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Year 2011

Hasslefree Miniatures have posted images of some masters as well as work-in-progress versions of two new figures. No word on a release date for these figures.

Uncle Mike's Worldwide is reporting that they have sold out of the second print of their Strange Aeons core rulebook. From their website:
Yes, we’ve once again sold out of the Strange Aeons core rulebook. The second printing was anticipated to last another 6-12 months, so thanks to you all for pushing our sales far beyond our expectations! We’re currently getting the third printing ready for press, and hope to have it available again by the end of September. In the interim, the rulebook and Ultimate Seduction bundle will be unavailable, but will remain up on the online store as pre-order items.
WizKids have posted a preview of the USNC Marine figure from the upcoming Halo HeroClix game. From their website:
Today we check in with the fighting men of the UNSC who bravely face the front lines in the war against the Convenant. We begin our preview with the Marine (Battle Rifle). The Marine (Battle Rifle) begins the game rushing onto the battlefield strafing his foes with Running Shot, manuevering to get the most of his Flanking Fire special power. Flanking Fire decreases the defense value of his target if it was already damaged by another friendly figure in the same turn. Imagine the Marine (Battle Rifle) and his teammates laying down suppressing fire and the target opposing figure desperately scrabbling for cover.
Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new preview of the Banners of War expansion for the Rune Wars boardgame. From their website:
Back in July, Fantasy Flight Games announced Banners of War, an upcoming expansion for Runewars that builds on the strategy and diplomacy of the war for the dragon runes. In our first preview, we looked at the “Commanders of the Battlefield” variant, which elevates heroes to a new level of strategic importance. We also began to see how Banners of War’s modular design lets players incorporate only the variants they choose, resulting in a tailor-made Runewars experience. Next, we looked at the increased importance of cities established by the “Rise of the Free Cities” variant and the Lost City mechanic. Today, we’ll look at another optional rule: Development cards. These versatile cards represent advanced spells or technologies researched by a faction, and they confer all manner of special advantages to their owner.
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted images of a rendering of a Romulan War Eagle as well as a cast Federation CA for the new Starline 2500 range of miniatures.

Knuckleduster is having their Annual Sale. From their announcement:
Knuckleduster Miniatures is having its annual Labor Day sale; 20% off all orders of $100 or more from now till September 5th. Also, Knuckleduster has just released several sets of British infantry in Belgic Shakos in their War of 1812 range, and has added a European distributor, Caliver Books in the UK.
White Star Rising: Operation Cobra Lock' n Load Publishing is now accepting pre-orders for the White Star Rising: Operation Cobra boardgame. From their announcement:
White Star Rising: Operation Cobra is an expansion for the game White Star Rising in the Nations at War series. This expansion focuses on the events surrounding the Allied breakout from the Normandy beachhead over the course of a month in July-August 1944. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra adds the Canadians, the Free French, and the Free Polish to the Nations at War series in addition to new units for the Americans, British, and the Germans. For more information, and/or place a P500 preorder.
Tercio Creativo have posted an image of all of the parts of the House of El Purgatorio terrain piece for their 1650 fantasy game. House of El Purgatorio
Flintloque Starter PackAlternative Armies have released a starter pack for their Flintloque fantasy rules. From their announcement:
A hearty greeting from all of us at Alternative Armies and welcome to the Shilling Service Pack for Flintloque 3rd edition. There are several of these packs all with a common theme but each one is a little different. The aim of the starter pack...well that is simple. To get you ready, to get you playing Flintloque 3rd edition the greatest fantasy napoleonique game ever made. This Shilling Service Pack contains all you need to get you up and playing Flintloque in the battle torn lands of the Dwarves, Dogmen, Ogres, Rabbitmen and more. Firstly the magnificent ninety six page 5028 Bier & Bones with full rules and background for the central Urop theatre of the wars where the Ostarian Empire along with Krautia try to hold back the advance of the Ferach Empire. Secondly eleven great 28mm scale white metal Flintloque miniatures made up of six Krautian Dwarves along with three Finklestein Dwarves and two Finklestein Ogres; these all come with included plastic or metal bases. You also get a set of two percentile dice and lastly the special two page insert. This insert is unique to the Shilling Service Pack and outlines how to get playing, how to create your characters using the book and then three scenarios featuring the miniatures in the pack. The insert also gives details for solo play of the the scenarios. Lastly the insert gives you ideas on how to continue your adventures using your starter pack as a basis for expansion.
