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Year 2012

FireForge Games posts up pictures of their previewed Templar Sergeants.From their site:Painted by our in-house painter Francesco Velotto as Templar Sergeants
Puppets War releases their new Bastet and Sobek heads, as part of their super human head set.From their release:Set contains 10 Heads. Designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames scale, supplied unassemble
MayDay, held in Edmonton, has opened up registration for their convention. You know you want to go.From them to you:The Edmonton Wargame Group is hosting its annual MayDay gaming convention on Saturda releases their Greatcoat Legs conversion bits. From their site:This set contains 6 greatcoat legs cast in white metal. Designed to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures.Sculpted by Gregor Adrian.Pai
Steve Barber Models has some new American Civil War models up on their website for you to go and see.From the release:This month we have some new packs available for our growing 28mm American Civil Wa
Kingdom Death posts a new preview of their new model, hopefully coming out by the end of April. From their preview:It's been waaayy too long since i posted something, ( been working on the beta and it
Evil Mushroom Games is going to make your table look that much better with their new Webway terrain piece.From the release:New Scnery has been added to the webstore Webway Scenery . Webway Ancient Ali
Forge World now has Imperial Armor II available. Paint like a pro with the tips and tricks you'll learn inside.From the website:Available to purchase for the first time in limited numbers at the Forge
Firedragon Games has a new terrain piece for your gaming table: The concrete bunker (note: it's not really made of concrete).From the copy:Firedragon Games' new 28mm Concrete Bunker is now available a
Brigade Games is letting you take 10% off orders of $30 or more all through the rest of March.BrigadeGames.comMarch Promo - 10% Off Orders $30 or more*must use coupon code: MARCHENDSEnds 4/1/2012
Architects of War has a new range of Sudanese models available on their website.From the announcement:Our first Perry Miniatures showcase feature is now online. We have selected the Sudan for this spo
Frontline Gamer posts up an interview they did with Rob Lane of Banelegions.Frontline Gamer interviews Rob Lane of BaneLegions about the miniature range and the upcoming wargame. He teases a bit more
KR Multicase is doing a Willy Wonka routine and giving away their backpacks at Salute to those that pick up their "goodie bags."From the announcement:his year KR have another great giveaway of transpo
Tales of Blades and Heroes can now be downloaded as an ebook for Kindle.From the announcement:Look for Tales of Blades and Heroes in the Amazon Kindle store. Price varies based on local taxes and curr
West Wind Productions is having a contest for Empire of the Dead. Check it out.From the announcement:Meet Feasal the Weasel, a genuine snake oil salesman. Feasal would love nothing more than to sell y
Dark Millennium Online has made an announcement that Dark Millennium will become a single player game. From their announcement:In a press release issued today Brian Farrell, president and CEO of THQ,
Khurasan Miniatures releases a new 15mm M3918 Polecat Armored Light Utility Vehicle.From their website:A sci fi HMMWV-sized vehicle for recon, patrol, and carting the high command about. Kit comes wit
Triple Ace Games announces their new G-Men & Gangsters Core Setting Book. They are offering some freebies on their website. From their announcement:This weeks update is all about freebies! We have a c
Forge World has posted a new kit on their site, the Stormeagle.
Gamecraft Miniatures posts a preview picture of new Blast Walls.From their preview:They will be released in 15mm, 20mm and 1/285th scale. The 15mm and 20mm versions will come in packs of single sectio
Warseer has posted pictures from the new Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army.
Cipher Studios show the new concept art for Hiro, as they prepare to go to Emerald City Comic Con.From their post:Greg figured out that the last clue was indeed Hiro! He, Deimon, Veronica, and the Swa
LITKO Game Accessories releases a new Mecha Heat Dial. Great for having that countdown...From their website:Set of 1 dial.The Mecha Heat Dials are perfect for tracking the heat buildup during the game
Gang Fight Games posts up their new model the Gambler Gang Leader. Their Kickstarter is still going as well, so go check it out!From their post:Relying on cunning and a little bit of luck, a Gambler a
Pro Gloria Miniatures releases their second wave of miniatures. From their release: Hello all together,for all of you you have pre-ordered these sets - you should have received them in the last two we