Year 2013

TGN Review: Larceny from Waning Gibbous Games

Waning Gibbous Games just got their Kickstarter campaign for Larceny underway yesterday. They were kind enough to send me an advanced copy of the game to check out and share my thoughts about it with you.

So let's take a look at this new party card game in this installment of TGN Reviews.

The copy that Waning Gibbous (love that name) sent to me is pre-production, so I won't be commenting on the quality of the game contents since what I've got are not the final versions of things, but the gameplay is still the same.

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CoolMiniOrNot posts up Hadross stat cards for Wrath of Kings

CoolMiniOrNot has posted up the Hadross stat cards for Wrath of Kings over on their Kickstarter page. Know what you're getting before you get it and try before you buy.
Having played the game for quite some time in playtest and such, I know you all probably think I'm biased, but that's fine, I still honestly love the game and can't wait to get specifically Hadross and Shael Han in my grubby paws.

From the update:

And here's the last of the Faction cards, this time for our wet friends.

Hadross cards pdf

As usual, rules questions, feedback and error reports should go to, or join the forums

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Fantasy Flight Games posts Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta: Update # 3

Fantasy Flight Games continues looking at the update of the Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta in this next update.

From the update:

Welcome to Week 3 of Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta Playtesting! Every Wednesday, we will post a weekly update to keep you informed about the progress of the beta. This post will include any big news involving the beta, guidance on where we would like you to focus your attention in the coming week, and a PDF update to the beta document to keep you informed of the most recent tweaks and changes to the Dark Heresy Second Edition core rules.

This week’s update (pdf, 12.7 MB) can be found on the beta support page and includes new items (in red) as well as all the previous updates to the beta. Additionally, there is a dedicated thread in the Game Mechanics forum in which you can discuss any feedback directly related to this week’s update. As always, you can email us directly at to best ensure we see your feedback too. As a reminder, when you submit your feedback via e-mail, it is most helpful to us if you consolidate multiple questions and comments into a single message, rather than sending a separate e-mail for each question or comment.

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Acheson Creations posts teaser video for Super Robot StratoMaxx

Acheson Creations has posted up the intro video for their upcoming Super Robot StratoMaxx Kickstarter campaign.

From the video:

The intent of this video is to solicit our Kaiju Kaos: Super Robot StratoMaxx Kickstarter campaign coming September 2013. Set to original music from the Kaiju Kaos soundtrack, this video highlights not only our project goals but also provides some "in game" story and kaiju models already in production and available at

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Canthus Monocycle released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age gets on their bike and rides with the new release of the Canthus Monocycle.

From the release:

With what we know now the loss of the Brightening Star should not have happened but then we were only beginning once more to face an enemy that our long dead forefathers had through banished forever. The Fleet did not arrive in Camarthen space for many months after the loss of the Belkus Labyrinth. It took time to gather the knights and their musters while thinking always of the threat posed by the Marcher Barons. But we did not stand idle. Perhaps we should have. Lectus Bowar led his retinue of a hundred Starvaulters and fifty thousand of Prydia on a rapid strike again the fledgling Khanate. The Brightening Star was one of forty Cassillis class Portable Castles that landed in the vicinity of the ruins of Pelcan city. She was not the only one lost but she was prime in the failure of the containment campaign.

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Dreamspirit Wargaming releases new display boards

Dreamspirit Wargaming makes your army look the best with their new display boards that are now available.

From the announcement:

Hello all, we are proud to announce that we added couple of new display boards to our offer! All made for each client individually, we are constantly working to improve our work and bring you the perfect match for your army.

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Battlefront features winter Mortar Platoon for Flames of War

Battlefront has more winter wonderland goodness for you with their winter gear Mortar Platoon for Flames of War.

From the article:

During the Winter War (30 November 1939 – 13 March 1940), the 81mm mortar played a vital role due to a lack of field artillery that plagued the Finnish Army throughout the conflict.

