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Year 2012

WizKids may seem to be a couple months late with this preview, but they've got ones up for The Vampire and Dracula from the upcoming Spider Man set.From the preview:Welcome back as we take another loo
Historical Wargames has the latest episode of their podcast available for your listening pleasure. In this episode:In this special Double-Interview episode, I am first joined by Keith Branagh from Ave
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher gives us another review, this time looking at the Pulp City Monsters expansion.From the review:My favourite game of ALL TIME has gained an expansion! Pulp City MonstersW
Cloud Pixies LTD is running a Kickstarter in order to fund a line of acrylic stand-up game character cut-outs.From the campaign:For when you don't have enough miniatures or a big boss costs too much o
Ironwatch has the latest issue of their magazine available for download for your reading pleasure.In this issue:The editors here at Ironwatch are proud to announce the release of the new Ironwatch mag
Play Unplugged has the latest episode of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.In this episode:Forces beyond our control make this a late episode indeed. Episode 2.7 was recorded almost
West Wind Productions is showing off some artwork for the Japanese they've got in the works for Secrets of the Third Reich.From the preview:Preview of the concept work for the Japanese Heavy Armour fo
Warlord Games makes the skies a rougher place to be for Allied pilots with their Waffen-SS-crewed Flakvierling.From the release:Quadruple 2cm flak cannons manned by Hitler’s elite Waffen-SS troops – a
GameCraft Miniatures is also giving you some more terrain options with their latest 15mm buildings.From the release:This is a new line of buildings that I'm very excited about. These kits feature grea
Fiona Adores Heroes has new terrain accent pieces available for their Sci-Fi building line.From the announcement:Fiona Adores Heroes to very proud to announce the release and immediate availability of
Najewitz Modellbau beautifies your table with some new buildings from their 1813 terrain line.From the release:For your battles on gametable, I have 8 new buildings for this period.
Warlord Games has eyes on the ground and is checking you out with their new Forward Observer Team for Bolt Action.From the release:Calling in air strikes from the Luftwaffe or murderous artillery barr
Megalith Games concludes today's previews with the Fallow Shaman WIP.From the preview:As we prepare for the imminent release of the next miniatures, we are already casting the next round of miniatures
Action Games Miniatures gives us another look at a 3D render they're working on for Drake with the Mammoth.From the preview: Mammoth beast WIPHere is a Great W.I.P that we are working on right now. Ka
Escenografia Epsilon has some new releases available over in their webshop.From the release:Two new references are available in the epsilon web. The Artillery emplacement in 28mm is the first item in
Wee Gamers posted up a review of Warlord Games' Ruined Hamlet, and I don't mean a synopsis of Paul Sawyer's acting in Shakespearean prose.From the review:Wee Gamers have a look at the worth of Warlord
Darkest Star Games has a preview picture up of some Battle armor they're working on in 15mm scale.From the preview:Hello all! We hope your holidays are coming along well and that you got a HUGE stash
Brink of Battle is also participating in the Winter Offensive sale. Go get yourself some books for cheaper than usual.From the sales sheet:Wargame Vault is having their Winter Offensive Sale over the
Megalith Games has another preview for Godslayer with the WIP for the Lighteater.From the preview:We are continuing with another image from a WIP Sculpt to share our current developments for the futur
Bombshell Games is having their Winter Offensive sale, going on now.From the sales sheet:Bombshell games has entered the Wargame Vault 25% off Winter Offensive sale.All products, including the recentl
AD Publishing has released a new Gear Krieg book for Victory Decision. Go have a look-see.From the release:Victory Decision: Gear Krieg is a stand alone rulebook and a comprehensive guide to using Two
Play Unplugged has another of their game reviews up. This one is for Furt.From the review:Holidays mean family time, and if you're looking for a fun way to spend time with the family, you may want to
Megalith Games gives us a look at another Godslayer mini with the Ursapine.From the update:As promised, we will show you some new model images during the next week and let's start with the Banebrood U
Game Classy has episode 25 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.In this episode:It’s the end of the year, and Steve wanted to do an awards show. Joe decided to play along. So listen
DramaScape is running a sale on their terrain maps over on DriveThruRPG.From the announcement:25% off Everything in the DramaScape store until the 1st January