Year 2012

Capitan Miniatures/Breaking War/Warmodelling Miniature Painting Contest

Capitan Miniatures along with Breaking War magazine and Warmodelling are having themselves a painting competition. So fire up your brushes and get to work and you could be a winner.

The details:

Our first Painting Competition is open from now¡¡¡

Warmodelling, Breaking War (New Spanish Wargamers Magazine) & Capitan Miniatures presents our first painting competition

We send you free of charge a miniature from the 28mm Spanish Napoleonic series¡¡¡ (All EU and rest of the world competitors are accepted)
Three prizes for the three winning entries:
A 50€ voucher from CAPITAN MINIATURES to spend on Capitan Miniatures.
A 50€ voucher from WARMODELLING to spend on Warmodelling Miniatures
A 0ne year subscription to BREAKING WAR MAGAZINE

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Worthy Painting and Mini Wargaming Giveaway

Our friends over at MiniWarGaming and Worthy Painting are having a giveaway. Now is your chance to win a 40k Box set, by getting on their Facebook Page and leaving a comment. Go Check it out!

From their announcement:

Want to win one of 6 free battleforces / battalions? All you have to do is:

1. "Like" their facebook page.
2. "Like" the post.
3. Leave a comment on the post stating which 40k Battleforce or Fantasy Battalion you want.

Winners will be randomly chosen and sent the battleforce or battalion of their choice, as long as it is still available, with FREE shipping.

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Escenografia Epsilon has new 101 Airborne Objectives available

Escenografia Epsilon has some new objective markers available on their website based off the 101st Airborne. Have a look-see.

From the release:

Two new Army objectives are available in the epsilon catalogue. The new items are two perfects objectives for Flames of war battle game and are an esential item if your army is the 101 Airborne. The price are €5 for each one and the reference are painted and Ready2Play.

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The Wappinshaw Wargames Show happening this weekend

The Wappinshaw Wargames Show is coming to Glasgow this weekend. Go and have a good time meeting with other gamers.

From them to you:

Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wargames show – will be held on the 2nd of June at the Royal Concert Exhibition Hall Glasgow.

Show is a mix of fantasy/SF and historical games and traders, and there is something for everyone interested in games.

For more info, please see the show blog at:

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New release for Carnevale from Vesper-on

Vesper-On gives us a look at the first of the next set of their releases for Carnevale.

From the update:

And here we go! Here's the new batch of Carnevale releases, and we'll start with the Guild's King Pulcinella.

With this crazy dude in your squad, you'll be able to share some command points with your Pulcinellas, and build a proper Wild Bunch in the streets of Venice.

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Warlord Games selling new plastic terrain sets

Warlord Games has several new plastic terrain sets to spruce up your board. Soda can forests and stack-of-books hills just aren't viable anymore.

From the release:

We have more new plastic terrain pieces from Renedra for you this week they’ll be a great addition to your scenery collection.
A great addition to your Dark age battlefield are these plastic Saxon tents. The pack contains 4 tents – two open and two closed.
With a wide variety of uses this crude palisade fencing can be used for virtually any battlefield! There are two sprues in the pack, each with four 75mm lengths plus 5 posts. Total length of fencing is 600mm per pack.
Ancients, Dark Ages and Medieval players rejoice – this is just the job for setting the scene on your battlefields. Of course, the fences could be used much later too to represent poorer area of society…

Each Frame consists of five sections, each 124mm long and two sections, each 60mm long plus a gate. Total length is 740mm of fencing. There are two different packs – one with a single sprue and one containing two sprues.

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Many new releases for Forged in Battle from West Wind Productions

West Wind Productions did their own version of the blitz with all their new releases for Forge in Battle. Just take a look for yourself...

From the update:

Newly released from Forged in Battle are the eagerly awaited support weapons for US, German and British Paratroopers, plus a selection of early war releases, to include Polish Cavalry and anti-tank rifles. So a big release scheduled this month for Forged in Battle, we're playing catch up here at West Wind HQ following the release of our new game, Empire of the Dead.

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Under Fire Miniatures releases new armed police

Under Fire Miniatures has a couple sets of new armed police miniatures for you. They're available now on their website.

From the release:

A completely new range of modern, armed, UK Police. 8 figures in all, armed with a mix of G36 carbines & MP5's & a 'door knocker' battering ram for forced entry into target buildings. Scale is 20mm. Hope you like them.

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Greatcoat arms released from Kromlech

Kromlech previewed these arms a little bit ago. Well, now they're available for you to order from their website.

From them to you:

Hey all,

This, judging from your feedback and the reactions to the preview last week, is the most wanted thing we have released so far. It took us _a_lot_ of tries. We went through several different versions to ensure that the proportions are right and they fit well to the existing Greatcoat bodies.

We do apologize you've had to wait for them so long. The time has come, though, and this is the day we release Orc Greatcoat Arms.


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The Army Painter wants you to name their brush

The Army Painter is having a contest to name their 10/0 precision brush. Name it and you could win a whole lot of painting gear.

From the contest sheet:

The Army Painter has a set of unique brushes, all with fitting names. Most popular and possible famous is the INSANE DETAIL brush from the Wargamers range. Now The Army Painter has raised the stakes even further and is making an even smaller brush. As with any movie sequel you need more budget, more famous actors and more action - and we feel brushes are similar in that respect!

What is more insane than INSANE? Help us with the new name of this incredibly ultra small 10/0 precision brush and be the winner of a Mega Paint Set + 10 of the new (name) brush once released in autumn 2012.

The new handmade Rothmarder Sable brush is with the characteristic triangular white Wargamer handle; head size is 10/0 and will be released worldwide autumn 2012.

Send all suggestions to - all entries must be with us before June 13th 2012 and you are allowed to have more than one suggestion.

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Battle Tactics has a very thorough video unboxing of the Dust Preimium Edition SSU Units over on YouTube. It's worth a watch.

It’s November 1945 after The USA decides to use a VK-enhanced nuclear bomb on Japan before attacking it. The result is beyond their imagination; the whole island is wiped out by the blast. The earth cracks and the ocean swallows 90% of the land. After public outrage directed towards the Allied governments Communists controlling much of China turned their backs on the ineffectual Allied efforts to help them and align themselves fully with the USSR. The Sino-Soviet Union (SSU) was formed. unboxes the first of the new released Dust Tactics / Dust Warfare SSU units. These Premium Edition miniatures are hand painted to an exact replica of Vincent Fontaine’s work, Dust Studio’s Master Painter. The SSU are here and ready to do battle in Paolo Parente's Dust universe

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