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Year 2012

AntiMatter Games has unlocked more goodies in their DeepWars "Mini"Kickstarter campaign and posted what's next to be unlocked.From the campaign:The DeepWars Mini-Kicker is moving along and is only a f
Formula Motor Racing races towards the finish line. Will they cross it with a stunning review?From the review:Formula Motor Racing is a quick-playing card game that puts you at the controls of a two-c
Hellfire Club Mug
WarMill has started their Christmas specials over on their website.We're running a 15% offf all orders over £50 for 12 days this Christmas! Just simply use the coupon code 12 days at checkout to redee
Kabuki Models has another deal going on for Christmas with their Knights of Legend box set, available over in their webstore.From the announcement:The box contains the first 13 models from the Knights
Warlord Games is giving away an exclusive, free model with their Albion Triumphant sourcebook for Black Powder over on their website. Go take a look.From the announcement:Released mid-December, this B
Blackball Games is showing off another stretch goal and concept art for their AE:WWII-European Theater Kickstarter.From the update:Another goal of ours, in addition to getting a new book out, is to ge
Imbrian Arts gives us a look at another piece of concept art for their Kickstarter campaign and posts up another stretch goal.From the preview:So the Cassowary rider is unlocked and the Necromancer Ba
Scibor has added their Dwarf of Chaos on War Boar model to their webstore. He's a big 'un.From the release:54mm resin miniature provided with resin round 50mm scenic base.Miniture is unpainted and req
Gangfight Games gives us a look at some more concept art they've got in the works for Blackwater Gulch.From the preview:We've got some new and updated artwork for the last remaining bonus figures in o
Tales of a Tabletop Skrimisher put up a review of Secret Weapon Miniature's Trench Works resin bases. Should they be underneath your models?From the review: Secret Weapon Miniatures have given me the
On the Lamb Games posted up a preview of the Lem Han cavalry model for Brushfire.From the preview:Daniel has completed the sculpt for the Lem Han, Chugoku's cavalry unit and will be moving onto Wu Xia
Warlord Games gets your Germans into the fighting in style with their Panzergrenadier box set (you get both the vehicle and the riding-in-style Germans).From the update:Our first plastic Bolt Action v
Goalsystem is over on sale over on Go get yourself a copy.From the sales sheet:Goalsystem rules from Scott Pyle are on sale for 20% OFF, this Friday (11/30/12) at wargamedownload
Dust Chronicles now has issue #3 of their magazine up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.In this issue:The December issue of Dust Chronicles is now available for free download. This is o
Acheson Creations gives you the latest in their Kaiju Kaos line with Yamabiru, the Giant Subterranean.From the release:Acheson Creations releases a new Kaiju Kaos piece, Yamabiru the Giant Subterranea
Eden is getting short on time over on Indiegogo. How many more stretch goals can they make it through?From the campaign:A lot of players asked us to know what could be next ....If we reach 25000€ we w
Battlefront is showing off their US Cavalry Army group over on their website.From the website:Cavalry Group (USAB04) includes one Company HQ with two M24 Chaffee, two Light Tank Platoons each with M24
Copplestone Castings has started up their Christmas sale over on their website.XMAS OFFER From midnight on Friday 30th November until 9am on Monday 3rd December (UK times) you can get 10% off anything
Black Hat Miniatures adds to their sci-fi line with their new Martian Lion.From the announcement:We have one new pack for the 18mm Martian Empires range which is an addition to the Martian Fauna – a 1
Warlord Games saves your caffeine hands with their Macedonian Phalangite shield designs.Note: There's bunches. This is just one sample below.From the release:Fresh in from Little Big Men Studios are t
Wrath of Kings has posted their demo/playtest rules .pdf up online. Give it a whirl. See what you think.
Black Hat Miniatures adds to their 15mm line with two new releases.From the release:We have 2 new packs for our 15mm Marlburian range:WSS22 Artillery LimberWSS23 Ammunition Wagon and Driver
Crystal Brush is heating up as it draws ever closer. They've posted up the models from the Chaos Ludik Qualifier.Here's a look at a finalist. If they didn't win, just think what the winning model look
Warlord Games has their French Army list now available for download from their website.From the update:Allowing you to take on the Third Reich’s armies as they assault France, this army list gives you
Crooked Dice has their December sale going on. You could use the time to pick up some of their new releases, too.From the announcement:We go BIG in December with our first large releases in resin! Fir