Year 2015

Wyrd Monday Preview - Fermented River Monks

I love old kung-fu movies. 36th Chamber of Shaolin. The Five Deadly Venoms. Heroes of the East. Challenge of the Masters. Half a Loaf of Kung-Fu. And, of course, Drunken Master. As such, I love when characters like those from the movies make it into minis games. Well, Wyrd has some new ones coming to Malifaux in the form of the Fermented River Monks.

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Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Dungeons. They're full of treasure. We all know that. As adventurers, we want to go diving in after that treasure. Of course, it's not simply "enter dungeon. Get treasure." If that were the case, the treasure wouldn't be there when you got to it, because someone else would've taken it long ago. There's all sorts of dangerous things inside there. That's where your friends come in. And that's where the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game comes in.

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West Wind Productions Launches Legions of Rome Kickstarter

Just the name, itself, conjures all sorts of thoughts. More than just a city, Rome was one of the greatest empires the world had seen, famous for turning the Mediterranean into their own, private lake. So much myth and history surrounds Roman culture, much of it focused on the military. And what a military it was. West Wind Productions is looking to bring new 15mm Roman soldiers to your tabletop in their latest Kickstarter campaign.

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Monday Terrain Corner

Well, for those of us here in the US, it's back to the "normal work week" for a few. Thanksgiving was great. I did make soup afterward. I've got quite a lot of it. Some will be frozen. Some will be given away. Much will be consumed over the next week. Should stave off any early-winter illnesses I might encounter.

In the meantime, though, normalization of everything begins with our Terrain Corner. We missed Thursday's because of the holiday, so we've got some extra for you today.

Stories include: Pwork Wargames City Ruins gaming mat now available, New 4Ground Dead Man's Hand Railroad Station and more, Sally 4th Terra Block Barroom set released, Manorhouse Workshop Update #7 – 3D Bases – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame, Final Days for Trash Bash Bits Part 2, and Two news Russian 15mm houses available From Escenografia Epsilon.

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Chaos Dragon Invades Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter

Chaos is descending upon the heroes of Arcadia Quest... literally... like in the form of a big damn dragon... a Chaos Dragon, to be specific. That's right, not only is there a Frost Dragon to worry about in the land of Arcadia, there's a Chaos Dragon as well, and you can add it to your collection as part of the Inferno Kickstarter.

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Sword & Spear 2nd Edition Now Available

The time for pre-orders has come and gone. You can now order the 2nd edition of Sword & Spear for yourself from Great Escape Games. The rules let you play large battles set in the Ancient and Medieval periods. There aren't any minis specifically for the game, so you can use whatever figures you find most appealing. As long as they have equal basing, you're good to go.

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Zenit Miniatures Launches Kensei Undead Kickstarter

Halloween may be over. Thanksgiving might be come and gone. But that doesn't mean the undead menace is to be ignored. That's right, warriors of old have begun rising from their graves and forming back up into ranks to invade the world of Kensei. Will you fight against them, or will you lead them into battle?

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Second Expansion Wave Available For Star Wars Armada

So, it's just shy of December. I think there's something major Star Wars-related happening in December, but I can't quite remember it at the moment. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point.
In the meantime, you can now get the 2nd wave of releases for Star Wars Armada from Fantasy Flight Games.

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TGN Sunday Snippets

And so we start winding down this long, holiday weekend. Soon it'll be back to the office. But we'll always have the memories of another Thanksgiving. I hope you had a chance to go and spend some time with friends and loved ones, hopefully playing a game or two in there.

Anyway, as for today, we've got some bite-sized stories for you as you bite on leftover turkey sandwiches or (in my case) gallons of turkey soup.

Today's stories include: This War of Mine Tabletop Game Announced, Luma Dice On Kickstarter Now, Brother Vinni's Dungeon Sisters Indiegogo Passes Funding Goal, Ratgard Releases Vampyrum surface-to-air missile system, and The A.S.P. Troopers are Coming From Nexus Miniatures.

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Hey everyone,
I hope you made it through Black Friday alright. I had Thanksgiving 2: Thank Harder here at the bear den. Made myself another turkey and side-dishes and enjoyed a relaxing day. Then I got out my stock pot and made about a gallon of turkey stock with the bones. I'll be good for turkey soup for the next year, I'd say.

But that's as may be, it's time for some reviews. Let's get into it.

Today we have articles on: Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers, Dirty Tactics Toolbox for Pathfinder, Battle Foam P.A.C.K Molle Accessories, Mafia de Cuba, Porta Nigra, Risk: Star Wars 2015 Edition, Flip City, Xia: Legends of the Drift System, and Doomtown Reloaded.

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Mantic Black Friday: 50% off Deadzone and more

And our TGN broadcast day will end with one of the bigger sales for the weekend. Mantic Games doesn't disappoint with their Black Friday sales announcement. This weekend you can pick up Deadzone for 50% off. Yeah, half off. I know. Pretty good deal.

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