Year 2013

Throne of Angels posts up episode 24

Throne of Angels gives us the second of their two-day posts with episode 24, now online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Finishing up our two day sprint with Episode 24, we take a quick look at Project Father Johann, another Dark Age force building project.

We also take a look at the newest Dark Age faction, the war-crazed domineering Kukulkani - is the end of the world for the denizens of Dark Age?

We finish our model comparison for Sedition Wars this time taking a look at some characters from the Vanguard, again comparing the new plastics with the metal and resin models from the collectors range.

We've got a lot to cover so sit back, enjoy and thank you for joining me!!!

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Preview posted of Kingdom Death's Beetle Knight

Kingdom Death has a lot of wonderful models in their line (and of course, there's that Kickstarter thing that they did semi-ok with...). Anyway, here's a look at another: The Beetle Knight.
This was posted up by the sculptor, Thomas David.

From the preview:

Hello everyone!

New article in Kingdom Death, Monster's serie. Today here's the second monster; the Dungle Beetle Knight!
This impressive miniature have been very fun to do, especially the aspect of the armor.
It is 68 mm tall ( at the top of the horn) and have been made with Fimo and Magic sculpt putty.

Stay tuned!

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Puzzle Strike Third Edition Review posted on Play Board Games

Puzzle Strike is the latest to get their turn to get reviewed over on Play Board Games.

From the review:

Puzzle Strike is a chip-building game similar to most deck-building games. The difference is that you buy chips that go into a bag you draw from instead of using cards and a deck. The 3rd edition updates and balances a few things.

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New hard foam City Terrain from Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio brings some more variety to your tabletop with two different City Building terrain sets, available now.

From the update:

We're happy to show you new hard foam terrains.

Big City Highground building:

Approximate size of one building:
Length: 24 cm / 9,5 inch
Width: 19,5 cm / 7,7 inch
Height: 6,5 cm / 2,5 inch

Two small City Highground buildings

Approximate size of one building:
Length: 20cm / 8 inch
Width: 12 cm / 4,7 inch
Height: 6,5 cm / 2,5 inch

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Black Hat Miniatures posts up painted halfling squad for their WWI French Halfling Kickstarter

Black Hat Miniatures got a painted-up squad of their new French WWI Halflings and is showing them off.

From the update:

This is the initial full squad of 9 halflings for our Kickstarter painted by Jez at Shakespeare Studios.

Still has 9 days to go!

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Interwar Aircraft Rules & Counters for USE ME Now Online from Barking Irons

Barking Irons has yet another USE ME update available. This one's for Interwar aircraft.

From the announcement:

Heya Folks,

Yesterday saw the release of the first article in a series by Alistair McBeath presenting some cracking counters you can print to represent vehicles in your games.

The first set, Interwar Aircraft, contains no less than 14 planes along with full rules to use them in's USE ME series of wargames.

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Arena Rex announced from Red Republic Games

Red Republic Games continues our theme of new company (or at least, new to us) announcements. Though this time there's an extra bit of goodness as they're announcing a new minis line and game system. Arena Rex is coming soon!

From the announcement:

Red Republic Games announces Arena Rex, gladiator combat in a mythic age. The spectacle begins March 15th.

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Hand Cannon Online - Removed From Play : Episode 25

Hand Cannon Online has posted up episode 25 of their Removed From Play podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Hand Cannon Online presents…

The 25th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath).

For this episode we invited Jake Shearer aka Satch! We talk about the recent good news for Satch, Emanuel's new paint scheme for Cryx, changes in Legion for 2013, and a big announcement for RFP!

Enjoy the 25th Episode!

Event Coverage - 34:37
Painting Projects - 41:15
List Building - 1:11:09
Control Area - 1:49:06

You can also check out Removed From Play on Facebook! Emanuel and I try to stay very active talking with our listeners. We also post tons of pics from our painting projects.

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