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Year 2012

Fantasy Flight Games previews some of the cards and background for their new game in the Twilight Imperium World, Rex.From their website:Rex, a board game of negotiation, betrayal, and warfare for thr
Wyrd Miniatures have posted their February Releases for Malifaux. From their release:February ReleasesWYR1048 - Witchling Hander - $10.00WYR2053 - Rafkin - $10.00WYR3044 - Alternative Marcus - $10.50W
Dark Age Games has posted a preview of their upcoming Ice Explosion base inserts:From their website:The clear blue resin inserts are part of February's releases, they are designed to work with any bas
Fireforge Games posts pictures of their painted Teutonic Knights.From their post:Teutonic Knights, painted by Francesco Velotto.
Fool's Creations releases Fool's Trays, the original and best way to carry and display your models at conventions:From their post:These trays are easy to flock and make into great display boards. Spac
Orcs in the Webbe has posted another blog entry complete with a free game:From their website:Matthew Hartley's new blog entry looks at what it means to be an Alternative historical wargamer and gives
Gen Con Indy 2012 Hotel Block opened today, and is already 50% sold out. From their announcement:Wow. Almost 50% of the attendee room block has been reserved. Don't panic - hold on to your towels! The
Pulp City posts an art teaser on their facebook page. From their preview:Time to round up some teams, any clues?
EBob Miniatures posts the greens for their 28mm Norman Knight. From their preview:28mm Norman Knights Greens has released UM007 USE ME Post Apocalypse, as part of their series of rules line:From their website:The seventh title in the USE ME series and the first created directly as a result of a ye
Games Workshop announces that today is the last time to buy Dreadfleet, the pirate ship game on the Warhammer High Seas on their online store.From their site:Dreadfleet will be disappearing from the G
Acheson Creations announces New 14/7 Membership Discount Club,and releases its first Special-For-Members product - the Log Cabin Ruin:From their website:Acheson Creations announces two things - #1 the
Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 is very proud to announce that it will host the Southern Arizona Warmachine/Hordes Championship Tournament:From their post:Tournament participants joining the event on February 25
Finger and Toe announces the release of the 28mm card stock Early Neolithic Ceremonial Center and Village, Eski Koy:From their website:Eski Koy comes with three different circular, mud brick huts, pil
Specialist Military Publishing has slashed the price of Future War Commander while supplies last:From their website:The cost of Future War Commander is now down to just £12.50 (£7.50 cheaper than the
Miniature Building Authority adds moe 15mm bunker terrain to their Direct store:Frm their website:Direct Terrain is adding more to our 15mm terrain. This week we want to announce the offical release f
Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for their 25th anniversary model:From their post:Games Workshop is now taking pre-orders for their Warhammer 40,000 25th Anniversay Model, depicting the Crimson Fis
Relic Miniatures releases new Illyrian miniatures:From their post:Illyrians are here and command on the way. Supply your own spears.
Wizkids will be releasing a board game based off of the Lord of the Rings:From their post:Wizkids has announced a May 16th release date for their boardgame "Lord of the Rings: Nazgûl." It's a semi-coo
Forged in Battle releases a new 15mm halftrack for their WWII line:From their post:Forged in Battle Release a 15mm WWII M3 Half-track .
Warlord Games post two new releases from their Hail Caeser line:From their website:Amongst the first re-releases of the metal range we acquired when we bought Immortal Miniatures are these nifty nCret
Tor Gaming releases the Relics Rulebook on Wargames Vault.From their announcement:We have been thinking about how to handle the Relics rulebook and force lists. With the addition of the Nuem list we h
Kingdom Death releases two new limited edition models to their online store.From their release:Lion KnightThree brother generals command the vast armies of the Golden Entities domain. Each imbued with
Play Board Games posts a review of the game, Pastiche:From their website:Pastiche is a board game about painting. You must complete commissions to score points. But first you must mix the palette requ
RAFM Miniatures now offers one of their tanks from their 15mm range in resin:From their post:RAFM's 15mm Plasma grav tank is now available in resin. The kit comes with resin hull, metal turret and gun