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Year 2011

CorSec Engineering have added 2'' hex bases to the Omni-Stand System.

From their website:

We have added 2" hex bases to the list of available bases for the Omni-Stand system.

Sold in packs of 5

Price: $4.99
Eslo Terrain has released new terrain.

From their announcement:
Hello to all tabletop wargamers modeling fans and retail stores. Here are importent news:

Scenery (ready- to- play):
for 25 - 30 mm:
0253 way crossroad (4side) 10,95 €
0254 way crossover cobblestone 10,95 €

for 15 mm:
015069 city well 14,95 € 015068 power pole (5 pcs. 4,95 €

You receive further information on our web page: and

All new releases find you in our webshop.

If you have questions, contact us or our distributors, please.
Play Board Games has reviewed Bloodsuckers.

From their website:

Bloodsuckers is a card game where you play either vampires or the hunters trying to kill them. You fight over bystanders and control of the town of Blackwood Discuss 5
GameCraft Miniatures announces their 285th scale Middle East Walled Compounds.

From their website:

We are very proud to announce a batch of nine brand new resin cast Middle East buildings in 1/285th scale. These buildings are cast in one piece and 8 of the 9 buildings are based. No assembly required, just paint and start using these great new Middle East/North African style buildings Discuss 4
Aryiki Miniatures has released Book 4 Gaurdians of the Goddesses.

From their website:

Damsel Book Four: Guardians of the Goddesses continues the narrative set in Damsel Books One and Three. It delves into the background of the Goddesses and their city of Gaia, and why The Serpent Goddess Aryiki is at war with the other Goddesses. Four new army lists bring the excellent range of Shadowforge miniatures to life.

Purchases can be made directly through the Aryiki webstore: here
Battlespace has won the Gaming Genius Award.

From the announcment:

Battlespace has been named Best Game Oriented Magazine in this year’s Gaming Genius Awards.

The results were announced at the 2011 Montreal Comicon and full listings have been published online today.

The Gaming Genius Awards, or 'Golden Pawns', are awards bestowed by the International Gamers Guild to recognise genius in the design, manufacture, publishing, and practice in the hobby games field. They are awarded to nominees across the hobby game industry in a variety of categories that cover the excellence of the field.
Najewitz Modellbau announces their 28mm Roman Villa.

From their website:

Resin Modelkit. Typical Roman Villa Rustica. Useful for much periods and regions. Discuss
Tercio Creativo previews 17 pages from their upcoming rulebook.

From their announcment:

Here you are a total of 17 pages of the 1650 rulebook. Discuss 5
Grimsby WarGames Society has released new flags.

From their website:

New range of 30 Years War has now been added to the website, these are free and are designed to fit on a pike and are as always on a A4 sheet and set at 200 dpi you give you a good quality printout, each week more will be added to the range so watch this space.

Keep wargaming!

Frontline Games is running a Warmachine/Hordes Tournament.

From their announcment:

Frontline Games, Welshpool, UK, present Steam And Beasts 2011, a Warmachine/Hordes Tournament on Sat 26th November 2011

Details and downloadable Tournament pack
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WarGames Fever has the latest issue of Miniature WarGames 343 available for order.

From their announcement:

The latest issue of Miniature Wargames is back from the printers and available to order now from

Cover Story
Kevin Jones starts a two part series on his refight of Tedorigawa in 1577 – one of the most decisive battles of the Samurai era.
USE ME ruleset on Barking Irons is now available on downloadable pdf.

From their website:

Hello Everyone,

The third of our successful 15mm wargame USEME rulesets has now been released as a downloadable PDF !

USE ME means 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' and this system delivers just that. Tactically challenging, easy to learn and for any age of wargamer. From skirmish to full battles, games last from five minutes to an hour. Play in your lunch break or in the evening when the idea of a really complex system with a long set up time really does not appeal. Pick up any of your miniatures and vehicles and get playing in minutes. This complete rules system is printed in A6 format which is a booklet which will fit in your pocket (110mm by 180mm) making it truly portable as well as fantastic value for your money. USE ME is just that...its for you!
C-P Models and TDQ Castings present their latest 20mm World War II sets.

From their announcment:

Latest TQD Castings 20mm World War II sets

  • TQD-RI7 1943-45 red army infantry 1

  • TQD-RI8 1943-45 red army infantry 2

  • TQD-RI9 1942-43 red army infantry in great coats & helmets

The greatcoated infantry are suitable for the battle for kharkov

These sets are now available from
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Acheson Creations release their new Cotylorhynchus.

