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Year 2012

Cipher Studios wants to know if you can draw or sculpt. If you can, they're interested in your talents.Here at Cipher Studios we are looking for visual artists and sculptors for current and future pro
BaneLegions had a wonderful time at Salute and posted up a bit about their take on the show as well as a taste of what's to come.From the website:Phew! It’s taken us all quite a few days to recover fr
Hawk Wargames posts up some new previews of their warships for Dropzone Commander on their Facebook Page. Check it out!
Worthy Painting is now the studio painters for Tor Gamings, Relics. In this video, Nick travels to meet the guys at Tor Gaming the creators of the game relics and showcases the new paint jobs on the B
WizKids gives us the next of their Dark Knight previews with the Scarecrow.From the preview:Greetings HeroClix Fans!Our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises set continues toda
Secret Weapon Miniatures has 57 new products in stock. That's right, 57. The one they wanted to show off the most was their new Corpse Field bases.From the update:As of today we now have the largest s
Mantic Games is still having their Crazy Bundle sale. The link from before was apparently broken. They've fixed it now.You may have noticed that the link to the Crazy Bag and Crazy Bundle was broken o
Warlord Games releases another tank for Bolt Action. This one is the monster French Char 2c.From the update:Now for something a bit special – the only operational super-heavy tank in military history.
Ganesha Games has a new supplement for their Fear and Faith minis game, Ghost Rangers.And yes, you should have a certain theme song running through your head right now. It's only natural.From the rele
Tercio Creativo has a pair of new greens up on their website for all to see. Plus a report from a recent Con they went to.From them to you:Some images from the con of this last weekend, in Malaga, and
WizKids has a new set of team abilities out there for their Galactic Guardians. Check 'em out.From the update:It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Rules Arb, Sean aka “TechG0D”. We have yet anoth
Manorhouse Workshop is having a sale on their Italian Villa terrain pieces until May 10.From the announcement:Given the high interest in our last product … continues until May 10 the bid of the item:
Brueckenkopf has a review up on their website (in German, mind you) of Warlord Games' Napoleonic Russian infantry sets.Another plastic set from Warlord Games unboxed at Brueckenkopf Online, this time
WizKids gives us another look at their convention pieces for this year with Dr. Fate.From the preview:Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!Do you sometimes feel that Fate is against you? Often when
Wargames Illustrated has 10 new articles up online to supplement their issue 295. There's a little bit of everything there, so I suggest you check it out.
Tabletop World has another new terrain piece to spice up your table, the Blacksmith Forge.From the release:Hello guys!The Blacksmith's Forge is finally finished! This is by far the most complex house
AD Publishing continues their Victory Decision series with the Chinese guide over on their website.From the update:The Pacific War Army Guide supplements for our "Victory Decision: World War II" minia
Games Trust has a review up on their website about Eslo Terrain's new water and island terrain pieces. Check it out (if you know or have a way to translate German).From the review:After we found out,
Play Board Games has another review for you guys to look at. This one's for Zip Zap.From the review:Zip Zap is a fast-paced card game. You goal each round is to discard all your cards. While similar t
GCT Studios has a gruesome-looking preview for their next wave for the Cult of Yurei, the Rat Swarm. Also, they announce their rules are now available in Spanish. Ole!From them to you:GCT Studios are
Laser Dream Works is pleased to show off their May release, the Hamilton Gunboat.From the release:Laser Dream Works is happy to announce our May release - a British model 1806 Hamilton Gunboat. The sm
Alien Dungeon announces their new minis gaming coming out soon: Fanticide!From the announcement:Alien Dungeon is pleased to officially announce Fanticide! This exciting new 28mm Fantasy Skirmish Game
The Screaming Heretic now has episode 24 of their podcast available for listening.In this episode:Episode 24, where we want to give you free stuff. Make sure to check out our contests in the episode.S
Guns, Dice, Butter now has episode 3 of their podcast available for listening.In this episode:Third episode of Guns, Dice, Butter0:0:00 Introduction with Herr Dr: Feedback, review of listener survey o
The Department now has print copies available for purchase if you prefer to have a real book in your hands, rather than just a pdf.From them to you:Printed versions of the rulebook have been posted on