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Year 2014

Wargames Emporium has bought the Cabinet range off of Tor Gaming and will now be your source for these unique miniatures.SourceFrom the announcement:Wargames Emporium is delighted to announce that we
Historical Wargames has posted episode 18 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:In this episode Mike and I discuss a lot about various happenings in the hobby. T
Warlord Games has released their Chief Judge Cal's Personal Retinue over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Out now is the insane lunatic, Chief Judge Caligula with his retinue of Judges and the
The Ion Age has released their new Legion 2nd Tesseran Pioneers over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:IAF019 Legion 2nd PioneersThe Shia Khan Empire expands again this week with the second
Battlefront is showing off their upcoming Heavy Rocket Mortar Battery for the Desperate Measures expansion for Flames of War.SourceFrom the article:Following on from the success of the BM-13-16 Katyus
Ares Games has burned through their initial print run of Sails of Glory really quick. But don't worry, more will be headed to shores of stores this spring.SourceFrom the announcement:After more than 2
Gamers on Games has posted up episode 93 of their vidcast for your viewing pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Anthony J. Gallela (12SP) shares his thoughts on DRAGON CHESS by Knighthawk Games! DRAGON CHES
Man Battlestations gives you their thoughts of Sails of Glory from Ares Games in their latest article.SourceFrom the review:Ruckdog is back with another blog post on Sails of Glory. This time, he prov
Hitech Miniatures has released their new Gorguts sci-fi mini over in their webshop.SourceFrom the post:Devilyn Of DespairGORGUTSMultipart (9 pieces) 28mm scale miniature represent "Dethroner " .This
Play Unplugged is after yer booty!In this Hugo Award Winning review, they take a look at Dread Curse from Smirk and Dagger.SourceFrom the review:Arrrrr matey! Play Unplugged's Dan Bidwa reviews Dread
Gamepunting has posted a new episode of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:This week, Gamepunting, the podcast about crowdfunded tabletop games looks at Tiny Epi
Ravage Magazine issue #12 has been shipped off to the printer.The magazine has a 100% redesigned and updated look and layout. With this issue, the magazine really comes into its own, no longer just ta
Pulp City, after all the prep and build-up, has launched their Supreme Edition Kickstarter campaign. Funding is shooting up fast, so be watching this one. Stretch goals will fall, I assure you.SourceF
Ares Magazine is in their final trio of days over on Kickstarter. They're getting ever-closer to their goal. Another big push near the end could easily get them over.SourceFrom them to you: February 2
Modiphius has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new 3rd edition of Mutant Chronicles. And apparently people are interested, since it's already 3x funded with still 38 days to go on the campaig
Guillotine Games is running a Map Editor Contest over on their website for Zombicide. You could win yourself a Zombicide promo mini if you're the best.SourceFrom the contest:"Who do you take me for, a
Mantic is coming to the end of their Free Extra Time give-away when you purchase DreadBall from their webshop. Free extra stuff! You know you want to get in on that.SourceFrom the announcement:There a
Larry from Spud Tate takes a look at the Jorogumo Hell Creature made by Kensei.It's not necessarily a SFW model, hence the video isn't embedded below.SourceFrom the review:Here is new model from Zenit
RAFM has made it up and over $31k in their Call of Cthulhu 7th edition miniatures Kickstarter. There's still 12 more days to get in on this project.SourceFrom the campaign:Our thank you to all our sup
Khurasan Miniatures has released new Egyptian units as part of their Yom Kippur War range of minis.SourceFrom the release:We've released 15mm Egyptians in assault jerkins for the Yom Kippur War of 197
Tabletop World wants to know if you've got what it takes to be the best of the best in their new painting competition.SourceFrom the post:We have a Painting Competition to announce!All who enter win!T
Puppets War has a new barricades set available over in their webshop to help keep enemy little mans from getting to your little mans.SourceFrom the website:Set contains 5 barricades designed to fit 28
Los Cthulhuchadores...I think that pretty much says it all.SourceFrom the campaign:As a Cthuluchador, you choose from wrestling actions and signature moves to outwit your opponents. These actions, lik
Gunn Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of 28mm tank models patterned off of the ones used during the Russo/Finn Winter War.SourceFrom the campaign:Gunn Miniatures is
Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for their Dad's Army Home Guard official box set for Bolt Action.SourceFrom the announcement:We’re delighted to be able to show off our officially licenced