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Year 2013

Flying Frog Productions makes board games based on various genres. In the latest issue of Ravage magazine I've got a review of Fortune & Glory, their pulp adventures game. At GenCon they handed me tha
Mantic is posting some huge updates lately for Mars Attacks, full of lots of previews and videos and news and thing after thing. If you've not checked them out lately, you probably should again. Latel
Marrow Production has added a new, special Halloween add-on to their Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the post:Okay, all Warrior Monks get a free Jiangshi, a Chinese Zombie res
Paizo has released their Bestiary 4 book for Pathfinder that adds more than 300 monsters to the lexicon.SourceFrom the release:Something wicked this way comes from Paizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of
HomeStretch sticks its neck out and gets reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.SourceFrom the review:HomeSretch is a horse racing board game. You buy a stake in different horses then bet on
Norsgard Miniatures is showing off the preview 3D render for their Dark Guard miniature they're hoping to have available at the start of next year.SourceFrom the preview:Orc mage and commander for The
The Ion Age knows You Must Protect This Hab Dome! And has some new turrets available to help you out in case your athletic shirt isn't enough.SourceFrom the release:Following on from our IAF015 Hab Do
Sword & Board Games has announced the start date and some more information for their upcoming Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:It’s a month to go before our Kick
Board to Death takes a look at the City of Remnants game and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the review:In City of Remnants, players take on the roles of gang leaders, each one with
Gamepunting has posted the latest episode of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Gamepunting - the podcast about crowdfunded tabletop games - has released a new e
Battlefront is showing off another unit for Fate of a Nation with a look at the Ch'ir Mamochan platoon.SourceFrom the article:The motorised infantry, called Ch'ir Mamochan (pronounced kh eer mah-moh-k
Spellcrow launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new line of pumpkin-headed minis. Go check 'em out, Linus.Source
Plate Mail Games has reconfigured their Pro Tabletop Gaming Audio Kickstarter campaign and relaunched it.SourceFrom the campaign:After listening to backers suggestions, Plate Mail Games revamped and r
Sentinel Games is showing off 3D renders of their exclusive miniature for Total Extinction, Captain Zoya.SourceFrom the update:We have the first images of Captain Zoya, the exclusive mini for our Kick
Gamer Gridz, 3D clear platforms for miniatures gaming, is up on Kickstarter and looking to get funded.SourceFrom the campaign:The idea for Gamer Gridz was slowly born out of many failed methods to rep
Location Cards are designed to help DMs create unique locations with lots of detail in moments. They're up on Kickstarter now. They've already made their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for the ne
Dice Hate Me Games is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Brew Crafters, a board game all about making beer. They're already over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for the next 25
WizKids is showing off another mini from the upcoming Invincible Iron Man Set with a preview of Dreadknight, a mini might not be all that he seems.SourceFrom the preview:Greetings HeroClix Fans!We are
Dark Sword Miniatures has a pair of Halloween-themed minis available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:It has been a very busy month at Dark Sword. We have lots of great stuff in motion and
Agnostic Giraffe is showing off a preview of the Fungus Sorcerer from their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Clean up still needs to be done on the obvious areas, but otherwise he's ready t
Pulp City is showing off the artwork for another Support Supreme for their game with a look at M.O.D.SourceFrom the preview:o a break from the Grimm we've been previewing to look at new Heavy Metal. M
Dice Fest Games is having themselves a sale on their Outrider products. Go get yourself some gaming for cheaper than usual.SourceFrom the announcement:As part of DriveThru/Wargamevault's trick or trea
Spellcrow is showing off Dyniaq, their new Halloween-themed mini.SourceFrom the post:Today you can see our new model. Hope you like it :)
Model Dads has posted up another of their video reviews. This time it's Artizan Designs' 28mm Waffen SS Panzergrenadier platoon.SourceFrom the review:Model Dads kicks off a week or so of looking at 28
Anvil Industry has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Afterlife, their new sci-fi miniatures game.SourceFrom the campaign:We will tell the story of a near-future Earth torn apart by civil war aft