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2014 Windhammer Prize winners announced

Arborell has made their announcement for the winners for the 2014 Windhammer prize. The overall winner is: Paul Struth.


From the announcement: is pleased to announce that the 2014 Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction has been won by Paul Struth for his outstanding post-war gothic horror entry, The Sacrifice. Merit awards have been won by Philip Armstrong for his trans-dimensional sci-fi adventure The Puttbuster Initiative: Spacetime Golfcrush and Chan Sing Goh for his detailed historical adventure, The Empire's Edge. Commendation awards have also been awarded to Problem? (A Troll Adventure) by Andy Moonowl, Tales of a Captain: To Recruit a Daemon by Stefano Ronchi and The Tomb of Aziris by Sam Beaven. May Glory and Renown follow all who have found success here.

Ten entries were accepted this year, ranging from classic gamebook fantasy to sci-fi sports and the raw edges of horror. It proved a remarkably close and hard-fought competition with all entries being strong contenders. Interest from the gamebook community has been just as strong. Downloads of competition entries increased again this year and for the first time previous year's gamebooks figured also as major download totals. All of this I believe shows a tangible increase in overall interest in the genre and an increasing interest in the Windhammer Prize itself.

The objectives of the prize from the beginning have been to allow new authors to showcase their work and receive feedback from readers, and to test the genre itself, expanding the boundaries of what can be done in interactive gamebook fiction. It is true that this year's entries certainly tested those boundaries and it is good to see the divergence of rule systems and narrative styles that were implemented within these gamebooks.

It is also true that there is a certain discipline that comes with the limitations imposed by the competition rules. 100 sections is not a lot of space to develop and refine a full interactive experience and I believe this year's authors did an excellent job. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to this year's winners.

Wayne Densley