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted details of their September 2011 miniature releases. 15mm September releases From their announcement:
I have just approved the masters from caster and am working on production molds for the following. 32mm Range
  • Vaethaka Attack hound in Harness $3.99
  • Valyur Medic $3.99
  • Valkyur Comms Specialist $3,99
15mm Range
  • Seeker with SAS Turret 8.50
  • Alien Pack 1 - 10 figures $7.00 (2 of each figure and 2 random pose)
  • Alien pack 2 - 10 figures $7.00 (1 of each figure and 4 random figures)
  • merc pack 1 - 5 figures (4 soldiers and 1 leader in power armor)
  • Battle Raven MkI - $12.50
  • Battle Raven MkIII - $12.50
  • US Drone pack 5.00 (4 wheeled 4 tracked and 4 of each gun ) good for modern games
I will be updating the shopping cart this weekend. The voucher program wraps up on the 2nd as well but there is still time to take advantage of program. I did receive the printing of the Russian Combat Armor and had hoped to have it in production but quality was very poor as I ordered it in the wrong material It is being reprinted - More to come on this.
play board games have posted a review of the Battle of 4 Armies boardgame. From their announcement:
Battle of 4 Armies is an abstract strategy game for 2-4 players. With the queen missing you must gain control of the land. Be aware though, other races will oppose you.
Episode 2 of The Ancible Podcast is now available for download. From their announcement:
The second episode of the Ancible Podcast is available either from the ancible site or from iTunes. For those who heard Episode 1, its more of the same chaos. We have some guests in the podcave to talk about gaming in their area and all sorts of things go wrong on and off mic. Its wargaming but not as we know it.
It took me a bit longer than I thought, as I had to write some custom PHP to do it, but anyone who donated to the TGN Fundraiser should now have a new badge next to their username in the comments. If you did donate but your Paypal address is not the same as the email you used to register on TGN then I wasn't able to match up your donation to the user database. I've sent emails to all the people that I could not find user records for so check your email address for details on how to get your Fundraiser badge.
by Grant Hill

Microworld Games is a manufacturer of 6mm Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures. The Foundationists are generic sci-fi figures, with a variety of vehicles and two different classes of infantry available. For this review, Microworld Games kindly provided us with one of each vehicle available, and a handful of infantry samples.
Mantic Games is now accepting pre-orders for their Warpath Army Deals. Warpath From their announcement:
There’s loads of different deals on offer depending on how you want to start your Warpath army, but our favourite would have to be the Ultimate Warpath Deal, which features 137 Warpath Figures, 6 Vehicles, 2 Free Heroes, Free Shipping in August, and for the first 11 Days, 11 Hours and 11 Minutes from the day they went up for pre-order (26.08.11), free rules signed by Alessio Cavatore. Exclusive to the Mantic webstore, we also have a special Warpath T-shirt included in our Ultimate Deals during the pre-order period, and as part of our Warpath Deluxe Kit. Be one of the first to get Warpath and get the T-shirt to prove it.
Brent Spivey Creations is now selling a beta copy of their OP4S sic-fi rules. From their website:
This product serves as a BETA and pre-order combined. Whatever price you buy the PDF at, you will then receive all electronic updates for FREE! Additionally_ those who participate in the BETA will receive credits in the final edition. But wait, there’s more! All who purchase the PDF before the final edition will receive 50% off the print edition. OP4S OP4S is a game that seeks to take the disconnects that currently exist between video and tabletop games and marry the disparate elements on the tabletop. The Game Engine The RTS game engine allows you to emulate real time strategies, tactics games, and even first person shooters through the use of resources, tactical + strategic objectives, and the Overdrive mechanic. The Force The Force is a list of over 25 individual unit+model types that can be further modified through the use of Command Doctrines and TECHS. These include_ Infanry Squads, Weapon Teams, Scout+Recon Vehicles, Dedicated Ground Transports, LAV, Powered Armor+EXO Suits, MECHA+Walkers, TANKs, AIR units, + Emplacements.
