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Year 2014

Graven Games takes a look at some of the field artillery pieces from Kromlech in this new review article.SourceFrom the post:It’s time to bring out a couple of big guns from Kromlech in today’s review
Olleys Armies has been making it through stretch goals over on their Prussian Scrunt Kickstarter campaign. There's still a week left, so check it out.SourceFrom the campaign:Hello, We have one week to
Lost Hemisphere has posted episode 98 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:It’s time to tune your ears in for a discussion between the Noble Northblade and the
Adepticon will be here before you know it. Event Submission has just opened up over on their website.SourceFrom the announcement:In conjunction with the move to the new venue, development has begun be
Warlord Games knows support vehicles are important to the war effort, too. They've released their new GAZ AAA Radio Truck over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Bolster the transport capabilitie
Gamers on Games made it to their 3rd goal over on Patreon. Go check it out to help support their vidcast.SourceFrom the update:Fred Savadge has become our 8th patron of Gamers On Games and has pushed
Heroic Maps released a new Chamber of the Blood Cult maps pack over in their webshop. SourceFrom the website:Beneath the Arcane Bookseller's in Wardenhale lies a secret. A deadly secret. A series of i
Victory Force is another of the companies having themselves having themselves a sale this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement:Save 20% on orders over $50 this Labor Day Weekend!Type labday14 in the co
New Realms Publishing is having a sale this weekend on their Universal Adventure pdfs over on RPGNow. Go check it out.SourceFrom the announcement:Lighten your RPG labors with a set of products that ca
Willy Miniatures launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new Amazon fantasy football team. And it's funded! Go check out the stretch goals.SourceFrom the launch:New team of Willy-miniatures, this tim
Mantic has just about a day left in their Dungeon Saga Kickstarter campaign. They've come quite a long way and unlocked quite a lot of stuff. Check out the campaign for all you can get.SourceFrom the
Micro Art Studio released their new District 5 gaming mat over in their webshop.Battlemat_texture_sampleX00001_War_Game_Mat-48x48inch-District_5_01 SourceFrom them to you:Today we have released a new
Warlord Games has a pair of new German Howitzer minis available over in their webshop. One's for early war and one's for late.WGB-BKG-09-Blitzkrieg-leFH18-aWGB-LHR-23-Heer-leFH18-40-howitzer-a SourceF
Games Workshop continues their undead pre-orders over on their website.ArkhanBlack01Mannfed01Neferata01 Source
Ares Magazine gives us a look at what's coming up in issue #2 of their magazine.SourceFrom the post:With the premiere issue of Ares Magazine under their belt, One Small Step Games released more detail
Scenes of Chance keeps rising up in funding over on Kickstarter. Go check 'em out. They've still got just under 2 weeks left in their campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:So first off a little restructure
Figure Painter Magazine has issue 16 now available for your reading pleasure.SourceIn this issue:In this issue, we bring you reviews of products from Scale75, Ax Faction, Fantasy Realms Models, Painti
Gamers Lounge has a little chat with Warpforged Games about their Mark of War Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the post:In this hour long interview Bill had the privileged of speaking to Mike McTyre of
Alternative Armies is running a special over in their webshop for their Finkelstein Dogman Division.SourceFrom the website:We have brand new pictures of one of our favourite and most popular Slaughter
Willy Miniatures has a new Witch Elf star player available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Witch elf star player ... 7,95€
Forge World is taking orders for their new Cerastus Knight Castigator mini as well as House Terryn Upgrade Kit over in their webshop.cerastus-knight-castigatorhouse-terryn-acc-bw Source
Studio Miniatures will be running a Kickstarter campaign for their Z-Clipz: Outbreak survivor and zombie miniatures. The campaign is set to start in the middle of September. So be on the lookout.Sourc
Broken Contract, a new sci-fi/western miniatures game, has posted up their Alpha Rules set on their website for you to check out.Their Kickstarter will be beginning on Monday.SourceFrom them to you:Th
Battlefront knows that playing a Western-front WWI game wouldn't be anything without trenches. As such, they're coming out with their Trenchline System Battlefield in a Box set.SourceFrom the website:
Alternative Armies head to the kitchen and release their new Hob Goblin Raiders over in their webshop.(the British readers will get the play on words there)SourceFrom the release:This code contains fi