Year 2012

Fantasy Flight Games previews Twilight Imperium Rex

Fantasy Flight Games previews some of the cards and background for their new game in the Twilight Imperium World, Rex.

From their website:

Rex, a board game of negotiation, betrayal, and warfare for three to six players, will begin bombarding tabletops this quarter. Set 3,000 years before the events of Twilight Imperium, Rex tells the tale of the war-ravaged Mecatol City following a surprise attack by ambitious and treacherous Sol forces.

In our last preview article, we looked at some of the core mechanics of Rex, and saw how its warring factions compete to claim influence in the wake of massive devastation. We also examined the unique abilities of the Lazax, the once-great former rulers of the galaxy, now desperately clinging to power while scrambling to mount a viable defense. We learned how the politically and militarily entrenched Lazax have greater access to resources than their rivals, a distinction exemplified by their special faction ability.

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Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux February Releases

Wyrd Miniatures have posted their February Releases for Malifaux.

From their release:

February Releases

WYR1048 - Witchling Hander - $10.00
WYR2053 - Rafkin - $10.00
WYR3044 - Alternative Marcus - $10.50
WYR3045 - Avatar Marcus (Small Box) - $30.00
WYR3048 - Avatar Kirai (Small Box) - $30.00
WYR0034 - Ghost Town 30mm - $13.50
WYR0035 - Ghost Town 40mm - $13.50
WYR0036 - Ghost Town 50mm - $10.50
WYR0036 - Ghost Town Accessories - $13.50

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Fool's Creations Releases Fool's Trays

Fool's Creations releases Fool's Trays, the original and best way to carry and display your models at conventions:

From their post:

These trays are easy to flock and make into great display boards. Spaces on the boards are designed for “round lipped” bases ranging from 30mm to 120mm depending on the model of the tray, perfect for games like Dark Age, Warmachine and Malifaux. Now available exclusively from CMON.

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Orcs in the Webbe New Tankard Tale Online with a Complete Free Game

Orcs in the Webbe has posted another blog entry complete with a free game:

From their website:

Matthew Hartley's new blog entry looks at what it means to be an Alternative historical wargamer and gives us a complete free game, The Invincible Armada, set during the 1588 Spanish Armada campaign against Elizabeth I’s England.

Keep The Flag Flying !

Craig Andrews
Orcs in the Webbe

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Gen Con Indy 2012 Hotel Block opens

Gen Con Indy 2012 Hotel Block opened today, and is already 50% sold out.

From their announcement:

Wow. Almost 50% of the attendee room block has been reserved. Don't panic - hold on to your towels! The amazing ICVA Housing Bureau is answering calls as fast as they can. Remember, if you aren't able to secure a room at your preferred hotel, there IS a wait list option.

Travel and Housing Information

Continue Reading » UM007 USE ME Post Apocalypse Rules Now Available has released UM007 USE ME Post Apocalypse, as part of their series of rules line:

From their website:

The seventh title in the USE ME series and the first created directly as a result of a year of solid feedback from the wargaming public. We have gone through a core science fiction set of rules and several historical ones plus ventured into space but now we go into a near and bleak future; that of the Post Apocalypse.

UM007 USE ME Post Apocalypse Print Edition
USE ME Post Apocalypse, A6 Booklet, 32pp, Colour Covers
Only £3.50 GBP via

For a full breakdown of contents and more information

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Games Workshop announces last time to buy Dreadfleet

Games Workshop announces that today is the last time to buy Dreadfleet, the pirate ship game on the Warhammer High Seas on their online store.

From their site:

Dreadfleet will be disappearing from the Games Workshop website at midnight (PST) tonight. So, if you haven't grabbed your copy yet, make sure you buy one before they sail off into the Galleon's Graveyard.

Some Games Workshop Hobby Centre's may still have a few copies left in stock, but you'll have to be quick to get your hands on them.

So move fast and get your copy before they sail off into the sunset.

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Acheson Creations Announces New 14/7 Membership Discount Club

Acheson Creations announces New 14/7 Membership Discount Club,and releases its first Special-For-Members product - the Log Cabin Ruin:

From their website:

Acheson Creations announces two things - #1 they have formed a membership discount club, the 14/7 Club which offers a 20% discount on all unpainted products ordered from the website and from the Acheson booth at upcoming shows and conventions. Membership is $30 per year.

#2, Acheson Creations announces the arrival of the first in a special class of products with special pricing for 14/7 Club members, the Log Cabin Ruin priced at $14.00USD to the general public but $7USD for 14/7 Club members. Acheson Creations will release a minimum of three 14/7 special products each year which provide savings beyond the 20% on all unpainted products.

