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Year 2013

Over the past couple months, a bunch of games and gaming materials have been piling up on my desk as I was busy doing Convention Coordination for CoolMiniOrNot. Now that the CoolMiniOrNot Expo is pass
Trip West Games has made it to their funding goal for Ars Victor. Their campaign ends tomorrow, so how many stretch goals can they get through?From the update:LESS THAN TWO DAYS to get your very own A
Manorhouse Workshop continues to prep for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Here's some artwork for the big masterpiece for the event.From the preview:Hello to all.Today we present the new Manor, whi
Assault Publishing has released their new sci-fi minis game, PMC 2640. Go and check it out on their website.From the release:Assault Publishing proudly announces that PMC 2640 sci-fi ruleset was relea
Play Unplugged put up an unboxing article featuring Privateer Press' latest board game for Level 7: Lockdown.From the article:Privateer Press has birthed a new alien horror upon the gaming world. Play
Terragnosis has a couple more 54mm releases for their Ruination game over on their website.From the announcement:Two more figures are now available from the Terragnosis web store. This is part of thei
CorSec Engineering continues to make their omni stands even more omni with these new releases.From the update:New Omni-Stand releases for June.Telescoping Rod with Gimbal (Flat) - $3.99Telescoping Rod
Catalyst Game Labs has a new Shadowrun 4th edition pdf book available for purchase: Euro Wars Antiques.From the release:Want to know how the Euro Wars went down? Want to be able to buy some of the gea
Avatars of War is showing off some artwork they've got for a Barbarian Warlord for Arena Deathmatch.From the preview:From the cold steppes of Barbaria arrives the Barbarian Warlord, a fierce and bruta
Mantic adds more Faction Boosters to those that are unlocked and those that are yet-to-be-seen over on their Deadzone Kickstarter page.From the update:And that my friends, is the Plague Faction Booste
Adalen Miniatures has released some new Swedish Interwar historical models over in their webshop.From the release:Ådalen Miniatures, in partnership with Histori Figs, are now releasing their Swedish I
Raging Heroes gets ever closer to launching their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter. They've posted up what the structure of the army will look once the campaign gets going.From the update:Meet
Game Classy has posted episode 36 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.In this episode:Joe and Steve hit all the latest and not so-latest news this week. Steve slobbers all over his
Dark Age Games is showing off some more of the stat cards they've been updating for the new version of Dark Age. Check 'em out.From the preview:We've come a long way, dear players, and we've shown you
Tabletop-Art previews two big oval bases they'll be adding to their Ancestral Ruins line.From the preview:Next extension for our Ancestral Ruins Set available on 21.06.2013
50 Shades of Geek sat down and had a talk with Ronnie from Mantic about all the fun things that the company is working on these days.From the interview:Ronnie Renton from Mantic Games joined the EdOnH
Fantasy Flight Games posted up a preview of the upcoming expansion for Descent called Labyrinth of Ruin.From the preview:In February, we announced the upcoming release of Labyrinth of Ruin, a campaign
Willy Miniatures has a new dwarf fantasy sports player armed with a chainsaw over on their website.From the website:Dwarf with chainsaw ... 8€
Kromlech's website had been down and out (and not even in the Magic Kingdom) for quite some time, but they're back (baby) and ready to take your orders.From the announcement:Hey guys!As some of you ha
Minion Games is running a Kickstarter in order to fund Squishable Foam Dice. Like the last story, they've made it well over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for the next 18 days.... You know
Alea Tools is running a Kickstarter in order to fund more colors for their Magnetic Status Markers line. They've made well over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for the next 28 days.From the
Hand Cannon Online has posted up a video from the Lock & Load Gamefest, put on by Privateer Press, showing what's available for the Cult of Cyriss and showing off a little unboxing of the various SKUs
Kobblestone Miniatures gives you a chance to get some of their terrain pieces for cheaper than usual with their June sale on their Celtic line of products.From the announcement:June 1 - 15, 2013 - 15%
PoweredPlay Gaming is in their final days over on Kickstarter for their revamped modular LED lighting kits. They've made it past their goal, so it's looking to see how many more stretch goals they can
Artipia Games has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund an expansion for their Among the Stars game. The expansion's called The Ambassadors.From the campaign:After a devastating war, peace is declar