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Year 2012

Privateer Press shows off another new exclusive model, a new Ashlynn D'elyse. From their site:Base Size: 30mmPIP Code: 41090Price: $17.99*Model Materials: White MetalModel Count: 1Packaging: Bli
Capitan Miniatures along with Breaking War magazine and Warmodelling are having themselves a painting competition. So fire up your brushes and get to work and you could be a winner.The details:Our fir
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
Privateer Press is having their Lock and Load Convention this weekend, and have been showing off some of their new stuff. Here is the Extreme Carnivean.
Our friends over at MiniWarGaming and Worthy Painting are having a giveaway. Now is your chance to win a 40k Box set, by getting on their Facebook Page and leaving a comment. Go Check it out! From the
Escenografia Epsilon has some new objective markers available on their website based off the 101st Airborne. Have a look-see.From the release:Two new Army objectives are available in the epsilon catal
The Wappinshaw Wargames Show is coming to Glasgow this weekend. Go and have a good time meeting with other gamers.From them to you:Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wargames show – will be held on the 2nd of Ju
Vesper-On gives us a look at the first of the next set of their releases for Carnevale.From the update:And here we go! Here's the new batch of Carnevale releases, and we'll start with the Guild's King
Amera Plastic Mouldings just released their new trench terrain piece over on their website. Get your guys in cover!From the release:Amera launches a modular, well detailed partially repaired section o
Warlord Games has several new plastic terrain sets to spruce up your board. Soda can forests and stack-of-books hills just aren't viable anymore.From the release:We have more new plastic terrain piece
West Wind Productions did their own version of the blitz with all their new releases for Forge in Battle. Just take a look for yourself...From the update:Newly released from Forged in Battle are the e
Under Fire Miniatures has a couple sets of new armed police miniatures for you. They're available now on their website.From the release:A completely new range of modern, armed, UK Police. 8 figures in
Kromlech previewed these arms a little bit ago. Well, now they're available for you to order from their website.From them to you:Hey all,This, judging from your feedback and the reactions to the previ
Mantic's Kickstarter Campaign is continuing to go up, up, up. If they get just a little more (at the time of making this, anyway), they'll add an Orc Chariot to the line.From them to you:Mantic's Kick
The Army Painter is having a contest to name their 10/0 precision brush. Name it and you could win a whole lot of painting gear.From the contest sheet:The Army Painter has a set of unique brushes, all
Battle Tactics has a very thorough video unboxing of the Dust Preimium Edition SSU Units over on YouTube. It's worth a watch.It’s November 1945 after The USA decides to use a VK-enhanced nuclear bomb
Critical Mass Games now has their May releases available over on their website. Check 'em out.From the release:Expanding our 15mm Sci-fi line up we have the new Mercenaries Vehicle range with the firs
CP Models expands their science fiction line with their new big-eyed aliens and sci-fi ogres on their website now.From the update:The big eyed aliens are here28mm figures with separate heads & claws h
Frontline Gamer has a review up of a pair of models from Freebooter's Fate: Momma Galina and Chulo Bolu. Check it out and be an informed gamer!From them to you:I suppose I could have reviewed these tw
Game Classy now has episode 10 online. They've entitled it "Perfect Strangers." I used to watch the hell out of that show. Anyway, go listen to this one now.In this episode:This week our hosts debate
Raging Heroes is now taking pre-orders for their Legendary Gluttony figure, both in Fantasy and Sci-Fi varieties.From the announcement:The Legendary version of Gluttony is finally ready to pre-order.T
Fantasy Flight Games has an in-depth look at the SSU Hero Pack for Dust Tactics. Check it out.From the website:With just over a week remaining before the next wave of Sino-Soviet Union forces storm re
WizKids gives us another Justice League set preview with the Enchantress.From the preview:For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview, we bring you a character who has struggled to stay on one sid
Hawk Wargames has been showing a lot of really cool vehicles, but want to remind us the game's got trooper units as well, so they're showing us their new Praetorians.From the preview:Today it's infant
Ramshackle Games gives your army some real teeth with their new cannon artillery piece. Check it out.From the release:The latest product up in the Ramshackle Games shop is the new Artillery Cannon. It
KR Multicase has new aluminum carrying cases to keep your models save and snug and cozy.From the release:The KR half width card case is already a very popular case, and now you can get the same great