Year 2015

WizKids Previews D&D Attack Wing Rage of Demons Month 3 OP Kit

As I mentioned earlier, WizKids like to reward players for going to their events. And everyone loves to get special gear and models and such. Well, besides HeroClix, WizKids also has an organized play kit for Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing coming out. Today they give us a little look inside and see what's going on.

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New Dreadmire Cards Previewed for XenoShyft

As January gets closer, we also get closer to the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign for XenoShyft's next expansion, Dreadmire. Full of new NorTec gear as well as monsters from the Brood, the game brings in new mechanics based on the changing weather of the planet. Today we get a quartet of new previews to check out.

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Midweek Snippets

Well, we're here on Wednesday. Or is it Friday, since I won't be in the office tomorrow? Either way, you're getting a Snippets post!

As with the other "aggregate posts" of the past couple days, it's a bit of a small grouping today, so it's like a bite-size snippet where we bring you bite-sized stories. It's an homage to Inception like that... yeah... We'll go with that.

Anyway, today's stories include: New Legionary Thunder Gun with side-barrel Magma Rifle From Kromlech, Final Hours for Tales of Arcana: Roleplaying Card Game On Kickstarter, and Final Hours of Slavic Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter.

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Nemo's War: Second Edition Up On Kickstarter

Dive! Dive! Dive!
*aoooooga! aooooooga!*
You know, it doesn't take a video console in order to play some games by yourself. It doesn't take a poker deck of cards, either. There are lots of good single-player board games out there. Nemo's War is one of them, and Victory Point Games is looking to revamp and update its look with a second edition that's up on Kickstarter now.

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WizKids Previews Marvel HeroClix: Sinister Six OP

As the new year grows ever-closer, it's time to start thinking about tourneys and events coming up in the next month or so. WizKids is always big on having special Organized Play kits for game shops and league organizers to use to reward those that make it out to the various events. Next up for them is a bit of wall-crawling, as they've got a Sinister Six Organized Play kit coming up, and today, we get a look at three villains in it.

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Podcast Roundup

So, like last week, this is a short one for me. So, a way, it's Tuesday (being the 2nd day of the work week). In a way, it's Wednesday (being the middle day of the work week). In another way, it's Thursday (the penultimate day of the work week). Though considering we have a Podcast Roundup, it's more ways Tuesday than it is either Wednesday or Thursday.

As for that Podcast Roundup, much like yesterday's Terrain Corner, we've only got one story in the pack. It seems that along with the gaming companies, the podcasters are taking a bit of a break as well during these couple weeks. It's alright. I certainly can't blame them.

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20th Anniversary Edition of Pokemon Card Game Coming

Corvus Belli isn't the only company celebrating a momentous anniversary year for their game. How many of you knew that the Pokemon Card Game has been around for 20 years? Yeah, as surprised as I was to hear that Infinity had been around for a decade, I was just as surprised to think that Pokemon had been around for twice that time. Well, it has, and they're coming out with a 20th anniversary version of the game.

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Corvus Belli Creating Limited Edition Achilles Figures for Infinity

It's amazing how fast time goes by. Sometimes you think, "oh hey, I thought that game just came out" when you realize it's been around for a decade already. Not to say that I constantly think that Infinity just came out, but I'd not realized that it'd been a decade since the sci-fi skirmish game made it to store shelves. Well, it has, and Corvus Belli is celebrating with special edition versions of Achilles.

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