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Year 2011

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the following products will be shipping in the second half of September 2011. All prices are in US$. TH16 Tannhauser: Mizu $12.95 TH17 Tannhauser: Itami $12.9
Bastion had posted the concept art for the Ex-illis Dwarven Warrior.
Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new Dust Tactics strategy article. From their website: In the fast-paced battles of Dust Tactics, players have to consider every unit activation carefully. While i
Soda Pop Miniatures have posted an update on the shipping status of their Super Dungeon Explore game. From their website: Looks like everything is leaving the factory on the 15th of September. We exp
Wayland Games have posted an update on their efforts to continue too sell GW products to countries outside the EU. From their announcement: Guys, its Rich the boss here. This message is related to th
Micro Art Studio have released a new terrain set as well as several new sets of themed bases. Barracks (3) 24.60 Euro Mosaic Bases, Cavalry 25x50mm (4) 7.38 Euro Mosaic Bases, 50x50mm (1) 4.92 Eu
Wargames Factory have posted photos of assembled samples and the sprues for their Shock Trooper Heavy Weapon figures. From their website: There has been a lot excitement and interest regarding our
Baccus will soon be releasing their Polemos S.P.Q.R. rules. From their announcement: I am delighted to say that the Polemos SPQR rules are now at the printers and that we are now taking advance order
Barking Irons Online has a new story set in the Flintlogue setting. From their announcement: Just gone live on Barking Irons is another Tale from the White Liar by none other than the man who came up
GCT Studios have posted the concept art for an Undead Oni figure for their Bushido fantasy game. From their announcement: What could make an Oni more monstrous? Bushido brings us their concept art
Tor Gaming have uploaded new scenarios for the Relics fantasy skirmish game. From their announcement: We have uploaded a document of nine new scenarios for use in Relics. This is just the beginning
Ramshackle Games have re-released their 28mm Giggles Clan figures in resin. From their announcement: The latest release here at Ramshackle Games are some more resin figures. These are actually a rere
Episode 35 of the Lost Hemisphere Radio podcast is now available. From their announcement: Ten years ago Privateer Press started the journey that has led them towards becoming one of the premiere min
Paymaster Games have posted a photo comparing their figures to other historical miniatures. From their announcement: Their has been a lot of questions about the scale of Paymaster's models. Here is
Amarillo Design Bureau have released the Omega Master Rulebook 2011. From their announcement: Young Warrior. You think you know Star Fleet Battles, with all of its tactical twists and turns. But you
A new Firestorm Armada community website, The Black Ocean, is now open. From their announcement: A community site for Firestorm Armada and sci-fi war gaming, The Black Ocean combines forums and file
Days of Wonder have announced two new Ticket to Ride Map Collections. From their announcement: Days of Wonder today announced the upcoming release of the Ticket to RideTM Map Collection, a series o
Adler Hobby in Hollis New Hampshire will be holding a Flames of War Escalation League. From their announcement: Hellfire & Back Escalation League Date: Saturday September 24, 2011 1:00 pm - 7:00
LITKO is now offering a series of Cthulhu-themed tokens. From their announcement: Litko Game Accessories releases 7 new token designs for the Cthulhu Universe of games. Check them out in our Jim's
Okumarts Games have released the first set in their new Darkfast Classic Fantasy line of cardstock miniatures. From their announcement: Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set One: Orc Tribe gives you 24 origin
Sergio Alonso Leon from Tercio Creativo has sent along a photo of painted samples of the upcoming Royal Guard figures from Zenit Miniatures.
Puppets War have released their Ice World Toxic Guardsmen Heads. From their announcement: Puppets War has released a new set of heads - Ice World Toxic Guardsmen Helmets which are already available o
Fantasy Flight Games have posted an overview of the last three expansions for the Talisman boardgame. From their website: Talisman fans have been anxiously awaiting The Dragon expansion since we anno
Armorcast’s first Annual Cinematic Contest is ending soon. From their announcement: You have less than 36 hours to get your last entries into the contest. The single miniature category is going to be
Bailey Records have released the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies expansion for their Kaiju Kaos rules as well as the AnCon Annie zombie figure. From their announcement: Name: AnCon Annie, Zombie Master Price: $