Warrior Priestess - Armana'serqChapterhouse Studios have released a new 28mm sci-fi figure - the Warrior Priestess Armana'serq. From their announcement:
Today our second complete miniature figure is released for sale. Armana'serq - Warrior Priestess The gods have always demanded worship and sacrifice but in return they grant their most zealous followers with supernatural strength and skills. Serqitet, goddess of the scorpion protects her followers through her warrior priestess. Armed with sword and pistol, Armana'serq leads her fellow warrior-priest into combat through stealth and subterfuge. This unpainted 28mm scale pewter model consist of 6 components - body and 5 variant arms. A 25mm slotted base is included. Armana'serq is available here for $13.50 Look for our exciting TRU-Scale Storm Raven Extension kit next week!
Pirate Decks basesFiendish Fabrications have released a new series of Pirate Deck bases. From their announcement:
In the lead up to the International Talk like a Pirate day we here at FF have turned the big brassy dial up to 11. Here for your pleasure we bring you our newest set of bases – Pirate Decks to fulfill your wildest dreams of swashbuckling daring-do. So, folks if you are truly as excited as we are about this latest release then you have a problem and a visit to your nearest physician is highly recommended. (Either that or get yourself some Pirate Decks bases to mount your scurvy miniatures on… Arg!).
The TGN Blog Network is now on Facebook. Links to all the blog postings on the TGN BN main site are now being reposted on Facebook (links and excerpts only) making it easier to follow news and articles from the wargaming blogscape more easily. All the links on the Facebook page point back to the original blogs so you can quickly start reading without being diverted to another website first. There was an issue with some of the first Facebook posts being linked back to the TGN Blog Network site but that has been fixed.
Tabletop-Art have released their 28mm Animal skulls. Animal Skull From their announcement:
Here they are, brand new in our bits & accessories section : 6 animal skulls (10 parts tin) The wolf skull and the crocodile skull have separate jaws, so you can place them however you want. Have fun
Song of Arthur and Merlin coverGanesha Games have released a new edition of the Song of Arthur and Merlin fantasy rules. From their announcement:
Song of Arthur and Merlin is a stand alone miniatures ruleset based on the Song of Blades engine. Written by Arthurian expert Daniel Mersey, this book includes:
  • Three versions of the Arthurian story: Hollywood’s knights in shining armor, the gritty hero of Welsh legend, and a historical world stripped of all magic and monsters.
  • scenarios and campaigns for Arthurian games
  • knights, magicians and creatures from British folklore, historical Britons and their Saxon, Pictish, and Irish enemies.
  • 38 magic items.
  • 19 warband advances.
  • New special rules, optional rules for large warbands.
Print version available from lulu for $15: PDF version available straight from GG. PDF version will soon be available here on 6sided and also on all the fine vendors that carry our products. If you purchased a previous version and kept the paypal transaction, you are entitled to a free PDF of the new book, so please drop me a note or use the contact form on our site.
Syr Hobbs Wargames is looking for some help testing the new coupon feature of their online shopping cart. From their announcement:
We purchased a new coupon module for our shopping cart and would like to give it a try starting with our 15mm Fantasy figure sets from East Riding Miniatures and select wargame rulebooks and supplements. Use the code ERMFT for the 15mm fantasy figure packs . . . and ERULES for the books and supplements. This special only applies to in stock items. If for some reason this does not work for you at check out, we need to know. Thanks Duane
Mega Miniatures have added several new packs of figures to their online store. August 2011 releases From their announcement:
August releases available only at I will be listing something new to the website every single week from now till the end of this year and possibly beyond. It is my intention to get all the Demon Blade Shock Force figures into the stores in the next three to six months. The new listings will also include other odd pieces that have been promised for some time such as Cavemen, Monsters, 15mm sci-fi, and more.
  • DEAL-1020 Femme with Blaster $2.50 auction store or $2.37 online store.
  • DEAL-1022 Cyborg with Sword & Pistol $2.50 auction store or $2.37 online store.
  • DEAL-1023 Cyborg with Rifle $2.50 auction store or $2.37 online store.
  • DEAL-1024 Cyber Fisted Dude $2.50 auction store or $2.37 online store.
Bastion have added the Ex illis Daemon Hordes boxed set to their online store. Daemon Hordes From their website:
The Daemon Hordes box contains a unit of eight fleaudian and demonic troops (Berserkr or Legionari, you will have to choose upon assembly). This axe bearer unit can either be quick on their feet, or hide behind their shield. While registering this kit you will be able to choose either a unit of Berserkr or a unit of Legionari.