Year 2012

Frontline Gamer Reviews Ax Factions Gilded Saint Dragon Hunter

Frontline Gamer has a review up of one of the new Ax Faction models, the Gilded Saint Dragon Hunter.
Note: While you can't really tell from the blister packaging picture below, the model is a bare-chested woman and you'll see the artwork and a better look at the model in the article. So you're forewarned if you're looking at this at work or whatever.

From the review:

No third person for this one. I very nearly considered not posting this review, but I felt the issues it raised for me are worthy of airing... so here is my review. I'd be genuinely interested in what people think. Peace out!

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New Romans from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing has some new Roman Legionnaires for your historical minis gaming needs.

From the release:

More 15/18mm Ancients from Blue Moon Manufacturing

In case your Gauls were getting out of control Blue Moon has just released our first 4 codes of Romans to help you fight the Gauls.
15RAE-115 Roman Legionnaire Command (15 Command figures consisting of 5 Officers, 5 Musicians and 5 Standard-bearers, included are a variety of staffs to choose from for your Standard-bearers) $8.00
15RAE-116 Roman Legionnaires Advancing with Pilum (30 figs) $15.00
15RAE-117 Roman Legionnaires Advancing / Gladius (30 figs) $15.00
15RAE-118 Roman Legionnaires throwing Pilum (30 figs) $15.00

We have more codes in various ranges arriving in a steady stream so continue to watch for more announcements.

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Grex Airbrush Tritium TG.3 Review by Miniature Modeler

Miniature Modeler wants you to be informed when it comes to high-level painting products like airbrushes. So they've got a review up of one. Is it the airbrush for you?

From the review:

The first review from has been posted on their site, featuring the Grex Tritium TG.3 airbrush. In this review, Careos covers his views on the brush's design, operation and the level of customer service provided by Grex Airbrush. is a new venture that provides not only product reviews, but professional painting services at a cost that will not murder your wallet.

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Brigade Models Victorian SF Sale

Brigade Models is having themselves a sale. Who doesn't like saving money?

It's summertime, so glorious weather, barbecues, cricket on the green
... or if you're in the UK this year, thunderstorms, hail, floods,
umbrellas ...

And it's also time for the Brigade summer sale season. Like last year
we'll be running several week-long themed sales, each covering a subset
of our ranges (this just makes things more manageable and ensures we
don't get swamped by the demand !).

Our first sale covers our two Victorian SF ranges, the ever-popular
Aeronef and Land Ironclads. From today (Friday 29th) for one week (until
Friday 6th July) all models and packs in both ranges are 15% off.

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Fantasy Flight Games unveils organized play and tourney rules for Dust Warfare

Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled their official organized play and tournament rules for Dust Warfare.

Dust Warfare is arriving to Gen Con Indy 2012 with the thunderous boom of cannon fire from hulking combat walkers! This year, amid the staccato reports of rifle fire and the bone-chilling growls of Axis gorillas, Gen Con Indy plays host to the first ever Dust Warfare North American Championship tournament.

After Gen Con Indy, fans can enjoy more Dust Warfare Organized Play opportunities as they prepare their armies for the intense battles of the Dust Warfare World Championships, scheduled to take place November 9th – 12th during the FFG World Championship Weekend, in Roseville, MN. The FFG World Championship Weekend is a hallmark event for Fantasy Flight Games, marking a forward leap in our Organized Play, and we have secured extra space in the same building as the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, ensuring room and tables for all participants.

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BaneLegions regrettably posts price increase

BaneLegions didn't want to do it, but they've got a price hike on the way.

Well, my lovely lords and ladies, it had to happen at some point. The rising costs of manufacturing high-quality polyurethane resin miniatures have forced our hand, and although that’s not the only reason we must increase prices on some of our miniatures, it’s the most onerous one. Thus, I’m afraid we must pass these rising costs onto you, our valued customers, for which we do apologise. Necessary evils may well be necessary, but they’re also evil.

This price increase will occur next Friday, the 6th of July, and so you have a week to get hold of miniatures you were thinking about getting at the old prices, so get ordering!

On the upside, too, it is really only the BaneLords that are increasing in price and a couple of miniatures – notably Magágg and Talos – will actually reduce in price, thanks to re-moulding them more efficiently, so it’s not all bad; and you can still take advantage of Maelstrom Games‘ superb Summer Sale (16% off UK RRP) until Monday night, too!

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More 3D render previews for MERCS

MERCS keeps rolling with their ISS previews. Here's another set of 3D renders.

From the preview:

I missed yesterdays posting because I was all jacked up on Mountain Dew!!

I had to finish up a project and get it to the printer so we can have it well within the timing for GenCon. But, I'll make good on it today with a double post of hotness. Hopefully you'll feel good about it :-)

This morning is what would have been yesterdays posted models. Oh yeah!

(FYI you can click to enlarge)

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Anatoli's Game Room has an Interview with Robert Faust, writer of Brink of Battle

Anatoli's Game Room sat down and had a chat with Brink of Battle writer Robert Faust. See what they had to say.

From the interview:

Robert Faust, writer of the "Brink of Battle" skirmish rules sheds some light on the background of the rules, upcoming projects and gives you an insight into the venture of selfpublished rulebooks by answering 32 questions.

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Sedition Wars 24 hours to go! Last chance to get 98 Studio Mcvey miniatures for $100!

News flash - Sedition Wars now most funded Boardgame ever! Gnosis Kara and Exo-armor Barker unlocked

And so another epic Kickstarter is drawing to an end! With less than 24 hours left to go and over $700,000 raised, we have one last stretch goal, and it's a doozy!

If you haven't checked out the Sedition Wars Kickstarter yet, now is your last chance:

98 miniatures so far with the stretches for the $100 Biohazard pledge level.

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Total Wargamer goes over the new 40k 6th edition rulebook

Total Wargamer got themselves a copy of the new 6th edition rulebook and goes over some of the book's contents as well as any major changes to the rules. Let's put some of the rumors about the game to rest, already.

From the website:

Total Wargamer has spent the day with the new rulebook and has put a review together.

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Stronghold Terrain: Old Shed released

Stronghold Terrain previewed this shed a little while back. Well now you, yourself, can have it on your gaming table.

From the release:

Stronghold Terrain: Old Shed released
Now Stronghold Terrain becomes leaning. There is no right angle at this old Shed.
The Old Shed is now available at a price of only 15,90 €
Dimensions: (l/w/h): 11 x 9 x 5 cm
Your Stronghold Terrain Team!
Hobby ON!

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