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Year 2013

TempleCon is happening this weekend (for those few that didn't know) and while I'm not there, personally, I do have multiple field operatives on-site who will be assisting with reports from such event
Throne of Angels gives us the second of their two-day posts with episode 24, now online for your viewing pleasure.In this episode:Finishing up our two day sprint with Episode 24, we take a quick look
Kingdom Death has a lot of wonderful models in their line (and of course, there's that Kickstarter thing that they did semi-ok with...). Anyway, here's a look at another: The Beetle Knight.This was po
Paulson Games gives you some more variety in your tabletop terrain with some new near-future pieces.From the release:Paulson Games has released several 28mm terrain pieces for use with modern and near
Mayhem, the new fantasy mass-battles combat game from Bombshell Games, will be available tomorrow. Be sure to check it out.From the announcement:MAYHEM, the new fantasy mass battle game from Brent Spi
Center Stage Miniatures posted up a photo of the Lemures from their recent Kickstarter.From the update:A trio of Lemures, from our Demons & Devils Kickstarter. sculpted by Federico Genovese. Painted b
Puzzle Strike is the latest to get their turn to get reviewed over on Play Board Games.From the review:Puzzle Strike is a chip-building game similar to most deck-building games. The difference is that
Rivet Wars is nearing the end, but still has more in store for stretch goals, posting up 3 new ones as well as a second painting video (this time on how to paint your Blight).From the update:We seem t
Micro Art Studio brings some more variety to your tabletop with two different City Building terrain sets, available now.From the update:We're happy to show you new hard foam terrains. Big City Highgro
Black Hat Miniatures got a painted-up squad of their new French WWI Halflings and is showing them off.From the update:This is the initial full squad of 9 halflings for our Kickstarter painted by Jez a
Kabuki Models got in the painted photo of their new Patton-X model. And heeeeere he is.From the update:Our 4th General Patton-X is finally arrived. Now he's finally painted and ready to lead the fight
Barking Irons has yet another USE ME update available. This one's for Interwar aircraft.From the announcement:Heya Folks,Yesterday saw the release of the first article in a series by Alistair McBeath
Red Republic Games continues our theme of new company (or at least, new to us) announcements. Though this time there's an extra bit of goodness as they're announcing a new minis line and game system.
Blitzkrieg Labs is another company that's been put on my radar, so it's my job to put it on yours, too. Not a lot going on yet, but what is there looks like a good start. Hope to see more coming from
Hand Cannon Online has posted up episode 25 of their Removed From Play podcast up online for your listening pleasure.In this episode:Hand Cannon Online presents…The 25th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY.
Predastore is a company that was just brought to my attention by a colleague. We'd had them come through once before when another website did a review of some of their models, but never just a "go che
WizKids gives us a look at two versions of Kraven the Hunter that's coming out in their upcoming Spider Man set.From the preview:Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man takes us on a safari of sor
Privateer Press now has their January releases now available. Head to your LGS and get some.These releases include:Mercenary GalleonTrollblood Pyg BurrowersCircle Warpborn AlphaMinion Razor Boars (2)M
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher has another Dystopian Legions review up. this time it's the Federated States of America.From the review:Its here at last. My final Dystopian Legions Starter set review.
Gun Metal Games put up the play test version of their upcoming Interface Zero 2.0 rules online for their Kickstarter backers.From the announcement:We're pleased to announce the rules for cybernetics a
Armorcast has reissued some out-of-print models, bringing some heavy metal minis back to you.From the announcement:There are seven reissued miniature sets now available in the Armorcast webstore under
Mongoose Publishing is going to hold their first Judge Dredd Miniatures Game tourney at their Swindon HQ.From the announcement:On April 6th, Apocalypse Mega-City One comes to our Swindon HQ!Apocalypse
Throne of Angels has posted up episode 23 online for your viewing pleasure.In this episode:Opening up 2013 a little late with Episode 23, we revisit an old friend in Cang the Implacable and the progre
Hex Encounter has put episode 11 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure. In this episode:This podcast covers wargames of the board variety.This episode features an interview with desig
Warmill is now taking names of those gamers who want their MOD.CO.N terrain (Modular Corridor Network) as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with these pieces when they're releas