LootCrafter Card Game Up On Kickstarter

What’s the best weapon that you can create? Do you think your mace of goo can beat someone’s souped-up bow of backfire? What about a hedgehog launcher? Well, now you can find out in LootCrafter, a new card game where you build your own weapon and then see if it can defeat your opponent’s.
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WizKids Previews D&D Attack Wing Rage of Demons Month 3 OP Kit

As I mentioned earlier, WizKids like to reward players for going to their events. And everyone loves to get special gear and models and such. Well, besides HeroClix, WizKids also has an organized play kit for Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing coming out. Today they give us a little look inside and see what’s going on.
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New Dreadmire Cards Previewed for XenoShyft

As January gets closer, we also get closer to the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign for XenoShyft‘s next expansion, Dreadmire. Full of new NorTec gear as well as monsters from the Brood, the game brings in new mechanics based on the changing weather of the planet. Today we get a quartet of new previews to check out.
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Midweek Snippets

Well, we’re here on Wednesday. Or is it Friday, since I won’t be in the office tomorrow? Either way, you’re getting a Snippets post!

As with the other “aggregate posts” of the past couple days, it’s a bit of a small grouping today, so it’s like a bite-size snippet where we bring you bite-sized stories. It’s an homage to Inception like that… yeah… We’ll go with that.

Anyway, today’s stories include: New Legionary Thunder Gun with side-barrel Magma Rifle From Kromlech, Final Hours for Tales of Arcana: Roleplaying Card Game On Kickstarter, and Final Hours of Slavic Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter.

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Epic Roll Fantasy Board Game Now Available

Those pesky undead. They’re always getting in the way and mucking things up for the rest of us. Someone oughta do something about it! Thankfully, such heroes exist. You can find them in Epic Roll, a new fantasy board game by Summon Entertainment.
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Nemo’s War: Second Edition Up On Kickstarter

Dive! Dive! Dive!
*aoooooga! aooooooga!*
You know, it doesn’t take a video console in order to play some games by yourself. It doesn’t take a poker deck of cards, either. There are lots of good single-player board games out there. Nemo’s War is one of them, and Victory Point Games is looking to revamp and update its look with a second edition that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Raging Heroes Boxing Week Sale Happening Now

For many people, Boxing Day (and the week associated with it) is just as much a holiday as Christmas. So in that tradition, Raging Heroes is having themselves a sale over in their webshop. You can get current models, and even some future releases, for a special price, but you’ve gotta hurry.
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WizKids Previews Marvel HeroClix: Sinister Six OP

As the new year grows ever-closer, it’s time to start thinking about tourneys and events coming up in the next month or so. WizKids is always big on having special Organized Play kits for game shops and league organizers to use to reward those that make it out to the various events. Next up for them is a bit of wall-crawling, as they’ve got a Sinister Six Organized Play kit coming up, and today, we get a look at three villains in it.
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Podcast Roundup

So, like last week, this is a short one for me. So, a way, it’s Tuesday (being the 2nd day of the work week). In a way, it’s Wednesday (being the middle day of the work week). In another way, it’s Thursday (the penultimate day of the work week). Though considering we have a Podcast Roundup, it’s more ways Tuesday than it is either Wednesday or Thursday.

As for that Podcast Roundup, much like yesterday’s Terrain Corner, we’ve only got one story in the pack. It seems that along with the gaming companies, the podcasters are taking a bit of a break as well during these couple weeks. It’s alright. I certainly can’t blame them.
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On the Lamb Games Conducting Brushfire Survey

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had us some Brushfire news. Basically, the game went on a hiatus while On the Lamb worked on Endless Fantasy Tactics and some other items. Well, now there’s a chance that Brushfire will be coming back.
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20th Anniversary Edition of Pokemon Card Game Coming

Corvus Belli isn’t the only company celebrating a momentous anniversary year for their game. How many of you knew that the Pokemon Card Game has been around for 20 years? Yeah, as surprised as I was to hear that Infinity had been around for a decade, I was just as surprised to think that Pokemon had been around for twice that time. Well, it has, and they’re coming out with a 20th anniversary version of the game.
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Corvus Belli Creating Limited Edition Achilles Figures for Infinity