From their announcment:

Acheson Creations announces the arrival of the next in their line of Primaeval Designs products, the Cotylorhynchus, priced at $10.00USD (unpainted only at this time).

This pair is modeled in 28mm (1:56 scale).
We at Acheson Creations thank all of our customers for a successful convention at Gen-Con in August. We will be attending Fall-In October 28-30.
Mad Robot Miniatures announce new 15mm miniature line.

From their announcment:

Tachyon Mercenary Corps
Based on the planet Tachyon-12 in the Selous system, the TMC wages war for the highest bidder. By investing their huge war-time profits into the latest technology, they storm the battlefield with a precision that has earned them their reputation as one of the galaxy's elite fighting units. TMC Recruiting Officers are free to choose their units from the thousands of worlds surrounding the Selous system, giving them the ultimate in flexibility, based upon their combat mission.
Jump Troops are used by aggressive TMC commanders as a fast-attack element. Their ability to move quickly and hit hard makes them a feared weapon in the TMC arsenal. The scream of their jump jets is the last thing their adversaries hear as they descend from the skies, delivering white-hot death.

These figures are currently in production and we will have another announcement about the release date and pricing in the next few weeks.
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ACIES Edizioni has published a new game, Massena at Loano 1795.

From their announcment:

Massena at Loano, is a two-player simulation of Napoleonic warfare at regimental/battaltion level for the Revolutionary Wars Period.

The battlefield presented some features which the wargaming world has not explored.

Check it out!
D6 Generation has posted their latest podcast.

From their announcment:

Wizkids is wasting no time with their Star Trek license. Their second Star Trek game in as many years promises exploration, discovery, and combat as fleets from the Federation and Klingon Empire face off. Does the game deliver? The D6G crew takes a close look in a detailed review.

But first, Raef had a chance to chat with a few different folks from various game companies at GenCon this year. He shares his notes and expeirences as well as a live interview with the folks behind the roleplaying game Mouseguard.

All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:

- The Hollywood Minute
- Total Fan Girl
- Do You Ever Notice
- & More
Fiendish Fabrications is having a holiday sale.

From their announcment:

In the lead up to Hallowe’en Fiendish Fabrications is having a sale on their Sinister Scarecrow range of miniatures. The range includes eight different troopers, two leader types, drummer and Standard Bearer. They are available in various sets including a 10 figure Scarecrow Warband.

Sinister scarecrows also make up one of official factions of Kaiju Kaos the game of gigantic Kaiju combat created by Bryan K Borgman. Field them alongside the colossal Gourdzilla or the equally vicious “Son of Gourdzilla”.

So if the full moon hits you and you get the urge to start painting pumpkins, pitchforks or sack-headed automatons have a look at the Sinister Scarecrows.
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Ares Games announce Sails of Glory, a game of naval battles in the Age of Sail.

From their announcment:

Camaiore, Italy – September 29, 2011 - Ares Games, the game publisher of the “Wings of Glory” series of aerial combat games, created by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, announces a new game based upon that popular game system, with a completely new setting.

The game, to be called “Sails of Glory”, will recreate naval warfare in the Age of Sail (1650-1815). The “Wings of Glory” game system will be modified and expanded to represent accurately battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries.
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MiniSculpt releases a new Square Stone Base on Black Orc Games.

From their announcment:

Black Orc Games is proud to announce our next MiniSculpt release. 20mm Square Base - Small Stone sculpted by Juan Montano is now available for purchase for $0.60 each. Discuss
Victory Force has Santa and his Elf Troops coming soon...just in time for the holidays.

From their website:

Santa and his Elf Troops

I am finishing up on the last greens for this figure set

and will have them all for sale soon
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Heer46 has posted their WIP for their Personnel Half-Track.

From their announcment:


now here is the first set from Heer46 for the Us. Army Half-track M3. This set with four "planen" and some other stuff for the carrier comes in middle of October .
More infos in the next weeks and on my blog.
Merc Minis are pre-selling their Keizai Waza.

From their website:

MERCS' sixth faction is up for pre-sell on the MERCS website. Discuss 15
PD Miniatures has Testudo Starter armies available for Field of Glory.

From their announcment:

11 starter armies from the Field of Glory Gaming Companion 'Wars of Religion' are now available using Testudo's excellent 30 Years War and ECW figures, from PD Miniatures. Discuss
Tercio Creativo has announced a 50% shipping discount.

From their website:


As we have seen that most of you prefer to wait and make large orders to save on postage, and we don't like you to wait, we have decided to "tighten our belts" and offer you the following.