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Year 2011

Studio McVey have posted photos of two painted examples of the Strain Phase 2 Protoform from their Sedition Wars sic-fi game.
Soda Pop Miniatures have posted a photo of the full contents of the Super Dungeon Explore boxed set.
WorldWorksGames have posted an updated version of their Java based TerrainlinX Planner software.
As we did last year we are asking that people tweeting news items that may be of interest to TGN readers to add a #tgngc hash tag to their tweets. The site will have a live feed of tweets from the eve
Impact! Miniatures have received stock of their A Band of Orcs miniatures. From their announcement: Impact! Miniatures & A Band of Orcs are pleased to announce the formal release of the miniatures.
The DIY-Terrain blog has posted a video of some of the highlights from the recent Games Day US 2011.
play board games have posted a review of the D&D Conquest of Nerath boardgame. From their announcement: Conquest of Nerath is conquest game set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. You control one o
CP Models have released a several 28mm historical personality figures. From their announcement: New 28mm French revolutionary generals available as single figures or as a set of five figures at a s
Studio McVey have posted photos of three painted examples of the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms from their Sedition Wars sic-fi game. From their website: Here are the final painted images on the Strain
Taban Miniatures have posted the concept art for the Ngozi Short Winded figure for their Eden post-apocalyptic skirmish game.
Raging Heroes have posted an image of an early prototype of their fantasy Siamese Dragon and is looking for feedback on the design. From their announcement: Here are the first images of our evil dr
Dark Nebula Games will be attending GenCon 2011. From their announcement: Dark Nebula Games returns to GenCon 2011 for another year with Cyprian Rift: Warships a cinematic starship miniatures game. D
There will be a 25pt Warmachine and Hordes tournament held in Cornwall. From their announcement: Hi all, I will be running a 25pt Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw tournament at North Cornwall Beasts an
E-figures have posted details of some of the contents of the upcoming Warpath Starter set from Mantic Games. From their website: We have received some preliminary information from Mantic for their sc
Fantasy Flight Games have posted an article looking at the current status of the Dust Tactics boardgame. From their website: There has never been a better time to be a Dust Tactics fan. We are thril
Blackball Games will be featuring their new game, Monkeys with Knives and Guns, at PAX Prime. The company will not be attending GenCon 2011 though.From their website:It's official - Blackball Games wi
Hydra Miniatures have posted their second preview of figures that they will have available at GenCon 2011. From their announcement: In our first Gen Con preview, we showed you some of the latest Retr
The Wolves at the Door blog has two posts with video from the Games Day US Forge World seminar and a summary of the information presented.
Cipher Studios have shipped the Hell Dorado rulebooks and the latest miniature releases.From their announcement:We have just gotten the next wave of Hell Dorado figures shipped off to distributors! Al
Wyrd Miniatures have been posting a veritable tidal wave of concept art, greens and painted examples of Malifaux miniatures. Molly Alt. Lady Justice green Carver Alt. Colette Alt. Pandora painted Alt
Victory Force Miniatures will be acquiring select ranges from JC Figures. From their announcement: JC Figures is selling the rights and molds for their Samurai, Modern US Marines and Insurgents lin
Easy Painter have returned to normal business operations. From their announcement: Easy Painter owner Arthur Hannan offers his honest apologies for his extended absence throughout the month of July.
Miniature Design Studio have updated their postage rates. From their announcement: Just a quite note to say that I’ve finally worked out how to charge postage as a percentage of each order on the web
Tercio Creativo have posted photos of a new green for their 1650 range of miniatures From their announcement: Here you are the "Curtido" ( "Hardened" ) of the "Morados Viejos" ( "Old Purples" ).