Year 2012

Australian Block Dice reaches funding goal, stretch goals await

Aussie Block Dice got to their minimum funding goal over on Indiegogo. They've got a lot of time left, so it's stretch goals ahoy!

From the update:

All steam ahead at Aussie Block Dice HQ, we've reached our funding goal which means the lovely Pink and Green "Coral Reef" dice have been unlocked!

Next up are the "Croc Hunters", Khaki with Dark Green ink.

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Black Kiwi ordering window closes tonight at midnight

The Black Kiwi heads back to the depths of Hell that spawned him at midnight. If you want to order your copy from On the Lamb, you'd better think about doing it now.

From the website:

Tonight at midnight The Black Kiwi will be removed from the webstore. This model will never be avaliable again, so if you want one now is the time to order!

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Dominion of the Gods in last days on Kickstarter, previews new green

Dominion of the Gods from Comfy Chair Games has just around 2 days left on Kickstarter with still a ways to go to get to their funding level. To help things along, they're showing off another green they've got in as well as upping some of the funding level deals.

From the update:

We have just received this new green of Jokul Frosti for the Norse box set of the new game, Dominion of the gods. Jokul Frosti is the Norse embodiment of winter itself. One part old man winter, one part Jack Frost, mixed with some serious killing power! Jokul's mere presence brings Frost across the land. His touch can blacken a man's skin with frostbite as he glides effortlessly over water and land alike. The men of the North know it is wise to respect the winter, now during these trying times winter fights beside the men of the North.

Friday, November 2 9:00 PM EST will be the end of the kickstarter campaign for dominion of the gods. This is your last chance to get in early on this exciting new game and also receive an extra large size model in each box set (the Celtic and Lovecraft boxes contain a free medium based model due to Army build.)

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7ombieTV: For Ghouls and Colleges released from Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice isn't going to be left out of the Halloween fun. They've released their 7ombieTV expansion book over on their website.

From the release:

Just in time for Halloween, this 7ombieTV supplement brings a UK twist and some minor misdemeanours to your favourite horror skirmish game.

Play cannibal ghouls such as the twisted Number 11 or two new survivor casts - the Girls of St Searle’s or the vicious Borstal Boys. It's 44 pages packed with:

- New weapons and rules for Ghoul casts; including a new Elder Ghoul Star and new Cannibal and Feral Child Extras.

- Three new casts - the Girls of St Searle's, The Borstal Boys and the ghoulish Number 11 - each with Cast Event Cards.

- Five episodes including a linked story with scenarios from Chris Viau and Mik Hollands.

- A new Spawn deck to use with the episodes, but generally useful for random zed generation and solo games.

- A cardstock double decker from Wayne Peters.

- Background on the Barron Pictures failed foray into UK teen horror market by archivist Helena Rodings!

- Cracking photography from Kevin Dallimore!

In store now!

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Pontiac and Black Hawk now available at Warlord Games

Warlord Games now has Pontiac and Black Hawk (the Native American leaders, not the car brand and hockey team) available over on their website.

From the release:

Two more great Indian war chiefs are now available. Ottawa leader Pontiac and Black Hawk, leader of the Sauk will make perfect additions to your armies or as miniatures worthy of spending that little more time painting!

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Frontline Gamer Reviews Munchkin Zombies

Frontline Gamer gives us another Halloween-themed update with a review of Munchkin Zombies.
And apparently I'm currently out of silly things to say about the subject...

From the review:

Frontline Gamer continues his zombie themed week by reviewing one of Steve Jackson's many iteration's of Munchkin... obviously given the theme of the week it's Munchkin Zombies.

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Mantic Games at Crisis, Antwerp

Mantic will be another of the manufacturers heading to Crisis in Antwerp (link takes you to the Crisis Facebook page). I wish I was going.

We're at Crisis in Antwerp this year for the first time with all of the latest new releases, gossip and rumours.

It looks like Mr Ronnie Renton will be running the stand... and he'll be bringing DreadBall, Kings of War and Warpath with him! Go and check it out.

