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Year 2012

Gamers on Games made a vidcast report while the storm was raging all around them. See how it went.From them to you:Gamers on Games talks about the storm, what they went through, and what they accompli
Aussie Block Dice got to their minimum funding goal over on Indiegogo. They've got a lot of time left, so it's stretch goals ahoy!From the update:All steam ahead at Aussie Block Dice HQ, we've reached
Brueckenkopf has a review up (in German, of course) of the Khador colossal, the Conquest, from Privateer Press.From the review:Its big, its red and its from Khador, the new Conquest Colossal has made
The Black Kiwi heads back to the depths of Hell that spawned him at midnight. If you want to order your copy from On the Lamb, you'd better think about doing it now.From the website:Tonight at midnigh
Dominion of the Gods from Comfy Chair Games has just around 2 days left on Kickstarter with still a ways to go to get to their funding level. To help things along, they're showing off another green th
Crooked Dice isn't going to be left out of the Halloween fun. They've released their 7ombieTV expansion book over on their website.From the release:Just in time for Halloween, this 7ombieTV supplement
Warlord Games now has Pontiac and Black Hawk (the Native American leaders, not the car brand and hockey team) available over on their website.From the release:Two more great Indian war chiefs are now
Play Unplugged continues our hour of reviews with Dungeon.From the review:Hang on to your torches! Play Unplugged's Enrico Nardini reviews Dungeon! the new (and old) board game from Wizards of the Coa
Frontline Gamer gives us another Halloween-themed update with a review of Munchkin Zombies.And apparently I'm currently out of silly things to say about the subject...From the review:Frontline Gamer c
Mantic will be another of the manufacturers heading to Crisis in Antwerp (link takes you to the Crisis Facebook page). I wish I was going.We're at Crisis in Antwerp this year for the first time with a
On the Lamb Games has updated their Endless Fantasy Tactics dice over on Kickstarter to look more distinct. They're also introducing Lyra Cosine to the Endless family.From the update:Impatient with th
AD Publishing is giving away free preview booklets for their Gear Krieg Zombie expansion. Seems fitting for this time of year.From the announcement:This is a free supplement for our "Victory Decision:
Warmill will be making their way to Crisis and are going to be bringing their elevated road system with them.From the update:Warmill is heading to Antwerp for Crisis 2012, where we will be releasing o
Rebel Minis won't be headed to Fall-In, so you can't stop by and say, "Hello." You can take advantage of their online sale, though.From the update:It is with a sad heart that I am announcing that we w
Miniature Building Authority is headed out to Fall-In. You should stop by and say, "Hello."From the announcement:Well, Jim and I are packing up Wednesday morning and heading into the storm. Hopefully
Armorcast has a new steam/smoke plume to add a little flair to your minis.From the update:A dramatic large smoke plume with flames erupting from the base designed by Shawn Lux There are two plumes sup
Evil Mushroom Games is running a sale over on their website for Halloween. Check it out.From the sales sheet:Its Halloween so as way of offering to please the dark forces . Evil Mushroom Games is havi
ShadowSea keeps plugging away over on Kickstarter. They've still got 18 days to make it to their goal. To help out AntiMatter Games has posted an update.From the update:The ShadowSea Kickstarter has b
MiniCon is coming to Glocuestershire in January. Will you be there?From the con sheet:MiniCon - the Gloucestershire Miniatures and Strategy Games Convention - is back in 2013 at a new and much larger
Warlord Games put up the Bolt Action errata document online so you can make sure you're playing the game correctly.From the update:As with any new game system, there will be questions asked and clarif
Fantasy Flight Games has posted the rules for their Olympus board game online so you can get a look at it before you buy. Always a nice thing, that.From the website:The ancient Grecian city-states are
Gary Games is taking pre-orders for their Immortal Heroes expansion to their Ascension deck-building game. The previous announcement had it listed for a Nov. 5th release. Now we get Nov. 12th.Better l
One Pound Wargames has started the public Beta-test of their MechaWar Mission Generator.From the announcement:One Pound Wargames is delighted to announce its first free DLC to support its first game s
Umpire of the Dead is a free-to-use campaign and faction program for West Wind Production's Empire of the Dead game.From the announcement:Just in time for Halloween, a free on-line Faction creation an
Free Mars is a webcomic about a hard-rocking band out to free... well... Mars.Anyway, as part of their Kickstarter, they've got minis available, so we figured we'd post it up here for you guys to chec