for their Talisman board game. The Harbinger has come to the world of Talisman and brings with him omens of the end times. The Harbinger wanders
WizKids gives us another look inside the upcoming Avengers Assemble HeroClix set with a preview of Immortus. The time-traveling Nathaniel Richards has gone by a couple names over the years, including
Warlord Games is looking to add to their team. Could you be the right gamer for the job? They want to add a new Mail Order Assistant. The job description includes pulling product from the shelves and
Paizo has released their new Pathfinder Unchained book for their beloved Pathfinder RPG. Unchained takes what you knows about Pathfinder and updates it. After years of working with the system, the des
Here we are again. Half-through with the week. With any luck, you've had some gaming opportunities. Or at the very least, have some coming up. Looks like I've got D&D again this weekend. Should be a g
Warlord Games had some preview material for Terminator Genisys on display recently, including a look at the box contents, the rulebook covers, and some of the sprues. There's also a (slightly grainy)
Wargames Illustrated has their May issue of their magazine now available. This month's focus is on the battle of Waterloo. Articles include a guided tour of the Waterloo battlefield, a culmination of
Iron Wind Metals has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Wars from Ral Partha. This is a re-release of the classic fantasy miniatures skirmish game. The 48 miniatures in the set were sculpted by
Syrinscape has another pair of SoundSet Packs in order to enhance your gaming sessions. This time they go to the sci-fi side of things with Mech Battle and Nuclear Submarine. The exciting, explosion-f
Star posted up a new preview for the upcoming wave of Star Trek Attack Wing release from WizKids. Along with the new ship, of course there are new upgrade cards to be had as well. This one ge
Petersen Games has just a few days left to go for their Orcs Must Die! board game Kickstarter project. The game, based on the award-winning video game, is a cooperative tower-defense style game where
Rolljordan is running an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund their new Icelanders Norse Fantasy Football team. Good for use in your favorite fantasy sports miniatures game, there's a variety of poses
CMON and The Second Gate Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for B-Sieged, (Click Here) their new cooperative board game. This cooperative game pits players, who take command of heroes defen
On the Lamb Games has announced a new expansion for Endless: Fantasy Tactics, that will be coming to Kickstarter next month. Gaiden Series looks to expand Endless: Fantasy Tactics with new minis with