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Year 2013

Team Covenant has some new templates for use with the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.From the announcement:Team Covenant announced the launch of Covenant Templates. These sets are hi
Guillotine Games gives us another look inside their upcoming expansions for Zombicide with the Zombivor figure for Adriana.From the preview:Did you notice that tomorrow is the last day of February? He
Throwdown is the Samurai, Robot and Cowboy single-deck (well, 3 single decks) card game up on Kickstarter.From the campaign:Robot Cowboy Samurai is a 2+ player card game that lets you choose your way
Scibor is also all about posting up some greens and they've got a new Dwarf up from a new sculptor they've hired on.From the preview:New Sculptor in our crew - Tomek Radziewicz and his first green :)
Hasslefree Minis gives us a look at what their sculptors have been working on with a peek at a bunch of greens.From the preview:Bit slow on uploading to this one this month due to the fact i have been
Advanced Deployment released 3 whole pages of new templates, tokens and even some new cheapside terrain pieces over on their website. Here's just a small sample:
Mecha Front Miniatures has some more artwork coming up for their upcoming miniatures game. This one's the colored-up version of the NorAm Super Heavy Quad Mech.Edit: Updated naming on the news story.
Megalith Games is showing off more stuff for Godslayer with a look at the Cerberos.And yes, that's how the company spells it, so that's how I'm spelling it.From the preview:The Cerberos is the latest
DGS Games wanted to bring you the rest of the Urdaggar Tribe and ran a Kicktarter to do so... and they've succeeded! See the fruits of the project.From the update:We told you The Urdaggar Tribes of Va
CorSec Engineering gives you some more buildings for your tabletop with the release of several new sets (available in several different scales), available now on their website.From the release:We are
Gamer Nation Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new Eons board game.From the campaign:After the Big Bang, things moved quickly. So did you. Players in the game of Eon
Wee Gamers has posted up a video review of Godslayer, the fantasy game from Megalith Games.From the review:Wee Gamers give you pictures as well as sound this time as they review Godslayer from Megalit
DramaScape has some new Space Ship paper miniatures available over on DriveThruRPG.From the release:Our latest release is a set of paper space ship miniature for use in tactical space combat, these wo
Painting Crusade X was over the weekend and Corvus' Miniatures went and took some photos, as well as a video of the event.Go look at pretty models!Note: Not all models are work-safe.From the coverage:
Brink of Battle is running a new Fantasy Writing Contest. Will your prose be the one that wins the rose?You can tell from that little sample that mine won't be.From the contest:I am pleased to officia
Catalyst Game Labs has posted up a pair of new supplements online for Shadowrun.From the update:Late February winter blahs getting you down? We’ve got some explosive new Shadowrun e-books to heat thin
TableTop Day has been announced for March 30th all around the world. Go out and get your gaming on.From the website:Welcome to International TableTop Day!On March 30th, 2013 , we ask you to go to your
ConQuest is coming and they're going to be holding a 40k tourney with $200 worth of prizes for the winners. Will you be one of them?From the announcement:The Launchpad Comics & Games is sponsoring a 1
West Wind Productions has released some new Tiger tanks for their Forged In Battle line.I feel like adding a line here about, "Ze Germans" and Tommy, but... well, I guess I sort of just did, didn't I?
Free Roll Machine Gamers Dice Kickstarter has been pulled as a scam.The actual producer of those dice sets can be found here.We knew this sort of thing would come along sooner or later.
Impact! Miniatures has a little over 2 weeks on their "Supergroup" of a Kickstarter, encompassing several different companies into their Australian-sports Kickstarter. They've just added the hockey-ma
Infamy Miniatures has posted up this new green they've got for Uncle John's Animal Circus. Say hello to Chee-Chee.From the preview:Chee-CheeSculpted by Gautier Giroud
Igra Miniatures Studio is looking for some start-up funds to get running as a new miniatures and games maker. Go check them out.From the campaign:I'm Nadav Igra. A miniature sculptor from Israel. I wa
West Wind Productions has been doing rather well with their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter campaign, breaking through several stretch goals. Here's an update on the goings-on.From the update:
Privateer Press seems to have sprung a leak and this page from the next Hordes book is out showing off the stats for the next incarnation of Lylyth.