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Year 2013

Acheson Creations has another terrain piece available over in their webshop. This one's the Wattle & Mud House.

From the release:

This Wattle & Mud House, priced at $15USD, is scaled in 28mm (1/56). The sculpture is 11cm (4 3/8 inches) in diameter and 10.2cm (4 inches) tall.

" The next Celtic building is finally ready with several more being worked on. An excellent piece to go with our new Wattle & Timber Fort set"

Victory Force is doing what they do best, having a special on their figures. Their latest one ends tonight, so now's the time to act and act fast.

From the announcement:

New Specials in honor of the season three finale of a certain show that contains walking dead people.

Get the Zombie Horde Pack I Special for $190 (Save $60)

or the Zombie Horde Pack II Special for $190 (Save $60)

Hurry This Special ends Sunday Night, Central standard time, March 31st

Invulnerable, a super-hero RPG game is looking to get their Vigilante Edition backed over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

The Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition Kickstarter is now Live!

We hope to produce an awesome new edition of the Invulnerable Super Hero RPG, with a new cover, lots more art, better editing and layout, and lots of errata fixes!

Please check out the stretch goals, including a revamp of the Dauntless sourcebook, and a new Invulnerable sourcebook by Steven Schend, Michael Garcia, Christopher Helton, Rafael Chandler, and Eloy Lasanta!

With artwork by amazing talents like Jason Juta, Joel Biske, Jason Rainville, Bradley McDevitt, and Gennifer Bone, this book will be great choice for any fan of traditional tabletop comic book roleplaying games.

Please consider making a donation for the new edition, and net yourself some great supers gaming in the process.
If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Kubli at
Thanks for your time!

Dreamspirit Wargaming has some new Dark Elf terrain available over on their website.

From the release:

Hello, we just released new custom made terrain set for Dark Elves, one of the most detailed set we made so far. Enjoy ;)

Jake Thornton continues his look at Season 2 DreadBall teams and the design behind them with the Judwan.

From the update:

I've just posted the last of the 4 new team discussions on my blog:

Games Workshop has started taking down names of those of you that want their new Tau models as soon as they're available.

Zombicide Season 2 (the Return of Zombicide) has made it up and over the $2 million mark. Today's the last day of the campaign, as it only has 8 hours left.

From the campaign:

The GG and CMoN team are going a little nuts, so what better way then to top it all off with a crazy guy. Most funded boardgame ever? Yes please!

Mantic Games has Season II of DreadBall just around the corner. One of the new teams is the Judwan.

From the announcement:

Our Season 2 Preview continues with the Judwan!

The Pelgar Mystics take on the Greenmoon Smackers in DreadBall - The Futuristic Sports Game.

DreadBall Season 2 is now available for pre-order and will begin shipping in April!

Warlord Games has started taking down names of those that want their next Black Powder rules supplement sent to them as soon as they can. Be the first gamer on your block with this book when it's made available.

From the announcement:

As you’ve come to expect from Warlord Games book launches we are giving away an exclusive miniature, Warlord sculptor, Wojtek, created the special edition miniature that will be sent for free with any purchase of the new book directly from us at Warlord (via the webstore, over the phone or in person at shows – you can even drop in to see us at Warlord HQ and pick yours up in person!)

Featuring the British Rifleman depicted on the cover!, this sharpshooter will look great in any Napoleonic British army.

CorSec Engineering is has some new terrain sets they've now got available over in their webshop.

From the update:

These Modern terrain kits are a great addition to your next zombie or modern military game. They are a combination of Styrene and MDF and come unassembled and unpainted.

Shopping Mall Stores:
Standard - $16.99
Extended Roof -$17.99
Corner - $24.99

Convenience Store - $29.99
Gas Station Island - $24.99
Fast Food Restaurant - $59.99

GCT Studios collected all the finalists and has them up on their website and you get to vote for whose Ito reigns supreme.

From the update:

We had some amazing entries and have narrowed them down to 5. Now we need your help to rate these amazing paint jobs. Come and vote on our Facebook page.

Micro Art Studio has another of their delightful (I think they're delightful, anyway) video tutorials up for Wolsung SSG.

From the update:

Last video from the first tutorial series ;)

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is coming up soon. There's a group going calling themselves Bodacious Babes and are walking for all the gamer girls out there (well, and everyone in total, but you know...). Games & Gears has helped support them and it'd be awesome if others out there would, too.

