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Year 2012

Low Life Miniatures is a minis company looking to find some funding for some pretty unique-looking figures. They've got the minimum and then some. But how high can they get?From the campaign:A highly
Grimsby Wargames Society is there to help your heraldry. Now they've got new Bretonnian banners up on their website.From them to you:Free Bretonnian banners and pennants 18 in total all on a A4 sheet
Kaha Miniatures put up preview art for their upcoming Steam Machine Doll.They're a touch creepy.From the preview:Zku-R76 the steam machine dollby Lia Perrone
Greebo has added some pretty excited new concepts to their Nippo Goblin team over on IndieGoGo. How about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Villains!?From the update:We want make more! Nippo team can't
West Wind Productions has been posting up preview art for both Empire of the Dead and Secrets of the 3rd Reich.
Ax Faction posted up the artwork for another new model they're working on, the Forest Guardian.From the preview:I just had to share this - very excited about this release! Let me introduce you to the
Blight Wheel Miniatures got a new set of legs (lots of them, actually) and wanted to show them off.From the website:Our new kit arrive !We are very happy to announce you the released of our 30mm minia
Scibor released their new SF Celtic Bear Rider over in their webshop.From the website:Model is made of high quality resin and provided with 60mm round scenic base. It is unpainted and requires assembl
Puppets War has the 3D renders up of some new cyborg heads they're working on.From the preview:A real man should be as hard as STEEL :)
Urban Mammoth now has their Urban War releases for September available in their webstore.
Ral Partha has released new goblins for Demonworld. And they're on bugs.From the update:Following on from our previous batch of releases for Dwarves we have some miniatures for anothervertically chall
DreamForge-Games has made the first ever injected plastic sci-fi model kit for tabletop gaming in 15mm scale.From the announcement:The world’s first 15mm - 1/100 scale, Injected plastic, science ficti
Studio Miniatures has made it past their minimum goal and now even over their first stretch goal, still with 9 days to go!From the update:Zombie minifacturer Studio Miniatures have reached their first
It's been a while, but we're back with another Tabletop Gaming News Interview. This one is with John Stallard, CEO of Warlord Games, about the history of the company, their new rules sets, and where t
Bruno Galice only has 2 days left on their IndieGoGo timer. They're already more-than-funded, but if you want in on these guys early, now's your last chance.Note: There are even pirate goblin dice to
The D6 Generation now has episode 110 online for your listening pleasure. In this episode:This time the third chair is filled with 80 folks as the GenCon 2012 play by mob audience join us for the show
Mongoose Publishing is all about Judge Dredd.From them to you:September sees the release of the brand new Judge Dredd 3D film - are you ready to bring Judge Dredd to your tabletop?The Judge Dredd mini
Freebooter Miniatures gives us a look at their September releases for Freebooter's Fate.From the preview:Our new releases for September could not be more different from each other.On the one hand ther
Forge Planet didn't want to just post up photos of their new releases. They made a whole video.From them to you:Forge Planet released new bits for convesions: Iron Guard heads and accessories and a Gu
Mantic keeps chugging along with their DreadBall news. This post is all about the Veer-myn for the game.From the update:How can Veer-myn play in the DreadBall leagues? What about Orx and Forge Fathers
Battlefront gives us another look at the upcoming Open Fire book for Flames of War. This time it's infantry.From the preview:Over eighteen months ago we decided that we wanted the third edition to be
Scibor now has their new SF Roman Gladiator Mech Suit available over in their webstore.From the website:SF Roman Gladiator Mech Suit. In blister You’ll find 1 unpainted resin model and scenic round, 6
Victoria Miniatures released new camo cloaks with which to hide your models from other models on the battlefield.From the announcement:These are available in the 10 Man Scout kit pictured, or can be b
Play Unplugged has a preview up of the game Hirelings: The Ascent, currently up on Kickstarter.From the preview:Play Unplugged gets a special preview of Hirelings: The Ascent, currently on Kickstarter
Blue Moon Manufacturing has a few more British and French troop options for your Napoleonics games.From the announcement:More 15/18mm Blue Moon Napoleonics Ready To GoWe have just finished 3 new codes