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Year 2013

Battle Systems has just a day left over on Kickstarter for their modular sci-fi terrain system. They've made it through a bunch of stretch goals, and probably will make it through some more before it'
MiniWarGaming has some free DVDs they're giving away over on their website. Hurry up, though, there's only a few left.Also, there's a video that auto-plays when you load the page. You've been warned.S
Grimsby Wargames Society, the saints of your Caffeine Hands, have posted up some new flags on their website that are free to download. This time they're from the Indian Mutiny.SourceFrom the post:The
Adam Walker Studio has made it over 2x funded over on Kickstarter for their Viking Horde papercraft game. They've got some new stretch goals posted.SourceFrom the update:It's a big update with lots of
Tabletop-art posted a preview of a quintet of new bases for bike models they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:COMING SOON5 different sets of resin bike bases fitting to our existing styles :=)
Battlefront has a new featured article up for Fate of a Nation. This one's the M42 with twin 40mm guns.SourceFrom the article:Developed towards the end of the Second World War, the M19 was armed with
Scibor gives you more options for dwarves with their Miners Set 3 that's now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:You’ll find 5 unpainted resin miniatures and 5 scenic square, 20mm,
Manorhouse Workshop has posted up another update for their upcoming relaunch of their Indiegogo campaign. This time they look at the perks for those that fund the project.SourceFrom the post:Hello to
Board to Death continues to try and review every game ever made. This time it's Kings of Artifice.SourceFrom the review:Kings of Artifice is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players. The game is playe
Greebo has given us this announcement about their schism with Rolljordan.SourceFrom the announcement:The reason of this letter is to clarify a few aspects of the Rolljordan/Greebo scission.Many voices
Sentinel Games is showing off the prototype prints for their Colonial Troopers over on their Total Extinction Kickstarter.They've made it over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for this final
Alternative Armies gets set for the holidays on your tabletop with the release of their Winter Goblin House terrain piece.SourceFrom the release:New for Flintloque and SlaughterlooCryptmass on Valon i
Gamer Goggles has a new unboxing video up. This one's for Mage Wars: Druid vs. Necromancer.SourceFrom the video:In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the newest expansion for Mage Wars; Druid
Wamp has the fourth year of their painting competition going on now over on their forums.SourceFrom the announcement:Wamps end of year bash is back for its fourth year. This is our anything goes conte
Legendary Battlegrounds has opened up their doors and are now taking orders for their terrain pieces and game boards.SourceFrom them to you:We have created a pack of 4 boards, with got a playing surfa
Kabuki Models kicks off their Black Weekend sale over in their webshop.SourceFrom them to you:because a BLACK WEEKEND is better than just a black friday! ;)
Rust Forge has their terrain on sale over on their website now.SourceFrom the post:My therapist has stated that I need to do more things that make people happy. Since she believes that plotting to ove
Collins Epic Wargames has their own epic Black Friday deals going on now.SourceFrom the announcement:Collins Epic Wargames is pleased to offer a special deal on our popular Spearpoint 1943 Card Games
Kingdom Death gets in on the Black Friday fun with their sale going on now.SourceFrom the announcement:Hello Everyone from Chilly NYC!The following offerings are available for the next 24 hours:50% of
Wild West Exodus is getting in on the Black Friday sales for the first time ever. Go see what you can get.SourceFrom the post:Hey WWX fans. We are currently running our first ever Black Friday sale on
The Army Painter has got you covered (in paint...) with their holiday sale happening now.SourceFrom the announcement:Every year the Americans have the "Black Friday" - and so we have a great offer for
Litko adds their tokens to the ring of those having sales this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement:Welcome to our 2013 Black Friday sale! Now is the time to get that special item you have been craving
Brigade Games adds to the list of companies having sales this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement: Thanksgiving - Black Friday through CyberMonday PromoEnds Monday December 2, 2013 at Midnight EST****
Osprey Publishing is having themselves a 24hr holiday sale over in their webshop on all their books.SourceFrom the announcement:In under a month we will be inundated with shredded wrapping paper as sh
The Ion Age released their new Fabricator Spire over on their website.SourceFrom the release:IAF024 Fabricator SpireDuring battle or just in times of need portable Fabricator Spires are left or droppe