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On the Lamb Games introduces Lyra Cosine and updates Endless Fantasy Tactics dice appearance

On the Lamb Games has updated their Endless Fantasy Tactics dice over on Kickstarter to look more distinct. They're also introducing Lyra Cosine to the Endless family.

From the update:

Impatient with the structured process of the Magickal Akademy, Journeywizard Lyra Cosine dropped out of the school in a manner that been described by the faculty as “abjectly unprofessional”. Since leaving the school, Lyra has taken to self-teaching, most often by practicing spells on highwaymen and bandit dens. This behavior has earned her the gratitude of many outlying villages throughout Wugin, but the ire of others.

Accepting large payments for the defense of small villages, Lyra has sometimes done more damage than the bandits during her ‘protection’ of a village. With her fees pre-paid by the community, Lyra skips town before the smoke has even settled.

Lyra will be added to all Thief, Dragoon, and Cleric level pledges when we hit $60k.

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Free Gear Krieg Zombie Preview booklet from AD Publishing

AD Publishing is giving away free preview booklets for their Gear Krieg Zombie expansion. Seems fitting for this time of year.

From the announcement:This is a free supplement for our "Victory Decision: World War II" miniatures game.
Have some scary fun...

A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of this book.
The full Victory Decision: Gear Krieg rulebook will be released later this year or early 2013.

The Victory Decision: Gear Krieg Preview booklet brings two of the Two-fisted Pulp Superscience units of Dream Pod 9’s classic Gear Krieg game to the Victory Decision: World War II line of products.
Victory Decision is a fast-playing game based on real historical units and vehicles. With Victory Decision: Gear Krieg you will get more.
Included are the rules for the German Zombietrupp and the Imperial Japanese Koumajutsu and the new infantry ability to use them in your games of Victory Decision: World War II.

As with all our ebooks you will get in fact 2 products:

•a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models
•in addition a B&W text only printer friendly version

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Warmill taking the elevated road to Crisis

Warmill will be making their way to Crisis and are going to be bringing their elevated road system with them.

From the update:

Warmill is heading to Antwerp for Crisis 2012, where we will be releasing our new ELMOR system, the Elevated Modular Road for 28mm sci-fi games.

Made from laser-cut MDF, the ELMOR is sturdy, can be assembled without glue, and features removable barriers and road surfaces for complete flexibility in-game. Each individual straight section measures 225mm long by 125mm wide, and the largest set contains 4.5 feet of road in straights alone! The low level set will soon be followed by the sky-level set and will be completely compatible with it. The low-level sets are available now for pre-order to be shipped November 8th.

To celebrate it's release, we will have a small number of sets available at Crisis before the official release date, where we will be offering a 10% discount on all our products!

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Rebel Minis won't be headed to Fall-In. Holding sale online

Rebel Minis won't be headed to Fall-In, so you can't stop by and say, "Hello." You can take advantage of their online sale, though.

From the update:

It is with a sad heart that I am announcing that we won't be attending Fall IN! this year. We had planned to go, had our booth and were packed up and ready… but it is an 11 hour drive for us and we just didn't want to risk it.

That being said, we are going to have a Rebel Minis "Not Going to FALL IN Because of a BIG Storm" Sale! Our loss, is your gain! From Now until midnight Nov 4th, everything on the site is 20% off! Use the coupon: Noshow when you check out.

You know we only have 2 sales a year, so we must really be feeling bad to have another!!

And don't forget… shipping worldwide is just $6 USD!

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Miniature Building Authority will be at Fall-In

Miniature Building Authority is headed out to Fall-In. You should stop by and say, "Hello."

From the announcement:

Well, Jim and I are packing up Wednesday morning and heading into the storm. Hopefully all will be cleared up by Thursday afternoon or at least letting up. Hope to see new and old friends.

We will be bringing with us all of the new items that arrived in September. We will have some of the new items that will be out late, late this year or early next year. Lot's of good times.

Also, at the show we will be continuing our 15% off sale, so stop by the booth and take advantage of the big sale.

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