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Year 2013

Warlord Games gives the Italians some mobility with the release of their new Autoblinda AB41 Armoured Car.From the release:During World War II, the Autoblinda AB 41 operated in North Africa, the Balka
Crocodile Games is in their final Day for their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter. They've unlocked Helen of Troy and have plenty more unlocks to go.From the campaign:Great news! We have smashed through
Games Workshop has started taking down names of those of you gamers who want their new Apocalypse 40k gear as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with these new figures and terrai
Graven Games posted up a review of the Tsunami Portable Missile Launcher piece made by Bitspudlo.From the review:In today’s review we are looking at the Tsunami Portable Missile Launcher available fro
Clever Mojo Games has launched a Jump Start City campaign for their dice and card game, Monsters and Maidens.From the campaign:The Maidens of the kingdom keep disappearing. As an aspiring Hero, your j
Dark Lance Designs has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund new sci-fi corridor terrain pieces.From the campaign:The Sci-Fi Corridors line of terrain kits are designed to be used with 28mm
Raging Heroes is previewing the artwork for The Lulus over on their Kickstarter campaign.From the update:We have just passed the $450,000 mark, and this deserves something special!So for this mileston
Fractured Dimensions shows off some more greens and some new artwork over in their Infernal Miniatures Kickstarter.From the update:Every backer at the Duke of Hell level and higher will get a free Tro
Gleipnir Games is showing off the first previews for their upcoming board game The 8th Day.From the preview:Gleipnir Games is posting up previews from their Upcoming boardgame The 8thDay and beginning
Force20 has three new ranges available for your minis needs: Swat-X, Tauregs and Port of Call.From the announcement:Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures has three new ranges in heroic 20mm scale. They are SW
Kaosball is in their final 24 hours over on Kickstarter. If you've been waiting until the last minute, that time has pretty much come.From the campaign:Wow, it looks like Rumblefist will be rumbling y
GCT Studios has announced the release date for the 6th faction for Bushido, the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate, as well as showing off artwork for one of the pieces. Plus, a bonus preview of a new Temple
Finger and Toe has another western-style terrain piece available with the release of the Palmenthal Saloon.From the release:Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm pdf model Palmenthal
Warlord Games gives you some Italian firepower with their new 47mm anti-tank gun release.From the release:The forces of Italy receive extra support this week with the release of our new 47mm Elefantin
Mongoose Publishing posted up some photos of some of the models they'll be releasing soon for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.From the preview:Planet Mongoose is currently showcasing forthcoming model
Engineer Jeff takes a look at the Figure Art Book from Massive Voodoo and gives you their thoughts on the subject.From the review:Engineer Jeff received the Figure Art book from the Massive Voodoo Ind
Shieldwolf Miniatures has new Djinn models available over in their webshop.From the announcement:4 new models have been added to the Araves Race by Shieldwolf Miniatures. The company has also announce
Kabuki Models is having themselves a summer sale.From the announcement:Buy a Collector Box and get a free voucher for your next order! This promotion is valid untile 31 august 2013, Voucher don't have
Guild of Harmony has a new steampunk model available over in their webshop. This one's Steampunk Arielle.From the announcement:New release now available for the Guild of Harmony 32mm steampunk range:
WizKids shows off another 3 models for the Wolverine and the X-Men set with a look at Psylocke, Beast and Rogue.From the preview:Greetings HeroClix fans!Today we wrap up our week-long look at the X-Me
Ascension, by Stone Blade Entertainment, has been rather successful as one of the new genre of games, the Deck-Builder. Their most recent expansion, Rise of Vigil, came to me the other day (I was happ
Warlord Games gives the Germans a bit of maneuverability and firepower with the release of their Sd.Kfz 233 Armoured Car.From the announcement:Released this week alongside our new plastic Blitzkrieg G
Cthulhu Wars has unlocked their Mutant Collectors Miniature over in their Kickstarter campaign. Here's a look at the green for it.From the campaign:We are really excited about this one! So much so, th
Catalyst Game Labs gives you some more look into the design of their deck-building game coming out soon, Shadowrun Crossfire, with this latest post.From the post:In previous articles we’ve told you ab
Mad Robot Miniatures lets you add some variety to your minis with the release of some new sci-fi bits over in their webshop.From the announcement:Mad Robot Miniatures has released some new bits for yo