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Year 2014

CMON Expo will be here before you know it! It's a great convention because the special guests aren't sequestered away in some back room until their panel and then hidden once more. No, they're out the
Warlord Games has some new Thureophoroi Light Infantry available over in their webshop. While not "the world's oldest profession," mercenaries have certainly been around a long time, too. At least, lo
It's that time again for another posting of the podcast produced previously this past week.As always, there's a new episode of Removed From Play, episode 105 of Lost Hemisphere Radio, Episode 14 of Pr
Fantasy Flight Games gives us another look inside the Scum and Villainy faction for X-Wing with a preview of the M3-A Interceptor. Not exactly the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe (in fact,
Troll Lord wants to ring in the new year in style. They've been more than 5x funded in their Aihrde RPG setting Kickstarter, but want to get even further. So if they can break $25k by midnight tonight
Raging Heroes continues to bring out more models from their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line over in their webshop. The first Iron Empire heroes are now available. And because they're so kind-hearted
Dragon Forge starts bringing you the first of their new 32mm bases for your new Space Marine armies with their Broken Wasteland set. And since 32mm isn't the only type of base you might need in Broken
Aegis Studios brings out more for their Crazy8s rpg system with the release of Mecha8s. Who doesn't love giant powered armor suits battling it out against one-another? If you just said "me." then... y
Fire For Effect Studios wants you to start the new year off by becoming the best sculptor you can be. As such, they're having a sale on their Miniature Sculpting Courses over on their website. They've
Warlord Games continues to expand their Beyond the Gates of Antares line with some new Algoryn releases. They have their new AI Squad, which is cool. But for me, I've always been about the big guns. T
A Clear and Present Madness is the first expansion for Warfare in the Age of Madness. The expansion adds a bit of everything to the party, including more battlefield obstacles, more gear, more units,
Micro Art Studio is filling up your Infinity table in one, easy step with their Table Street Set. The kit comes with 16 terrain sets, as well as the gaming mat to go underneath.Granted, even if you're
Crafty Games is running a Kickstarter for their Mistborn Allomancy Dice. The initial goal was to create 8 individual dice with a special symbol for the 6. And, well, they've made it! Their real hope i
The Game Publishers Guild is a group of small, independent role-playing game publishers who have banded together in order to help strengthen their overall forces in this topsy-turvy world of gaming. I
Deep-Cut Studio has teamed up with Wargame Print (Deep-Cut loves those team-ups) for four new gaming mats. Available in several different sizes, so you can make sure you've got the right size mat for
Maze Quest - Eternal Stone is a new dungeon delving board game that's up on Verkami (a crowdfunding website). Taking creative cues from works like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, the game pits heroes
New Realms Publishing thinks a new year is a great time to start a new adventure... and I'd have to say that I agree with that. As such, they're having a sale on their universal adventures over on RPG
Sally 4th knows you love their modern/near future terrain sets. But if you're a 15mm gamer, they weren't really useful for you. Well, now Sally 4th has several new 15mm modern city blocks terrain kits
Calliope Games posted up another short video interview with another of their Titan Series game designers. This time it's Paul Peterson, designer of such games as Guillotine and Smash Up.Stay tuned in
Okumarts Games now has their Darfkast Dungeons Basic Set now available. You can even get it at a discount if you hurry. Successfully funded via Kickstarter, Darkfast Dungeon is a print-and-play dungeo
Underground Lasers has only about 5 hours left in their third Kickstarter campaign. They've made it over their funding goal, but it's just barely over. With some extra pledges, though, they can maybe
Bombshell Games has a 25% off sale going on for Rogue Planet and Mayhem going on now until the 5th of January. So if you're looking for sci-fi or fantasy mass battles, they've got you covered. Go pick
Victrix has posted up some renders of some of the first kits they're working on for 2015. They've got a little bit of everything coming for you historicals gamers. For WWII players, they've got new ai
Hey there gaming buddies, it's time again for another Sunday Snippets here on TGN.So what's happening? We've got some photos of Medrin cast in resin resin, Torn Armor gives us an update of their 3D re
As usual here on our Saturdays now, we've got our Review Roundup.We've got some Go for Broke, La Isla, and Board Game Quest takes a look at Gravwell, as well as (see what I did there?) gives us their