The piece is 12.5cm (5" inches) long, 10cm (4 inches) wide, 10.5cm
(4 1/2 inches) tall, and is modeled in 28mm (1:56 scale).

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Southern Arizona Warmachine/Hordes Championship @ Phoenix Vul-Con

Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 is very proud to announce that it will host the Southern Arizona Warmachine/Hordes Championship Tournament:

From their post:

Tournament participants joining the event on February 25th will be impressed by the free swag, great prizes and trophies, and excellent gameplay. Points: 35/50 Rules: Steamroller 2012. More information is available about Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 and its broad range of Miniatures and other Tabletop Tournaments and gaming events at

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Finger and Toe Releases Eski Koy, 28mm Card Stock Neolithic Village

Finger and Toe announces the release of the 28mm card stock Early Neolithic Ceremonial Center and Village, Eski Koy:

From their website:

Eski Koy comes with three different circular, mud brick huts, pillars and wall segments to build a temple precinct, and statues of the Great Mother and Great Father. Based on real early Neolithic sites, Eski Koy doesn’t have to be limited to the Stone Age. Conquistadors can search for the lost cities of Cibola–but what treasure could be hidden in such poor huts? Victorians can probe lost valleys of southwest Asia, providing they can avoid capture by such primitive peoples. Han Dynasty scouts might even find Eski Koy behind a narrow canyon entrance somewhere along the Silk Road. You don’t have to limit your adventuring.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with SMOOSH ASSURANCE: if ya’ll smoosh Eski Koy, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.
Eski Koy is available from or for $2.50.

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Direct Terrain from Miniature Building Authority Adds More Bunkers

Miniature Building Authority adds moe 15mm bunker terrain to their Direct store:

Frm their website:

Direct Terrain is adding more to our 15mm terrain. This week we want to announce the offical release for our 15mm Log Bunker and the 15mm Ruined Log Bunker. Both of these items come unpainted and are made of resin.

DIR-028 15mm Log Bunker $8.95

DIR-030 15mm Ruined Log Bunker $5.95

These are other fine products that Miniature Building Authority offers as a Direct only item. They can only be obtained from us at the shows or via

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Wizkids to Release Lord of the Rings: Nazgûl Boardgame in May

Wizkids will be releasing a board game based off of the Lord of the Rings:

From their post:

Wizkids has announced a May 16th release date for their boardgame "Lord of the Rings: Nazgûl." It's a semi-cooperative boardgame where the players take on the roles of Ringwraiths bent not only on stopping the Ringbearer, but becoming the favored of Sauron.

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Warlord Games Posts New Releases

Warlord Games post two new releases from their Hail Caeser line:

From their website:

Amongst the first re-releases of the metal range we acquired when we bought Immortal Miniatures are these nifty nCretan Archers. Deployed mostly as mercenaries, the Cretan archer is an iconic element of most Greek armies. Commonly deployed as mercenaries, Cretan archers are an iconic part of Greek armies. Despite their fame, almost nothing is known about their appearance or how they fought!

Xenophon mentions their shields (although we are not sure he is talking about the archers), we know they carried Scythian style compound bows. Later depictions in art show a head band, dagger or short sword and a small pouch carried on the chest (maybe for bow strings, thumb rings or other archery equipment).

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Relics rulebook now available on Wargames Vault

Tor Gaming releases the Relics Rulebook on Wargames Vault.

From their announcement:

We have been thinking about how to handle the Relics rulebook and force lists. With the addition of the Nuem list we have had to look at what we have and if we really want to continue down the route of a single book with full lists in.

We don’t plan on stopping at four factions by the way (I’m actually writing profiles for faction 5 right now, and making notes for faction 6 to be written up as profiles once faction 5 is done) so having them all in a single book seems wrong to me.

We have asked for feedback on some options on our forum and social media. Thanks for all the thoughts posted about this by all your guys out there, I truly do appreciate your input.

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Kingdom Death releases Mother and Lion Knight

Kingdom Death releases two new limited edition models to their online store.

From their release:

Lion Knight
Three brother generals command the vast armies of the Golden Entities domain. Each imbued with a different temperament and a strong will of their own. The middle brother is the most attached to the human industry and artistry. He cultivates a courtly civilized appearance and graceful swordsmanship, surrounding himself with human thralls allowing them to enjoy their short tragic existence in his awesome presence.

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