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. Sometimes you think, “oh hey, I thought that game just came out” when you realize it’s been around for a decade already. Not to say that I constantly think that Infinity just came out, but I’d not realized that it’d been a decade since the sci-fi skirmish game made it to store shelves. Well, it has, and Corvus Belli is celebrating with special edition versions of Achilles.
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Fantasy Flight Games Previews the Ardus Ix’Erebus Lieutenant Pack for Descent

Those pesky undead. They seem to show up at the most inopportune times. And not all are created equal. While most of us gamers might look at a skeleton, even one in some armor, and go, “Meh, it’s just a skeleton.” That’d be a very dangerous thing to do when it comes to Ardus Ix’Erebus for Descent. He’s getting his own Lieutenant Pack and today Fantasy Flight Games is giving us a look inside it.
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Days of Wonder Releases Five Tribes Solo Rules

So, this past week, instead of heading to St. Louis to visit my family, I was rained in, and instead spent several days at home, alone in my apartment. I can’t really say it was the best way to spend the holiday, but I did get some solo gaming time in. Too bad these Solo Rules for Five Tribes weren’t out yet. However, in case of the next time travel plans get ruined…
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MAGE Company goes digital

Mage Company is teaming up with the fellows from Tabletopia to bring you their board games to digital space. Having board games on your tablet is a great way to play while on vacation or during other such trips, since there’s no cards or dice or plastic pieces to accidentally lose under the hotel bed or car seat.
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Work-in-Progress: Doctor Who Miniatures Game – Zygon

I hope everyone enjoyed the Dr. Who Christmas Special this year. I… haven’t actually seen it. But I have a lot of friends that all watch Dr. Who religiously. Seemed this one was quite a thing. Don’t worry, no spoilers. Anyway, for those that are looking forward to the Dr. Who Minis Game, Warlord Games posted up a new preview.
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Monday Terrain Corner

One short week after another. Back in the office today after a rainy Christmas spent alone in my apartment. Hopefully this coming week will be a bit more cheery. With any luck, the rain won’t cancel out any New Year’s plans like it did for Christmas. We’ll just have to see, though.

As many companies are still on vacation for the holiday (or “on holiday for the holiday,” for you British readers out there), it’s a quick Terrain Corner for you today.

Heroic Maps has released their The Ice Queen’s Palace Storeys Set and has it on sale for $1 for the rest of the year.
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Trollish Delver Games Releases Somnium Void Setting for USR

I do not believe that we are alone in the galaxy (and certainly not in the universe). However, I don’t think that little, green men are buzzing us, picking up people out in the country, and “probing” them. I do wish, though, that a flying saucer would land itself right in the middle of Central Park in New York and say, “Hey, humanity, there’s a whole galaxy worth of stuff you should see.” I’d be one of the first in line to take off again for the stars with them. But until that day happens, I just have to play pretend. Thankfully, Trollish Delver Games is happy to help in that endeavor with the release of their Somnium Void setting book for the Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying (USR) system.
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Spartan Games Taking Pre-Orders for New Releases

2016 or bust!
Or in the case of Spartan Games, “2016 for busts!”
They’ve started taking pre-orders for the new models they’ll have available on January 27th of next year, and included in the group are a new set of busts for the Halo Fleet Battles game. There’s more than that, of course. To see exactly what, read on.
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CitiesUp Board Game Now On Kickstarter

I remember when I first got SimCity on my Super Nintendo. It was cool to build a city, trying to make the population as big as possible, and make sure that the citizens were happy. But, being a single-player game, it wasn’t something I really could enjoy with someone else. The only competition was with the game, itself. Well, Spectacled Bear Games is looking to raise some Kickstarter funds for CitiesUp, which is sort of like SimCity if you added in extra players.
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Warlord Games Bad Santa Sale Happening Now

So Santa might not be perfect. He doesn’t always bring you actually what you asked for. It happens (to some people more than others). But you maybe got some money from grandma or that one aunt you’ve not seen in 3 years or you returned some of those other gifts and you’ve got a couple bucks in your pocket. Well, Warlord Games is gonna help you get something you hopefully did want with their Bad Santa Christmas Sale.
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Wizards of the Coast posts Errata for Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide

Here I am, back in the office and looking to catch back up on a few stories from the past week. There’s not too many, since most companies were (and many still are) on holiday. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t come see what we’ve got today. For example, Wizards of the Coast has posted up Errata for both the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide (obviously for Dungeons & Dragons).
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TGN Sunday Snippets

It seems that for most, this long weekend has been a rather rainy one (I know I’ve had plenty of plans altered by the skies opening up and dumping down rain everywhere). I hope you’re keeping dry and safe out there. Might just want to play some games inside. Or you could do like me and cook something. I’ve got Italian Beef in the crock pot and even though Christmas was several days ago, I decided to make another fruitcake (I enjoyed the first one so much and had enough leftover ingredients).

Speaking of bite-size morsels, let’s get you some bite-size stories for your Sunday.

Today we have: Deathball v1.5 Released, Polyversal 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures System Kickstarter Teaser Posted, New Dice Trays from Tectonic Craft Studios, and Infamy Miniatures Running Goblin Chieftain Kickstarter.

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Hey everyone. I hope those of you that celebrated it had a good Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I still hope you had a kick-ass Friday. As for today, I hope you’re having a great Feast of St. Stephen. Or, again, if you don’t celebrate such, I hope you’re having a kick-ass Saturday.
Being Saturday, it’s time to get you some reviews.

Today’s offerings include: Food Chain Magnate, Fleet Wharfside, Tumult Royal, Tail Feathers, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, New York 1901, Mission: Red Planet, Orleans, Flick ’em Up, The Bloody Inn, Tide of Iron: Stalingrad, VS System 2PCG, and Le Havre – The Inland Port.

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Return to Hoth Expansion for Imperial Assault Now Available

So it’s something like 70 degrees outside. So, not really Hoth-like (or really all that Christmas-like), but we can still imagine it’s cold. Granted, it doesn’t actually have to be cold in order to play the Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault. But any way you feel like playing, the expansion is now available.
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DC Comics Deck-building Game Crossover Pack 4: Watchmen Now Available

Who watches the Watchmen?
Ever since the comic came out in 1986, The Watchmen has been one of the most popular comic books ever. A stunning graphic novel, it’s full of twists and turns, and a look at what a world full of super-heroes might actually be like. Well, now you can add that sense of noir to your games of the DC Deck-Building Game, as Cryptozoic has released Crossover Pack 4.
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Imperial Assault Carrier Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

The other day, people were kinda bummed that the new Force Awakens ships had arrived from Fantasy Flight Games, but the new Imperial Assault Carrier wasn’t available. Well, it would seem that the bigger ship just took a little longer to maneuver into place, as it, too, is now available.
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CMON Inc. To Distribute Ankama Products in US

This is some pretty big news for you today. CMON Inc. has announced that they will be the new US Distributor for Ankama products in the US next year. What does this mean? It means there’s going to be a new location to be getting all your Krosmaster: Quest products in 2016.
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Holiday Break For the Newsbear

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to drop in and say that I’m going to be on a bit of a holiday for the rest of the week. There will still be some news stories here and there as they come in, but a lot of companies are on their own holiday breaks, so there’s not as much to report. So I’m taking a bit of time off, myself, to just relax and enjoy some down time.

I hope everyone has a good week and we’ll see you around.


WizKids Previews Weapon Zero for Star Trek Attack Wing

Due to the scale difference between how the X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Trek Attack Wing are made, the X-Wing game has gotten several really big figures added to it. But, obviously, the Star Wars universe has ships much bigger than the fighters that are standard in the game, whereas Star Trek doesn’t have things that are, to scale, that are that much bigger than, say, the Enterprise. But that’s not to say that really huge ships don’t exist in that universe. One such is the Weapon Zero, the first of the new Premium Figures that will be coming out for the game.
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New Dreadmire Preview Cards Posted

With all the fog outside here today, you could almost think you were in a swamp. Though I don’t think that just wandering around Atlanta is anywhere near as deadly as walking around in XenoShyft. There don’t tend to be giant monsters waiting to jump out at you here in Atlanta. Either way, we’ve got another quartet of preview cards to check out.
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