The 81mm mortar was able to breakup Soviet infantry attacks due to its surprising effectiveness even in deep snow; due to the sensitive fuses that were fitted to the projectiles. However, field artillery they were not and proved less effective against bunkers and reinforced dugouts.

During the Continuation War (25 June 1941 – 19 September 1944) the number of 81mm mortar in Finnish service peaked but the attrition of war meant a steady decline in the numbers available. Any captured Soviet 82mm mortars were quickly turned against their former owners but the demand for the 81mm mortar was far in excess of what was available.

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CorSec Engineering launches Forward Operating Base terrain Kickstarter

CorSec Engineering previewed these a couple days back. Well, now they've launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new 28mm sci-fi terrain pieces.

From the campaign:

Forward Operating Base: Kiris is now funding on Kickstarter! This laser cut 28mm Sci Fi Terrain features new techniques to overcome the limitations of regular MDF terrain. Finally some laser cut Sci Fi terrain with curves!

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New paint storage trays available from Sally 4th

Sally 4th knows you gotta move your paints around every now and again and has created trays for it.

From the release:

This week’s new releases from Sally 4th are a set of storage cases for model paints. The cases are fully compatible with our Warchest Figure Storage system, so the same standard or clear Perspex lids can be used with them.

The cases are robust and stackable and allow for a good quantity of paint to be stored in a small space. As you can see from photos, I can’t decide if it is better to store jars and bottles upside down, or the right way up...either option is possible.

All paint storage cases include an appropriate insert which is set at a suitable height for paints being stored. Cases require assembly with PVA wood glue.

Small Paint Pot Case £ 9.50
Designed to hold 24 of the current Games Workshop / Citadel Paints. Also works for Humbrol Enamels.

Medium Paint Pot Case £10.50
Designed to hold 35 Wargames Foundry / Coat d'Arm / Original Citadel Paints.

Paint Bottle Case £11.50
Designed to hold 48 Vallejo or Army Painter bottles of paint.

All Sally 4th Products are available in the USA through Scalecreep Miniatures

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More dinosaurs added to Dino Wars Kickstarter

Dino Wars knows what people want from their dinosaur minis games... more dinosaurs! So they're delivering.

From the update:

Hey all, after working with our suppliers we are now able to supply an additional 3 dinosaurs for the same kickstarter goal!

Triceratops, Velociraptor and Stegasaurus have now been added to the kickstarter price list!

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Announcing Blue Moon Legends, a Two-Player Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has another new game on the horizon with Blue Moon Legends.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Blue Moon Legends, a collected edition of Reiner Knizia’s classic two-player card game Blue Moon! The battle for the throne is more intense than ever before as you struggle to garner the favor of the elemental dragons and establish your claim to the throne. You must lead a people successfully, and Blue Moon Legends offers more opportunities to do so by including every people deck expansion ever released! Now, you lead any of nine different peoples as you attempt to rise victorious and repair the damage to Blue Moon City.

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Spectacle Publishing Media Group announces The Darkest Age RPG

Spectacle Publishing Media Gaming Group has announced a new alternate history/horror RPG they're coming out with called The Darkest Age.

From the announcement:

Spectacle Publishing Media Group (SPMG), an independent book publishing company today announced its first roleplaying game, The Darkest Age (DA). This innovative horror roleplaying game is set in a gritty and dangerous 14th century Europe as an unusual strain of the bubonic plague ravages the countryside and those afflicted won’t die. Instead, they rise up and feast on the living!

Based on the d20 OGL system, The Darkest Age takes players into a grim world of corruption and fear, plagues and paranoia. Wars are no longer fought with masses of men in chain with bows and spears – they are fought through resources, specialists and powder-keg skirmishes.

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Orange County Gaming Group relaunches Realmsound Project, funds in 1 day

Orange County Gaming Group revamped their Realmsound Project and relaunched over on Kickstarter. They've already more-than-funded on just the first day, so it's stretch goals for the next 40.

