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Year 2012

Red Box Games keeps rolling along over on Kickstarter, having made it to over 400% funded. How much higher can they make it go in these next 2 weeks?From the campaign: With the $20k mark being reached
WizKids, for their preview today for their Justice League set, previews Firestorm, Firestorm and Fury. And no, that's not a typo (nor is it one in the headline, either).From the preview:For today’s DC
Miniature Building Authority has a pair of new girls available on their website.From the update:This year we have a new Miniature Building Authority construction girl, the Plumber. No task too small f
Catalyst Game Labs & Harebrained Schemes are going to be attending Pax Prime for the first time and they'd love it if you could stop by and say, "Hi."Catalyst Game Labs is attending Pax Prime for the
Mantic keeps the Enforce previews coming. Here's another quartet of shots.From the preview:We hope you enjoyed the Enforcer treats last week… because we’ve got even more for you today!Enforcer armour
Wyrd has some more plastic model previews up. These are for some special-edition figures they're working on.From the preview:Let's get to this years special edition miniatures - one of which features
All Flesh Must Be Eaten has a WWII sourcebook called Band of Zombie over on Kickstarter. Check it out.From the campaign:The Band of Zombies sourcebook for All Flesh Must Be Eaten now has a Kickstarter
Play Unplugged put up a review of the new D&D Dungeon Command games. I've actually been looking into these as well. Let's see what they have to say about them.From the review:Play Unplugged looks at W
Old Glory 25s has a bunch of new weapon packs available over on their website.From the release:New 15mm WWII Weapons Packs Ready to Go!We now have 9 new codes that we have added in with the Command De
Lead Adventure Miniatures has released a new dwarf mage and a pair of dwarven barmaids (one they'd previewed earlier).From the release:two new Dwarf packs this week, a Dwarf Mage and two very tough Dw
Warlord Games is now taking pre-orders for their Black Powder line of Napoleonic French Infantry. Be the first kid on your block with them!From the announcement:Our next plastic boxed set is now ready
Shadowrun Online has another update for us as they get close to $200k for their project. But we all know you really want to see this gameplay video. So here it is:From the update:More news from Shadow
Dust Chronicles is a new community webzine available for all you Dust Warfare and Tactics fans. Free to download!From them to you:Originated by fans on the Dust Tactics Facebook group, Dust Chronicles
Wyrd started a Kickstarter campaign for a new game they're working on: Evil Baby Orphanage.From the campaign:Tiny, terrible, and in serious need of predeeming. Welcome to Evil Baby Orphanage, the worl
Miniatures of the North is previewing some more of their Crowmantian models. They've got a group shot of a squad as well as a WIP of a cultist.From the preview:The second squad from MOTN is about to b
Goalsystem Delves has just 5 days left and $2k to go for funding. With that, they've got another update to get you interested in their cause.From the campaign:Be on your guard as the fifth Goalsystem
Ramshackle Games has some more options for their quad-cannon turret set with some different weapons you can buy for it.From the release:Some new pieces have just gone up in the Ramshackle Games web st
The Black Ocean has done a bit of updating to make sure they're current with Version 2 of Firestorm Armada.Welcome fans of Firestorm Armada. With the recent release of the version 2 hardback rulebook
Tercio Creativo shows us the Arcabucero model they're working on. Here's the green:From the preview:Here you are a new miniature in progress: The Arcabucero ("Arquebusier") of the Guard of Ysbilia.
Micro Art Studio redesigned their graveyard bases and now has them available in their webstore.
Warlord Games wants to make it easy for your to get into Black Powder, so they've got some army deals up on their website to help you out.From the website:We’ve added a load more army deals to our web
Geekdad has a review up of the retro-sci-fi Cosmic Patrol. Put on your fishbowl helmet and go check it out.From the review:My office is full of rockets, robots, and other retro sci-fi gizmos. I just l
AntiMatter Games gives us another preview for Deep Wars. This one's a group-shot of several master molds they got in recently.From the preview:Some master models in resin came in so they were put toge
Fantasy Flight Games continues their previews of their upcoming Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game with the signature model for the game: The X-Wing.From the preview:Now, we’ll begin a series of preview
Wyrd put up some more plastic previews, this time of some more Arcanists.From the preview:Arcanists are the subject this time around, all of which will also be at Gencon.Oh and for you folks asking ab