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Year 2014

Mierce Miniatures is showing off another stretch goal for their Darklands Kickstarter campaign and it's a biggie.SourceFrom the campaign:£60,000 has now been passed - a superb effort from everyone! -
The Ion Age have released their new Khanate Warlords over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:IAF039 Khanate Warlords SetHulking brutes that carry weapons capable of destroying battlesuits and veh
Taban Miniatures is running a profile-design contest for Eden. Your rules could be what everyone gets to use.SourceFrom the announcement:Taban Miniatures runs an Eden profile design contest this week
Alban Miniatures has a whole bunch of new Napoleonic releases as well as pre-orders they're taking for their line.SourceFrom the announcements:Alban Miniatures Napoleonic masters for the 1/56 scale Au
OhioHammer has posted episode 14 of their Mantic Radio podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Today Andrew and Mark are joined by special guest Jake Thorton. Jake takes us
Grimsby Wargames Society, the Saints of Caffeine Hands, has some more free banners available to download from their website.SourceFrom the post:As the title says its unoffical, even though the Badmash
Micropanzer knows some of you gamers are feeling the Kickstarter burnout. So instead of going that route, they'll be doing vouchers instead.SourceFrom the announcement:We am working on getting back up
Spartan Games is offering free shipping on all orders from their webshop this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement:We're giving you the chance to get FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed in the Spartan G
Catalyst Game Labs has released their new and improved Battletech box sets to the world. Run (don't walk) to your local gaming store and get your copy.SourceFrom the announcement:Strap yourself into t
Victrix, along with all of their special sales and deals going on, also is having a contest where you can win some free box sets from them.SourceFrom the announcement:Not only are we offering you this
Hitech Miniatures has released their new Hemaxis mini over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Gearcult BIO-TECH COVENANTHEMAXIS - Orthodox InfluencerOne , multipart (6 pieces) , highly detailed 2
Micro Art Studio will be headed to Salute in a couple weeks. For those that order stuff from their website and pick it up at the show, they're offering a special deal.SourceFrom the announcement:Like
Talking Cartoon Rabbits has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Triptych, their game of Anything vs. Everything.SourceFrom the campaign:Based on a simple system of adding card values, Triptych is a no
Freebooter Miniatures will be at Salute in a couple weeks. Will you be there?I won't. I'll be in Boston.SourceFrom them to you:Salute 2014 – where to find us!Ahoy thereAs you may already be aware, we
Model Dads takes a look at the AK Interactive Airbrush Essentials DVD and gives you their thoughts on the situation.SourceFrom the post:Thanks to AK-Interactive we are able to sit down and watch their
World of Twilight is looking for some more playtesters to add to their group.Also, they've got some new concept art and previews up on their Kickstarter campaign that's in its final days.SourceFrom th
Storyweaver released Deniable, their new Spy story game that's free to download from their website.SourceFrom the release:Want a laugh? StoryWeaver has just released the pre-print beta of a story game
Acheson Creations has a new Kaiju Kaos mini available over in their webshop. This one's Naja Bhoot.SourceFrom the release:Sculpted by Phil Murphy and priced at $5.00USD, this Kaiju mercenary is descri
Fantasy Flight Games has announced the creation of their latest game, The Last Banquet.SourceFrom the announcement:Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce The Last Banquet, an epic, large-group ga
Gangfight Games is showing off a new medium mech free agent for Mechadrome with a preview of the render for Trion.SourceFrom the preview:Trion will be the first Free Agent for Mechadrome. Free Agents
Legends of Kalidasia helps you swat away those pesky fighter swarms with the release of their new Anti-Fighter Frigate.SourceFrom the release:The Legends of Kalidasia Miniature releases continue for 2
Monster Kart Mayhem has made it up and over their initial goal on Kickstarter. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 17 days.They were also on "Fund or Fail."SourceFrom the update:Designer Jacob Wo
Battlefront features the Firefly IC for Flames of War in this latest article.SourceFrom the article:The Firefly was arguably the best variant of the Sherman to see service during the Second World War.
Northumbrian Tin Soldier adds to their Nightfolk line with some new releases.SourceFrom the announcement:We have just released our first batch of 'Nightfolk' Dark Fantasy MiniaturesSculpted by Martin
Critical Mass Games is headed to Salute and if you want to make an order with them beforehand, they can bring it with them to the show for you to pick it up.SourceFrom the announcement:With the UKs bi