From the campaign:

Hey gamers OCGG is back and we have some very exciting news, our Realmsound Kickstarter Project 2.0 is underway!! This time, however, we have re-tooled our project and have been funded in just 1 day, can you believe that! It's all thanks to YOU that we made it this far. Now we are going for the gold and asking you to help us make more gaming history by helping us bring even MORE fantastic custom audio to table-top gaming. Visit our link and donate whatever you can so we can breathe life back into our favorite past time.

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New: Bolt Action US Army 3? anti-tank gun M5 available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games gives the Allies some tank-punching-power with the release of their new American 3" anti-tank gun M5.

From the release:

S forces can now decimate enemy armour with this newly released anti-tank gun!

Designed in 1940, the M5 3? anti-tank gun combined the barrel of the 3-inch anti-aircraft gun T9 with the breech, recoil system and carriage from the 105 mm howitzer M2. Though heavy to manhandle, it gave US crews significantly better anti-tank capabilities than previous guns. Usually towed by M3 half-tracks, the M5 was mainly assigned to Tank Destroyer battalions, seeing action in North-West Europe and the Italian campaign.

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Waning Gibbous Games launches Larceny party card game Kickstarter

Waning Gibbous Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new party card game, Larceny.
They've sent me a preview copy of it. Expect a review posted up later tonight.

From the campaign:

Larceny is a fast paced party game where you and your friends plan one heist after another. Each round a different player is the Chief and decides which solution is best to overcome the inevitable catch in your perfect plan.

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Final Days for Field Manual: Mounts Kaiser's Gate Savage World book from Battlefield Press on Kickstarter

Battlefield Press is in their final days on Kickstarter for their Field Manual: Mounts for their Field Manual: Mounts for their Kiaser's Gate setting that uses the Savage Worlds RPG system.

From the campaign:

Welcome to the newest Savage Worlds expansion to the ever popular Kaisers Gate (an alternate history World War I setting created by Mike Lafferty). This book was spun out of the need for expanded material, and this manuscript, penned by Bill Ogden, evolved into a book about how mounts can make a big difference in the Great War. It takes items alluded to in the original Kaisers Gate and makes them a reality.

The manuscript is completed and so is layout. The book is finished. The only thing we need to do is add a page with the names of all the project backers, which we will do at the close of the project. If you pledge at the PDF level, you can expect a copy of your PDF within a couple of weeks of the close of the project, and while it says October for the release of the printed book, it is more likely than not that backers will start receiving their print books before that estimated date.

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WizKids previews Shame for Classic Batman TV set for HeroClix

WizKids continues their previews of the Classic TV Batman set for HeroClix with a look at Shame.

From the preview:

Boy howdy! Today’s DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV preview takes us to the Old West, where we visit with a bloodthirsty buckaroo who breaks the rule that bad guys only wear black hats. We’re pleased to present to you the Conniving Cowboy of Crime, Shame!

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Catalyst Game Labs announces Leviathans Kickstarter coming this fall

Catalyst Game Labs has announced that they'll be running a Leviathans Kickstarter this fall in order to expand the game.

From the announcement:

We know how to make books. I like to joke that we can fall out of a bed and stand up with a book in our hands. However, with Leviathans we tackled a slew of new manufacturing items we’d never dealt with before. It would have been bad enough to have even one of those additional elements on the table, but we went ahead and tried to tackle a dozen at a time.

Where does that leave us since Leviathans published late last year? Well, it pretty much sold right out when it published. Which is fantastic! However, the way in which we packaged the game makes it unsustainable (again, that learning curve). As such, we need to find a new way to repackage the line so it can sustain itself.

We are currently looking at reshaping the entire line into something similar to how Sails of Glory/Wings of Glory (as well as Star Wars: X-Wing or Star Trek: Attack Wing) package and release their games and miniatures. This would in effect be a re-launch for the game.

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