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Year 2014

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off a preview of their first larger-scale mini for the X-Wing Minis Game with a look at the Medium Transport.SourceFrom the preview:The first huge ship expansion for X-
Catalyst Game Labs has released their Shadowrun Digital Tools Box to help make playing Shadowrun 5th edition easier than ever.SourceFrom the announcement:The Shadowrun Digital Tools Box is 2 box sets
Lost Hemisphere has posted episode 86 of their Radio podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Hot diggity, the Losties are back with No Quarter Editor In Chief Michael G Rya
Miniwojna sat down and had a chat with Maciej Zylewicz about Pulp City that's currently breaking through stretch goals on Kickstarter, and figured you'd like to know what they had to say.SourceFrom th
Tabletop-Art has released their first Schicksalspfade accessoires, made for the popular German game (but obviously useable elsewhere, too!).SourceFrom them to you:We announce the first five items we c
Dust Tactics has their starter rulebook available for a free download from their website.SourceFrom the announcement:This weeks starter set spotlight is the starter rulebook itself. The whole book is
Megalith Games has some greens up of their new Wycca Warriors for you to check out.SourceFrom the preview:Death-Cultists worship Dhannya in her aspect of Morrigu the Crone – the avenger, cleanser, and
Sheet Yourself is a character sheet application for your smartie cell-phone telephones and little tablet computers that all the kids these days are using (and since I don't have either of those types
Shiny Model Syndrome has posted episode 42 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:This week we do another terrain centric show. We cover desert terrain this time
Dark Ice Games has a teaser video up for the game they're working on, Darklight: Memento Mori and they figured I would like to share it with you.Well, I would like to share it with you. So here it is.
BioSyndrome is a new Tabletop Horror Survival game that's up on Kickstarter and looking for a bit of funding.SourceFrom the campaign:Like wargaming and zombies? Look no further! Help finish and produc
Avatars of War is taking pre-orders for their Vestals of Nemesis regiment and have a special deal going on with it as well.Note: Not all figures SFW.SourceFrom the announcement:Many of you let us know
Dream Pod 9 has posted the Heavy Gear Open alpha rules set for everyone to try out and give their thoughts on the subject back to them so the game can be the best it can possibly be.SourceFrom the ann
Machinas has posted up a game play video over on their Indiegogo campaign page. They've made their goal with still 19 days to go.SourceFrom the update:Here's a how to video for Machinas, Death Racing
WizKids shows off another pair of previews for the upcoming Days of Future Past HeroClix set with a look at Sprite and Ariel.SourceFrom the preview:Today’s preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X
Dragon Forge Design has a new style of Aztec-inspired bases available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:I've added the first six sets of the new Aztex square base style base series to the D
Mirror Box Games has just over 2 days left on Kickstarter for their Chaosmos board game. They're closing in on yet another stretch goal for the game in the meantime.SourceFrom the campaign:We're hours
Black Locust Games is showing off the stretch goals for Kingdom over in their Kickstarter campaign. They're getting ever-closer to their goal with still 3 weeks to go.SourceFrom the update:We are exci
Theory 12 Games have made it up and over their funding goal for Xenofaction with still 11 days to hopefully get through some stretch goal goodness.SourceFrom the update:Theory 12 Games has hit their f
Underground Lasers has their 2nd Kickstarter campaign up and running. Want some new sci-fi terrain? Check these guys out.SourceFrom the campaign:We are looking to purchase a second laser and maybe a
Zucchini People Games have collected the poll results and so have rearranged their stretch goals in accordance with the will of their backers.SourceFrom the update:Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Yea
World's End Radio has posed episode 76 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:When engaged in any hobby over time, people tend to build a repertoire of ways to ge
Glass Road sounds a lot like the driving conditions around here the past couple days...but it's actually a card game that's now been reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.SourceFrom the rev
Blacksmith Miniatures released Bismuth, their new Coal miner miniature over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Concept by NaïadeSculpted by Valentin Ammon ZAKMatérial:ResinTotal Height: 43 mmScal
Board Game Quest has posted another game review. This one's for Freedom: The Underground Railroad.SourceFrom the review:As an American, I have a love/hate affair with my country’s history. We’ve done