From them to you:

Games and Gears LLC has generously donated $300 to the sponsorship of the Bodacious Babes Busting Breast Cancer in their efforts towards the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in Washington, DC, October 11-13th. Sam Sedghi collaborated with Team Captain Erica Folange for the donation. With the prevalence of the disease (someone is diagnosed every 19 seconds and dies from the disease every 74 seconds,) this will allow the Susan G. Komen Foundation to further their research, outreach and awareness campaigns. To donate to the cause, go to and choose one of the Babes to donate to: Melissa May, Marcia Oxford or Erica Folange.

Galaxy Defenders creeps closer to the launch of their Kickstarter and is showing off some more minis on their website as well as having opened their official forums.

From the update:

The cooperative tactical Sci-FI game Galaxy Defenders will be launched on Kickstarter in less than one month, on April 16th, and the countdown has already started on the game’s website. New images and details about the game are being unveiled, and a prototype version was shown in the Ares Games’ booth at the GAMA Trade Show (March 19-20, in Las Vegas), getting a lot of attention from retailers and distributors attending the show.

Osprey Publishing is running a sale this weekend over in their webshop.

From the sales sheet:

This Easter weekend, we're taking 20% off all of our books!

The deal, which will run until the end of Monday, covers both print books and eBooks.

Have a great Easter everyone

God of Battles has a fan-based Facebook group that's going to have a giveaway when they hit 75 members.

From the announcement:

Some enterprising folks have set up a God of Battles group on FaceBook and as a way of encouraging people to join they’ve giving one random member a free blister from the range once they reach 75.

Ruination shows off another of the combatants with a 3D render of Malik the Rogue.

From the update:

The Ruination KS page has been updated with images and info on another forthcoming Hero - Malik the Rogue for their 54mm Heroic Fantasy game - Ruination. He’s got a massive three-barrelled pistol that he does like pointing at people!

Steve Jackson Games also was gracious enough to talk with Bo, one of the two roving reports of the TGN Action News Team at PAX East. We get a look into the current status of Ogre, the future of Munchkin and even a demo of Castellan.

Mage Company gives us an update about Wrong Chemistry, as well as lets us know about two more projects they're working on called Urbania and Phobos.

From the update:

As was announced Wrong Chemistry was Awarded by Family Review Center in USA with the Seal of Approval. What is the Wrong Chemistry: Scientists in a lab are trying to create new elements, and they get it all wrong! In Wrong Chemistry (W.C.) you change a molecule in order to create new elements out of it. A fun, easy to learn, but hard to master, game, with funny references to the real elements from the periodic table. The game was launched on Kickstarter last year and since then, the game is distributed in several countries like: UK, Ireland, USA, Singapore, Spain, China Mainland and now is moving to Germany. The game has been translated in 16 Languages.

Coloured Dust got a hand on one of those new Cleopatra models from Kabuki Models that were just released and has posted up a review.

From the review:

Coloured Dust published an first review of the new figures from Kabuki Models. Cleopatra just have to be released soon!! So stay tuned!

Kabuki Models has their two latest releases now available over in their webshop: Cleopatra and Steam Knight.

From the release:

Good news guys!
Hurry up! There are only 10 unit for the first launch!!
Enjoy :D

Scibor has another dwarf available over on their website, the new Dwarf Holgar.

From the update:

Model is made of high quality resin and provided on 20mm square scenic base. It is unpainted and requires assembling.

Two Hour Wargames will be coming out with their new game 5150: Fighter Command soon. They've posted up some battle reports to give you an idea about how the game works.

From the preview:

Coming next month from Two Hour Wargames.
5150: Fighter Command is a stand alone space combat game designed around fighters. Compatible with 5150: Star Navy and it can be used to supplement 5150: Star Army.

Check out these Bat Reps for more info

GenCon is a wild and crazy place (so yes, it's the Steve Martin of conventions), but not everyone can go. So Ben McFarland wants to take you there, virtually. He's looking for funding over on Indiegogo.

From the campaign:

Ennie Award winning Game Designer Ben McFarland is attempting to raise money through Indieagogo to take Google Glass to Gencon to document the whole experience, rotating it through different attendees, cosplayers, and participants to create a diverse, comprehensive 7x24 record of the event and community. He wants to share the whole gamut of card, board, story, live-action and tabletop games.

Play Unplugged opens up and unboxes Centaurs & Pan and Satyrs from Wargames Foundry.

From the unboxing:

Wargames Foundry is one of a few companies that are hobby triple threats, producing great miniatures, paints, and books. But how can you decide what miniatures to unbox when you are talking about a company with such a robust figure line? Having reviewed Jake Thronton’s Tribes of Legend, it seemed only fitting to unbox something from their Greek Mythology range of figures. This episode looks at the Centaurs and Pan and Satyrs packs.